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  1. I am very interested, I have send you private message, Thanks.
  2. TimKirkegaard@mail.dk let me know if you know of any Thanks Tim
  3. try to sell it on Mark ll Forum , think someone looked for for one there
  4. Hi What do you have Fully restored or a project Original or hopped up no problem Please send PM Best. Tim
  5. Hi Do you still have the kit for sale I live in Denmark Best Tim
  6. Didn't noticed the red wheel, nice detail ? Great car
  7. Cool with the side pipes ? Where there any factory trailer hitch available or did you build the trailer hitch yourself
  8. ZephyrDave I followed the build to the stage where you did the rear fenders longer, but then I kind of disappeared from HAMB, and totally forgot about your car, but it really really ended up nice, not for the fainthearted original minded :-), but everybody can see this is real craftsmanship, wow I love it Do you still have the coupe too ?
  9. Thanks ZephyrDave What a nice ride, this is really something looks like a fantastic car show us some more pictures from different angles
  10. Hi Roy Here is a picture for an extra top you could have made so you can keep the original ?
  11. Hi Roy Please please show a photo of your short top Maybe if you have a side profile of the longer top and your short to see the difference
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