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  1. The 337 Lincoln flathead V-8 was also used in Ford big trucks with solid lifters instead of the hydraulics in the L's. My Dad and I seldom agreed about anything, and notably Cads, he liked the Kettering engine, but he never kept them long enough to have the rest of the car start giving all the problems they were so prone too, a vastly overated car to my mind, then and now, Dad had a '72 Eldorado when he passed in '74, he used to say, "with 500 HP, who cares about gas mileage". My favorite late L's were the '53-'56 Capri's, nice looking cars
  2. BJM has obviously not driven a 337 Lincoln, they are a whole lot more than a 255 Mercury. My Dad was considering a new luxury car in 1949, and I read up on all of them in Motor Trend magazine, I recall Tom Mcahill, at the time a writer for MT, describing the Lincoln as "fast and thirsty", my dad never, a Ford lover, went with the Cadillac over the boxy, poorly syled Chrysler that year, and stayed with Cads all the rest of his life
  3. Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure nothing new in this arcane science of engine casting #'s had loomed up, The Buick mention was a gag, no offense intended, if anyone really wants to know, the bore and rod journal sizes are smaller on the early blocks, and larger on the latest blocks, but everybody knows that, right??
  4. Hey TG, way curious as how you derive that info from that very bogus number, looks like a Buick # to me, V-12's didn't have #'s stamped on the blocks, sometimes DMV's would have the VIN # stamped up around the intake manifold on the block for registration purposes, but Lincoln never did, but maybe you know something I don't, so that would be a good thing, thank you
  5. UPDATE, both 3 hole script carbs have sold already, still have the 4 hole non-script ones, thanks for the great response, Rolf
  6. I now have a nice supply of reconditioned 06H Holley carburetors, I have 2 script 3 hole base models, correct for '40 and '41, used on zephyrs and continentals both, but also used as replacements on '38 and '39 Z's which had a hybrid 91-99 Ford-Mercury carb, I also have 2 non script 4 hole base carbs, correct for '46-'48, there is also a reconditioned fuel pump with a big H written on it, in very nice shape, write for more details to rolf@got.net Thanks a lot,
  7. Actually Kevin, it is a Sromberg carb that was used on Lincoln V-12's from '36 to sometime in '38 I believe, Ford switched then to the Holley 91-99 Ford carburetor, and then in 1940 the Holley became the 06H, that was used until 1948. There were 4 common Stromberg carburetors of different sizes used on Ford products up to 1939, the model 81, used on the pre '40 V-8 60's, the '97, used on all the pre '39 221 CI Ford flatheads in cars, the LZ carb like yours, and the 48, a somewhat larger version, used on some of the larger Ford flathead trucks, these carbs were, and still are popular with hot-
  8. Oh yes, I am still here Cece, but just a lurker now, will enter in with a comment now and again, take enough abuse in my normal activities, am not up to it here, Rolf
  9. Carburetors now priced at $200 each plus shipping for 5 lbs from 95062, all are thoroughly re-conditioned and tested on a V-12, Rolf
  10. Just an update on the carburetors, they have been thoroughly re-conditioned and tested on a V-12, have both early and late, with either 3 or 4 hole mounting bases, they are for sale, if interested write me at rolf@sasquatch.com Thanks a lot, Rolf
  11. Just an update, looks like the carbs are coming out very well, rebuilt and tested, have 2 prewars with script, and 2 postwar without script, choice of 3 or 4 hole bases as needed, Rolf
  12. Lots of Carburetors, no more Columbias, a guy in Kansas bought it really cheap, he who hesitates is lost, as they say, Rolf
  13. Hi Guys, fell into a plethora of 06H carbs, 1 early with a 3 hole base and Zephyr script, and 4 4 hole base ones without script, they are in good condition, but will need kits, let me know if you have any use for 1 or more, rolf@sasquatch.com
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