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  1. Yes the vertical hole feeds oil to oil gauge sender unit, the hole directly below supplies oil to input of oil filter usually at bottom thru internal restrictor. The third hole to the left supplies oil to hydraulic lifters from outlet on side of oil filter. Usually all steel pipe and brass fittings. Looks like those threads could do with a clean out.
  2. Thanks for keeping us up with your progress and filling us with enthusiasm during this strange era.
  3. Hi Coachbuild, Tim, I can not reach you on TimKirkegaard@mail.dk. I have a running LZ V12 engine complete with 38 LZ convertible coupe body [shortop] and running gear you may like to add to your 39 LZ convertible coachbuilt coupe collection. Mail me on roy.sue.rowe@slingshot.co.nz Cheers Roy
  4. Printers error? The large washer is needed. The extra wide washer is" convex" [has slight hollow ] to clear end of crankshaft so the OD of washer tightens down on Damper. The lock washer as we all know keeps bolt tight unless it snaps and falls out. Lock washers [spring washers] have been known to break. Use a new one. The wide convex washer has to be installed with curve facing out otherwise balancer will be loose.
  5. The clutch gaskets may clean up and be reusable. think there are two.
  6. A machine shop is best to size a piece of bronze bushing off the shelf to suit shaft and pedal sizes, otherwise you could end up with tight or sloppy pedals again. Just my experience.
  7. Good priority, keep those tractor wheels turning.
  8. Looks good to me .Dont think it would work the other way around.
  9. Hi Abe, how is engine sounding now? Do you have reasonable oil pressure? Hope its coming together ok. Cheers Roy.
  10. Tom &Jerry, after further research I believe the slinger slot is located on the " woodruff key" ear/ tag and not the balancer "square key". There is a notch at the end of the balancer body which has clearance around the ear tag and allows the balancer to push the slinger against the crank gear boss. The "square key" locates balancer and does not reach the slinger. See page 6 of 171 third post down, Mssr. Bwatoe Harmonic Balancer exploded view.
  11. According to my Lincoln chassis parts book the "woodruff" key should finish flush at the front edge of crank gear. The slinger sits back flat against the gear boss held back by the damper body and located by the damper " square" key.
  12. Yes dismantle and clean, careful not to loose too many horse shoe clips. There was a post on here last year or so about this very thing. Cant find it right now. Mssr. Bwatoe did one of these I seem to recall. Go to page 6 of 171 third post down balancer dismantling.
  13. Josshoto 94, Hows progress with fitting turret to open sedan body? Did Covid 19 Lockdown help or hinder? Hope you are OK. 38ShortopConv.
  14. Just cut up a suitable sized piece of rubber tube and fit those little black spring clips. The judges will love them.
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