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  1. They do not interchange. Buick changed the sheet metal from 56 to 57, to get a 4 inch lower vehicle height. Also, I think the brakes and pedals on the 56 go through the floor, not firewall mounted as on the 57. I have a decent, though not complete floor if you’re interested. PM me for more details.
  2. Awesome for another 57 on the road! I concur with Lance on his recommendations and comments. My only add ight be that unless the front and rear springs are really worn, check the road height. Coil over shocks don't necessarily mean you need new springs. You may not need to replace them. They are pretty sturdy items. Ball joints are way different and what most places say is sloppy, on a 57 they may be in tolerance. Get a Chassis Manual and a Body Manual. They are priceless when it comes to understanding and working on your 57. They are readily available on eBay or througj Hometown Buick on the internet. I agree with Lance on the speedo. They are very temperamental for sure. Rebuild costs about $300. Radio might be a fuse, but there are guys out there who rebuild and repair them. With the clock, if you read the chassis manual on that, it might be that it needs a wind and reset from the battery. There is a whole process on setting and disconnecting the clock in the manual. Areas of concern: body: drivers floor; trunk floor; firewall; inner rockers; (at least with my 3 57's) Definitely would like to see pictures for sure! Ask questions anytime. They guys on the forum are always willing to help.
  3. Well everybody, its been a while since I put an update in this crazy thread! I'll answer a couple of questions first: 1. Yes, I still have the long roof. 2. Got bogged down with 3 yrs of international travel, so was really hit or miss working on the car. 3. Had a little pandemic hit last year, caused a bit of a stir. 4. My employer eliminated my position last spring, and I decided to retire to work on the Long Roof (if you don't believe that, ask my wonderful wife where I am all the time and what I am doing) All that aside, I'm looking forward to catching everyone up with what has been going on with the illustrious 1957 Buick Estate Riviera Wagon in my 2020 Stay In Place Remodeled 2 Car Garage! In that period of time, Wifey and I decided to buy a small trailer, a 2015 Shasta AirFlyte Retro, built to the 1961 design, with current upgrades. That being said, the new task of my long roof will be to tow that baby across the US on Route 66 to CA and back on the Lincoln Hwy Route 30 back to good old MI. So, what you are about to see is the small veering off course of a fully correct 1957 Buick restoration, to a somewhat modified 1957 Buick Estate Wagon Long Roof Long Hauler! The picture is of the trailer, with Old Bessie lined up in front of it. Bessie does not have a hitch, but when I did this picture, that's when I had an "aha" experience to change the long roof restoration to hauling this little beauty! When we last left off, I was finalizing the original brake system and a few issues that I had with figuring out a small issue regarding pedal height and getting the brakes to work. That issue has been resolved and in fact, with the trailer factor, I've decided to move to front discs using the Scarebird mounts and associated parts recommended. Actually, was an easy remove and replace, and took about 4-5 hours. The hardest part was removing the backing plates. All the components for the system are specified by Scarebird and can be purchased locally at your NAPA or through Rock Auto. Was a lot easier than I thought. I also put on a dual MC for the system, with a little flash, and had to modify the mounting a bit, but it works and is very solidly mounted. One item that you will need to do this is a splitter block for the front / rear brakes so each area is provided fluid separately from the MC. I feel with this system on the car, it gives me a little more stopping capability with the trailer hooked up. Next up what the heck has Jim been doing with the body of this Long Roof..
  4. Silly me...of course, the Autronic Eye! Very cool! That will be an awesome car when you have it competed for sure.
  5. Lance, what's the big black box on the inner fender over the generator you posted on your Sunday pictures? I've never seen that before in a 57? Please expound..
  6. One Pair of nice driver and passenger windows for a 1957 and 1958 Oldsmobile 2dr hardtop or convertible. Tinted Glass in excellent condition, window frame chrome in very nice condition, and window channels complete and been repaired. Nice set - $450 for both. PM if interested.
  7. One Pair of nice driver and passenger windows for a 1957 and 1958 Buick 2dr hardtop or convertible. Tinted Glass in excellent condition, window frame chrome in very nice condition, and window channels complete and been repaired. Nice set - $450 for both. PM if interested.
