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  1. 37/38 LZ glove box lid clips. The Grand Kids turned up.
  2. Sorry Im not up with that technology yet. May be someone else will. No suitable camera. I may get the grandkids round to sort it .
  3. If its any thing like my 38 Zephyr the lid has a spring clip at bottom center to keep it shut, should be same on passenger side. The spring/clips are horseshoe shaped 1/2" wide and tricky to clip in.
  4. Click is probable in speedo. I would start by unscrewing cable at outlet side of Columbia change/over unit on firewall. Drive it, If click is still there, lube input cable and unit. Drive it. Lube and reconnect outlet cable, Drive, if click is back or still there disconnect cable at back speedo. Drive. You could raise back wheels to do all this test driving. Careful!
  5. Im no expert on K model V12s but it is just 2 six cylinder engines tied together like the humble LZ V12. or one 6 cylinder engine as far as valve timing goes. Bring number one cylinder up to compression TDC Both valves should be shut.- Valves on rear cylinder, same bank with piston at TDC. should be rocking open. Timing gear marks should be lined up with each other at this stage I would guess.
  6. Where is Scotty watching the Ford T go by?
  7. Best to fit PCV valve, prevents any backfires into valley valve chamber. Some carbs. have a vacuum connection, don't need base below carburetor.
  8. Re edit. Post,, 4400 ohms on secondary and 1240 ohms on primary from memory sounds about average readings .Could still short to ground when hot due to poor insulation. May need new coils. Condensers could short to ground when hot if faulty. The original condensers can leak "insulation oil " if over tightened. Could replace with modern" pig tail" condensers. From 22 Mf. Re 2nd Post Back, 30 .5 degrees dwell on strong side. Left side points produce spark to front 3 left side and back 3 right side. Right side points do front three right side and back 3 left side. New double rotor and 2 new caps could help. Early Ford V8 club in Europe may be able to retime your distributor. Enough from me.
  9. So it sounds like you need to get your distributer timed and synchronized. Call Gerry Richmond. Dwell angle should be 36 Degrees both sides. 30.5 Degrees could overheat an old coil and cause a weak spark. May need a new coil as well. Points need timing and synchronizing on LZ engines as they run a 7 - 1/2 degree lead - lag spark from one bank to other to compensate the 75 Degree block. [ it should be 60 Degrees]. Send distributor away to be timed and synchronized, call Gerry. He has new coils too.
  10. Looking at everything else you have done and If all connections are tight I would go for a new set of Champion H10 plugs a distributor reset by someone who knows what they are doing along with a new coil, rotor and side terminal plates from Jerry Richman. Also plug wires inside steel conduits need to have good insulation, no cracks. Another source of trouble can be at the ignition switch, check for loose terminal knurled nuts, and worn contacts inside ign. switch. If it still fusses after that the trouble is somewhere else.
  11. I presume you mean centralizing the clutch plate between flywheel and pressure plate, so gearbox splined input shaft, fits thru splines and into flywheel bearing. I use an old g/box input shaft. .
  12. Just my two/pence worth, before you drop the back axle assembly to remove torque tube to inspect for wear on every thing I would pump some grease into u/joint, center bearing and both rear wheel bearing nipples inside front of rear brake backing plates. Also retorque axle taper hub nuts and check overdrive fluid level. This is easier than removing torque tube. Do road test then if vibration persists, drop back end out.
  13. Hi Chuck, Im a 38 LZ person but as its 18 hours since you asked Ill jump in. The 37 dash layout looks sensible to me. The odometer trip knob on my 38 is fixed in a slot under dash panel on left or right of center consul. Assume 37 is similar. Look for a slot under there in the dash metalwork, there may be one each side, the second one would be for clock setting cable. The experts should jump in now. .How about a complete pic of whole car, maybe its a Street rod, hence the silence. Enjoy the project, Roy
  14. Im no expert but I have seen them refered to as a "Harmonic" balancer. Smooth out any ripples / vibrations flowing along the crankshaft !?
  15. Good advise. from 19tom40.