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To celebrate your birthday I picked up the 1948 Lincoln continental Coupe that I was supposed to have traded for last year and the one I purchased all the parts for. The one that I traded the German for who kept upping the annie until I said no deal! Well he called about a month ago and agreed to my offer and I picked up the car today. I took several photographs of it and maybe will try to post tomorrow as it was a long day. After washing it twice it looks a lot better with out all of the bird droppings on it.

I will get started on the brakes this week and get you an updated "needs" list. I hope and wish you a Happy, Healthy Birthday Harry

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Hi Rolf.

May I add my congratulations for your 75th birthday!

Glad to see you back on the forum after a long absence.

Thanks for all your help and advice over the past years including putting me on to the '41 Zephyr Convertible project car in Oklahoma (which I have enjoyed looking at, but not working on)!


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Happy Birthday Rolf, You are as old as I am---1935 vintage, like old wine and cheese, gets better with a little age. You served a very important part in the resto on my '48 Continental. It still has a way to go, but not near as far as it did when I got it. Thanks and Happy Birthday. Glenn Lorei

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