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  1. Rolf


    Well thank you Keith, I now have the 1st 75 behind me, hope the next 75 are a , tad easier, hope all is welll with you, Rolf
  2. Hey Jeff, I am still around, just not doing the forum anymore, a friend that still does it told me you asked after me, thanks for thinking of me, I still list parts on the LZOC site, and can always be reached at rolf@got.net be well, Rolf
  3. Mike, almost all '47's had the borg warner OD transmission, check the left side of the steering wheel under the dash, there should be a maroon knob with a big O on it, those are a better OD than the Columbia 2 speed axle that was last used in 1941, you will love it. Check the numbers and letters on the heads of your engine, it may just have an A on them, pre war Ford, or 59A, postwar ford and merc, or 8BA, '49 -'53 Ford, or 8CM, '49-'53 Merc, there are some others that it may be, but let us know what the heads say-
  4. Hey man, you give me a break, go back and read this thread carefully, get a interpeter if you need one, Jeff said they didn't have Z rubbers at Narragansett a while back, I told you they have them now, Bill told Kieth he had an extra set of Z's he would sell him for 1/2 price, and neither Kieth or you responded, I give up, put a chevy engine in it and join a street rod site-
  5. Bill U, that was a very generous offer you made to Short, but he seemed to have missed it, are you able to cut down some larger old style brake lining for riveted 12" shoes so it will fit H-L's?? I have a bunch of them, the shoes look the same, except they are much wider than the H's, '49 and up?? I have no idea, but I know you do, and Short, Bill also has a '40Z, not a connie-
  6. I think Narragansett has expanded in to Z's as well as Connies on their rubber stuff, for heavens sake, call around and get some catalogs!!-
  7. Thanks Phil and sharp eyed Cecil, when I read what short said before I thought, "Ok, I have rounded the bend, and it is time to hang it up", but I am vindicated, and will hang around squinting through one eye for a while yet, for better or worse-
  8. Well what do you know!!! Miracles still happen-
  9. This process is alway plagued with difficulty, bear with me-
  10. My good friend in Germany, Schoppi, Is struggling with the restoration of his '36 Z sedan, and he just wrote me this; Hi Rolf. Thanks for the quick reply. I just looked everywhere in my archiv, but I know, that I didn´t have the catalogue from LeBaron. Also at the page you scanned and sent me from the parts, there is nothing to see. Sorry. Here the letter I sent to LeBaron last week. Probably the line didn´t work or the fax was out of order. I´ll try it again I´ll also talk to Harry the next days about yout parts. For the other parts I first have to see a sample. To reproduce them would not be a great difficulty. Best regards from Bavaria Schoppi I am going to have to make a pic of the drawing he sent, as it would not copy, but what he needs are the pockets that the skirt prongs fit in to, and the upholstery board part with a hole in the center of a flat plate with 4 little sharp points that stick in to the board, anyone found any of these? Or skirt pockets? Thanks a lot, rolf@got.net
  11. Robert, Narragansett Reproductions in RI have the best rubber I think, that trim is not chrome but stainless steel, and it kinks very easily so be gentle with it-
  12. Hey Robert, my eyes are not too good any more, but someone has been at work on that car since the previous pic was taken, the right grille definitely has the '41 surround on it, the left is a '40 with the pointy ends, some one took out thr center spacer and the ersatz bumper guards, I know a guy that needs a '40 spacer if you or anyone has one to part with, the dashes strangely enough all interchange from '40 to '48, and they unbolt with some difficulty, but fit perfectly as the basic bodies were all the same in those years, you are definitely on the road to recovery though congratulations, your front hubcaps have the gold Lincoln script which is late '47-'48, the dash is '46 or early '47, keep up the good work-
  13. On the upper right hand side of the firewall in the engine bay-
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