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  1. ""Everyone has them in the automotive dept (K-mart, Wal-mart, eBay). Sometimes they are packaged in two's "" You guys snubbed me as I tried to help last time ..maybe "simply concocted" will chime in..just cut and trim c'mon anything can work.....they're just wires tin ears and all ..... have bought speakers for two of my Lincolns at Radio Shack for about $10. to $12 . each. I may have a tin ear, but they sound alright to me whats that song..now I know how Rolf feels... Well, when ya'll get it sorted out, lemme know. Dont worry, I'm outta here.
  2. My recone last year was about 50 bucks..no big deal, it's not an exotic poly dual cone http://www.thespeakershop.com/home/speakerrepair.html simple 8" paper cone.....not rocket science, field coil was good..compared to what I read here folks spend big money to jim roll for tops and interior..spagnolo for paint..boos/ herril for anything..moglia 75 bucks for a little knob..or $25 x 24 for hyd lifters...chrome plating....seems a bargain.. "for sale lincoln 75000 invested will sell for 45000" sorry to offend you. I read this forum, and it seems as though not too many of you are scraping to get
  3. no no no..that is so wrong. yes they can be reconed, no one makes one 8" or so, shallow bowl to fit..this was a high quality unit with good sound, deep bass and clear highs..(for a single speaker set) google speaker reconing..4" would be very dissapointing... i used a place in ohio..there is a good place in mi, jackson speaker co or something... i gotta find an fm converter..nothing hardly on am worth listening too, 'cept sports..and the indians and tigers both are pathetic..mudhens following right behind. who did your fm thing??
  4. I just replaced the 70 year old locktals in my philco made roto selector lincoln zephyr radio.. I replaced the capacitors (condensers if u like) awhile ago, and installed a solid state vibrator from a fla radio shop..tubes had tested ok..but big difference. I think it's pretty cool to listen to the ball game in the car..riding around.... Our cars use 7 volt lock style short glass tubes...the zeniths and philcos ..7b6, 7a7,7a7,7y4,7b8,7c5,7c5..mostly...try "tubes and more.com" antique electronics out of tempe az..these nos tubes are on sale a couple bucks each..still common but havent been mad
  5. yea right, say dexcool and plastic intake gaskets.. maint items..every gm car has to have intake resealed every few years..oh boy.. not to mention the bone head greedy techs selling head gaskets instead.. google gm dexcool class action..
  6. did they mention dexcool antifreeze or the fact that the poorly designed "plastic /rubber" intake gaskets have made gm cars ticking time bombs..better to buy any other make than a 4-10 year old gm car... yes I drive a pontiac, always have. makes me sad to see what is happening, like a cancer patient you just cant help....
  8. what?? have u benn working on points without dist dissassembly...?? like centrifical advance..vac brake etc.. hey coke..was your car running??
  9. jake cleans out old tar only...i have one it works..but i'm not sure the point...skip inserts modern new coils in old shell night and day diff...spark like a modern 12 electronic car.. really u gotta see to believe my car does mph 80 easy on non od high gear..no strain..
  10. well??? what did u find?? any luck..I would park that sled and drive the '48 for sure....
  11. Easy is like a 60's gm car with a uniset..and a window in the cap to set dwell..these are not easy. I am not an expert but....obviously unscrew and reattatch new parts..clean up as nec everthing..make certain the points address each other flat and flush when closing..bend if nec... put mech back in case and adjust point gap on tip of lobe. both sides..double check fool around and recheck a couple times..the hard part (for me) is reaching in that housing and setting em. Now you have to set synch screw..(the mystery screw beneath the side plate base timing setting screw) put in box and mail
  12. http://www.lcoc.org/documents/OVR_Meet_2008/2008ENM-Info.pdf All right gang pull off those blankets..charge that battery..please, roll down the windows and get those stinkin moth balls out (anyone under 75 put mothballs in his car? , yucch) get em running on as many cyls as poss and head to Columbus. it will be a lot of people in late model Connies but there should be a few v-12's
  13. If u look at the zephyr magazine, u will discover that it looks like a publication of AARP. Most dudes my age have chevelles..gtos roadrunners etc. T's, A's and those huge museum pieces they cal "real classics" belong to the senior set with big money and trailers. Our club spends more space recalling old guys trips to Europe and other old guys standing with trophys, which is fine..to each his own....they were active drivers tinkerers 25-30 years ago. Guys my age mostly think a flathead is a fancy word for scrap iron.... Each age group seems to collect cars they grew up with..I favor big v-8
  14. Correct Lincoln top has no strap on the outside...period. Mr. Burkholders 40 is an older replacement..not "correct" either. Your car is beautiful. Your car is not "show". do you care?? The dash should be maroon, the steering wheel and plastics should be maroon.(like the window crank knobs and door panel trim).metal trim on dash gold macoid...under the hood should be painted the cars color..starter button is maroon not metal..rear bumper splash pan missing...fuel line at firewall is homemade incorrect etc...this car has obviously extensively reworked...I am not criticizing..it is awesome and w
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