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Pictures of Ames

Bill Stoneberg

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So Bill, what's the story with the 2nd Landau still in the back of the trailer in picture 3???

The man is creative...has the trailer all done up just for this Motorama Beauty. Might not show in this pic but if Peter gets a good shot at the back of that trailer you will see a creative license plate location for the trailer itself. ;)

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I overheard you mentioning that you just purchased that car and I am sure Mr. Hemingway informed you "somewhat" what the car's story was.

Now, how to get motivated. What are your plans? I noticed you were a younger fellow. Are you thinking of hotrodding it?

Otherwise, try to keep in mind that the BEST 4 door sedans looked like from the show and remember, what you purchased CAN LOOK like those with sweat equity, time and patience.

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For those who don't know, the sign on the front of the '54 Super sedan said it would be crushed if not sold by Friday afternoon, which seemed like a terrible waste of an old car with plenty of good parts still left. My thanks to "54buickbandit" who apparently saved the day and saved the car. I've heard that he plans to restore it and get it back on the road, given some time. Nice to see a younger guy get into this hobby. The bargains are still out there once in awhile, as this car proves. If any of us can assist with advice, parts hunting, etc., don' t hesitate to ask!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, TX 75090

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Congrats 54BuickBandit. Some of the more knowledgeable '54 folks (and me too) spend some time hanging out at the forum at 1954buick.com.

Now, here are a few photos that I've been able to edit. I didn't have Internet access last night, so while the kids went to the pool, I worked on photos for a bit. No line up at the border, spent more time with US CBP looking at things than Canada Customs. The '54 wagon was off the trailer by 11:30 this morning and after lunch I washed the trailer and took it out to the country place.











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The facebook pictures show what I consider to be the BCA's best attribute. Diversity.

It's great to see a single Buick Classic here or there, be it at a Cruise-in ,or just out for a drive. And it's always nice to see a car like yours when you have it out for a drive too. But, IMHO, nothing beats the diversity of Buicks you see at a National or Regional Meet. And the part I like best is: with the large range of years and models available, it seems there is always more than one of each at a National.

Most other Marquees have this same advantage, not just Buicks. And I imagine their Club Members have some of the same feelings.

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