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  1. At least its a Lincoln motor in a Lincoln. The flathead V8 Cadillac was a popular engine swap in Lincoln Zephyrs back in the day. There was a red 37 Lincoln Zephyr coupe some time back for sale on this forum with a 52 Lincoln OHV. motor with 2 stage auto. and hydraulic brakes. Would have been an interesting drive, the under hood pic. looked impressive. My Model T coupe has a 40 Ford 3 speed column change g/box, 38 steering box, 40 hydraulic brakes with Model A back end. All fitted straight into factory Model T frame, springs, body, interior. A drivable fun car . May post a pic. later.
  2. Well? How much pedal pressure does it take to stop a Zephyr? I suppose it would depend on how quick you needed to stop.
  3. Yes the usual way. Push the fancy [ eschution? ] ring in against the spring under the door /window handle and push the pin out with a 1/8 ' drill bit.
  4. Hi, Model T Mike, What year and model is your Lincoln / Zephyr with the 52 Lincoln OHV. V8 engine? I have a 1926 Model T Coupe fitted with a 1938 Ford V8 60 17 stud 2200cc/136cu.in.engine. [smaller capacity than model T at 2900cc ] Its been in there since 1955, 63 yrs I get a bit of stick for that too! but its part of history now! Have driven it 5000 mls. last 6 years.
  5. Re VIN #. yes, on top rear frame, apparently where gas filler pipe went thru. inner guard arch. Also at front on top frame drivers side beside front cross member.
  6. Hi, I don't know the hub paint code ," Quality Restorations" may do, but your mushroom brown shade on your steering hub looks pretty close. May be " dash red" would flow better on the steering hub? Save painting the steering column. You could paint the horn button the mushroom brown, I painted my LZ. raised script " speedo/ needle red" with a very small brush and lots of patience.
  7. Oops, left caption off previous Post. My 38 LZC hauls V8 60 speedway midget OK to display days. Allow space ahead for braking, not very relaxed driving in traffic.
  8. Hi baby, I have glued the odd snapped grill bar on my 38 LZ. [ Don't tell the Judges] If its all there it may just glue right back into place like my three broken bars did. Only meant to be temporary repair, [didnt think that type of metal would weld, just burn up.] Its still holding and looking OK. today 20 years later. " Keep pursuing your dream." A boy named Roy.
  9. I may not be much help but I replaced that light switch 22 years ago on my 38 LZ. , cant remember how I got it out but do remember it was a bear of a job and I wouldn't want to go back in there for that again. That nut you have loosened possibly needs to come right off the thread, there could be another nut further inside, then I think the light switch can be moved back and clear of the pull knob shaft. You may have to remove the wiring terminals from the switch. I don't know how much access you have already but over the years when I have been back in there I find it easier to remove one or two glove boxes for access. The box doors have to come off first. I then use a 7/32 ? socket, a torch and a mirror to remove the speedo for greater access. My light switch had burst open, hard to reseal for reliable service but I managed to replace it with a regular everyday [or night] light switch, don't tell the judges!! so it does come out! That shaft from the knob is hollow, the high beam lamp shines thru it to a lens in the finger pull knob, quite arty. the lens is quite often missing or painted over. You have probably have got the switch out by now, it was a long time ago its hard to remember exactly for me,, anyway have fun.
  10. Yes, possibly the same for 41 LZ. as the one shown by Beltfed and Ken back in January 23/24 2017.
  11. Theres three bolts in the back. need lots patience to undo, 7/16" ring spanner?, then fan will tap forward, lift out, still tight spot to work in.
  12. Those guide pins appear to be spring loaded, the original holder pins could seize up, may need some more C.R.C. lube in there. I have broken a few lamps in my time on those. Looks like there could be a new replacement lamp holder available in Mssr. Bwatoe"s picture.