  8. Looking to by a Driver / LH door handle for a 1957 Buick 2 door. Has to be from a 2dr vehicle. Any condition as long as all the "guts" for the push button and locking mechanism are there. PM me with details if you have one. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Mike! Found one and ordered it. Looks like that will do it! Appreciate the help.
  10. Hi, I am in the process of setting up my 1957 Estate Wagon to do some towing of our new Shasta AirFlyte trailer, and I am stumped on how to wire in a 7 pin connector, specifically regarding the brake and turn signal set up. I have a separate wire for the brake lights and a separate wire each for L/R turn signal lamps. The 7 pin connector assumes, based on current modern vehicle wiring, that the L/R wires also run the brakes. Hence there is my conundrum. Can I just jump the brake wire to the L/R wires on the connectors with a splice? Or do I need a converter to take the brake signal and and integrate it to the L/R turn signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Lance, Big Gray is really taking shape and looking fantastic. Wow! Keep up the good work as you are an inspiration to me slugging it out on the Estate Wagon right now. Love your progress.
  12. 57 Century, Glad you could help Gary. Now I am looking for some help. I need the dimensions of the aluminum trim attached to the headliner on the interior of the 66R, from the A pillar to the C pillar. I think that they are aluminum, and I have 2 sets, but not sure if they are the right ones. Also a picture of one of them installed would be totally appreciated. Thanks! Jim
  13. Lance, I bought mine from David Edwards 10 years ago..still works like a champ, no leaks at all. Highly recommend his material. He will get you the right one for your car. There are subtle differences between 57, 58 and 59 on the torque ball. My 2 cents worth.
  14. Looking for a pair of AC Dash outlet ducts for a 1957 Buick Special or Century. Restorable condition OK. PM me with details if you have them.
  15. Mike, Had the same problem with my 57. All of the sudden, started to have issues and seemed like fuel problem. I did everything you did, and finally took out the Petronix ignition that I put in, and put points / condenser in, and re-timed it. Runs like a champ. I did some research and the Petronix does have some issues, especially with heat. That was my experience. Try that and see if it doesn't help. Jim
  16. Just my 2 cents worth, from what I have seen, the molded door handle / panel isn't the original. If you look at the 1957 Trim and Fabric book, they show for a Century and a Caballero a plastic molded piece, with tails so to speak that attaches to the door through the door panel. I respect Buick Man, and he is a pretty well versed Buick detail individual. However, I would venture to bet that the door panels, with integrated door holders were a late model year add, as Buick moved to that type in 1958 model, or conversely, the individuals doing the trim restoration on these vehicles had nothing to work with, hence maybe they had a 58 as an example. In all the literature that I have, it does not list a separate part number for a different door pull handle or door panel in the Century series. However, I will keep researching this, as it is intriguing. As for the engine turned v chromed IP insert. From what knowledge I have, the engine turned dash panel was on the Century. The chrome plated one was exclusive for the Caballero (on the 60 Series vehicles) I am not familiar with the Senior Series applications, as I leave that to Lance and Buick Man.
  17. Hi - here is a link to my 1957 Buick Restoration. Hope it is helpful to you
  18. The installation on the back glass for a Special / Century doe not use any rope or cord for install. It is installed by way of the inner garnish moldings holding the reveal moldings in place, by putting pressure on the seal. I used the CARS seals for my 1957 Buick Special, which used the sedan version of the seals and had no problems. You do have to work the seal a bit around the glass, but it fits and will work. It is very good if you can follow the directions as indicated in the 1957 Buick Body manual, which provides the procedure for the removal and installation of the glass, garnish and reveal moldings. Make sure your guy doing the restoration bought the correct gasket set.
  19. David, That would be great. Thank you very much. Keep me posted. Jim
  20. I'm looking for an evaporator housing for 1957 Buick from an AC system car. If it come with the evaporator core, that's a bonus. Please PM me if you have one or a lead on one. Thanks.
  21. David, Another observation on your engine compartment photo. It looks like the housing is attached to a spacer of some sort. I would also be interested in seeing photo's of that as well. I am curious as to what is housed in that spacer. Baffles? close out plate for vent? Has to be something in there. Help me with my curiosity if you can. Thanks again.
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