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  1. Hi all, This is Andrea, Cecil's wife. I am logging in on his ID because AACA website won't let me make my own. I have a question about Rita- our 1937 Zephyr 3window coupe. I think I have a fuel pump problem. She sputtered to a stop in the driveway and I have done what I can through the engine bay to trouble shoot. Can you tell me what I need to do next? I am a novice and I know I need to get under the car, but what do I need to look for and do? I can get friends to help, but there are no Lincoln people in my area. Some great engineers/car people but no Lincoln people. I want to keep her going. I am also considering getting a lift. If you have any recommendations there, that would be great too. The photo is for inspiration and encouragement to joshotto94- although it doesn't look like you need any:) So excited to see your restoration. Rita needs a friend.
  2. Hi Tim. This is Cecil Bozarth's wife, Andrea. What do you want to do with a car if you find one? Do you fix up, consign or keep them? I am looking to rehome Rita, our 1937 Zephyr 3 window retired Concours queen, but I don't want her flipped. I understand some people are in that business, but I am looking to help her get to her next forever home.
  3. Hi all, This is Andrea, Cecil's wife. I found his log in on my computer. I am sorry to borrow it and will make my own, but wanted to briefly say thank you for these postings. I am so delighted you all enjoyed his presence. He was an amazing guy. I miss him terribly. I see his picture is of "Happy Jack", the 1938 Lincoln that is now roughly 1/2 apart and will need a new owner to restore it. I hate to see it go but want to see his dream finished. Cecil was doing research on it when he passed....we think it might have been in FDR's secret service detail. I might check it out, but I might not- Cecil knew if it was, he would have to restore it to it's original black with brown interior and he really didn't want to do that. He wanted it to have "presence" on the showfield. He would think and muse over what color combo he wanted it to have. Something correct of course. We used to call it his "wedding dress" - he changed his mind often, looking for the right combo but I think I know what it is:) Are any of you going to Hershey this year? i am going to go. I went once before so I am not a complete novice. I want to go to the Lincoln meeting, see Ray T and any other Lincoln lovers, walk the field and maybe watch the auction. Take care and thank you for caring so much about my husband. Andrea Irby
  4. Sent my stp file into them; will let you know what I hear back.
  5. Thanks all for the really good information and education! I'll be looking into it and let you know where I end up. BTW, here's the car it will be going on when done:
  6. Thanks for the info, Gary and Friartruck. The step plate was at the other end of the country, so I had someone else create the file (I couldn't really ask the owner to risk mailing it to me) so I could decide later how to make it. It's off of a '38 Lincoln K roadster, so there really isn't any additional demand for it. The picture above was from a stp file reader I downloaded. I was thinking that rather than 3D printing it, it could be machined from a block of aluminium? At least I have the specs captured for now!
  7. Hello Folks - I have already had a CAD file created for a rumble seat step plate I need to have reproduced. I'm looking for a shop that can take the file (STP format, pretty generic) and make the part out of aluminum. Any leads?
  8. Yep, that's why I had a CAD drawing created. In effect, it's a digital mold of the part. Just need to find someone to make it from the computer instructions.
  9. It's aluminum, from a 1938 Lincoln K roadster. Not many of these later rumble seat cars were made and the earlier steps are not correct, which is why I'm going through all this effort. Thanks for the info!
  10. My wife pointed this out to me yesterday. Pretty harsh -- thoughts? http://www.automobilemag.com/news/by-design-1929-mercedes-benz-s-barker-tourer/
  11. About 5X6 with some height to it. Private message me if you know of someone who could do it. Thanks!
  12. I'm with you -- and I may be the test case . I've found similar things when researching 3D printing: Looks great until you start considering the *total* cost, including equipment, material costs and limitations, post-finishing, etc. That said, when reproduction running board *covers* for my car cost $2400, I've learned to grab onto something when getting cost estimates...
  13. Unfortunately it was at the other end of the country and I really wasn't in a position to ask they guy to risk sending it to me. At least this way we have a record of it if anyone else wants it. The other real advantage is that with a CAD drawing, you can engineering out any flaws in the original very easily.
  14. It is JFranklin, and I'm working closely with some folks here on the NC State University campus where I work to better understand the 3D printing technology (both from a research and personal perspective). For a part like this though, CNC machining is still probably best for now -- building up with 3D printing would take a long time and still involve a huge amount of hand-finishing. In contrast, I have some small plastic parts which are ideally-suited to the "build up" 3D printing process. I don't doubt as the cost / complexity of these technologies come down, you'll see more of this happening ...
  15. Hello Folks - Because my lower rumble seat step was missing, I had a friend let me borrow his to have a CAD drawing (STP file) made. I am now looking for someone with experience making parts from CAD drawings. I figured given the low-volume nature of a lot of Classics, someone here might have a lead. Feel free to private message me.
  16. This raises an interesting question: For *currently* reproduced tires (such as the Firestone tires by Coker), are both the blackwall and whitewall tires too large? Or is it just the whitewalls? I would think the problem wouldn't be limited to one or the other. I have metal tire covers so am interested in what you all have found.
  17. I agree whitewalls are often overdone (I mean, pickup trucks, really??), but as a counter-argument, they did indeed show up on some formal, high-end cars. Here's the build sheet for my Lincoln K roadster, and *no one* ever accused Lincoln of being flashy. The car came in a very traditional black with silver striping, *and* white wall tires. As a side note, I have WWTs on my non-classic '37 Zephyr coupe, and I think they work *much* better than black sidewalls would with the large pontoon fenders and the fender skirts.
  18. The driver looks pretty tall in relation to the car. I'm not sure he *could* put the top up, even if he wanted to.
  19. Yep, but this'll be it. The '66 Mustang (my first car) was my undergrad degree, the Zephyr was my masters, and this will be my PhD
  20. Doing some top-end diagnosis before we start pulling things apart: https://www.facebook.com/Ron.Earp/videos/10215521447099029/ Cold and hot compression numbers not bad, but definitely need to go in and do some rings / clean-up work.
  21. I can't remember -- did your car have sidemounts originally?
  22. *Finally* starting into the restoration of my '38 K roadster. I was pulling the sidemounts off last night, and there was the LeBaron emblem, currently covered with overspray and buried way down in the passenger-side corner where you can't see it behind the sidemount. Since my car originally came with sidemounts, this tells me someone painted the body and put the emblem on before they knew what style front fenders were going on. As much as I would like to have the emblem where I can see it, I think I'll keep it there
  23. Yes, it is. As you know, Dan and Anne are lifelong Franklin family. The car couldn't be in better hands.
  24. A friend's 1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster. Not necessarily what you would expect from the name, but I always thought the proportions were beautiful on this car.
  25. Seeing how I started this thread, I give two-door sedans my blessing
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