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  1. 38ShortopConv.

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    Hi baby, I have glued the odd snapped grill bar on my 38 LZ. [ Don't tell the Judges] If its all there it may just glue right back into place like my three broken bars did. Only meant to be temporary repair, [didnt think that type of metal would weld, just burn up.] Its still holding and looking OK. today 20 years later. " Keep pursuing your dream." A boy named Roy.
  2. 38ShortopConv.

    38 Zephyr headlight switch removal

    I may not be much help but I replaced that light switch 22 years ago on my 38 LZ. , cant remember how I got it out but do remember it was a bear of a job and I wouldn't want to go back in there for that again. That nut you have loosened possibly needs to come right off the thread, there could be another nut further inside, then I think the light switch can be moved back and clear of the pull knob shaft. You may have to remove the wiring terminals from the switch. I don't know how much access you have already but over the years when I have been back in there I find it easier to remove one or two glove boxes for access. The box doors have to come off first. I then use a 7/32 ? socket, a torch and a mirror to remove the speedo for greater access. My light switch had burst open, hard to reseal for reliable service but I managed to replace it with a regular everyday [or night] light switch, don't tell the judges!! so it does come out! That shaft from the knob is hollow, the high beam lamp shines thru it to a lens in the finger pull knob, quite arty. the lens is quite often missing or painted over. You have probably have got the switch out by now, it was a long time ago its hard to remember exactly for me,, anyway have fun.
  3. 38ShortopConv.

    Picture of 1937 Zephyr Oil Filter?

    Yes, possibly the same for 41 LZ. as the one shown by Beltfed and Ken back in January 23/24 2017.
  4. 38ShortopConv.

    Pulling that $#% %^& radiator on a 42 Continental!!

    Theres three bolts in the back. need lots patience to undo, 7/16" ring spanner?, then fan will tap forward, lift out, still tight spot to work in.
  5. 38ShortopConv.

    Headlight Lamp Replacement

    Those guide pins appear to be spring loaded, the original holder pins could seize up, may need some more C.R.C. lube in there. I have broken a few lamps in my time on those. Looks like there could be a new replacement lamp holder available in Mssr. Bwatoe"s picture.
  6. 38ShortopConv.

    Windshild Frame

    Stefani, WOW, what a mission, you deserve a medal. I wonder how many others have been removed or how many people know the frame comes out? Whats the frame made of? Timber and metal sheeting? I thought the whole frame would have been metal and welded in. I wonder if my 38 Lincoln Zephyr convertible is like that or if its only peculiar to the continental. I will have a close look at my Zephyr . An unusual build !? Roy
  7. 38ShortopConv.

    Extra hole in drive tube

    Hi Jord, Should that grease nipple on top of clamshell be underneath for access from under car once top floor panel goes back on? My 38 LZ. only has grease nipple in lower clamshell passenger side . Maybe the clamshell just needs turning 180 degrees.
  8. 38ShortopConv.

    Newbie Question: GVR?

    Hi, I put my 38 LZ sedan over the scales back in the late eighties and it came out at 34 cwt. from memory. [112 lbs x 34 cwt. ==3808lbs ]
  9. 38ShortopConv.


  10. 38ShortopConv.

    Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    Yes, good observation. Different set of tires too! and the wheels are poppy red now, Did you notice that!!? Photo taken with a real camera, at the turn of the century. Jan. 2000. Other two pics 2 or 3 years ago. I bought LZC over the phone, no photos, no internet, out of Phoenix Arizona in Jan. 1996, put those tires on and had a new top fitted. Done around 24000 miles since. The cars very original, never had a full pull down restoration, repainted in the 70s. I have been thru. the mechanics over the years. speedo had 620 miles when I got it.
  11. 38ShortopConv.

    Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    Thanks. The twin lake pipes are " true not false", have removable caps. Nice touch I thought, fills in the gap, brings the height down, sort of. Don"t think " tow bars" were available x factory, may be from dealers. I swapped that hitch over from my 38 sedan when I sold it 8 years ago. I had it built in amongst the twin exhaust system, " twin mufflers across rear".
  12. 38ShortopConv.

    Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    Here's how the Lincoln factory built the 38 LZ. Convertible. Briggs Body Number 86H-760-166
  13. 38ShortopConv.

    rebuilding the v12 tips-tricks

    See rebuilding LZ V- 12 this column " V- 12 LINCOLNS" Page Two Feb. 7 from Shirley Hopkins reprint from TWOTZ magazine. Best advice ever.
  14. 38ShortopConv.

    Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    Hi Tim, I have just replied to your private e/mail. Did you receive it? Roy
  15. 38ShortopConv.

    Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    I have not figured out how to do photos yet, have to get the grandkids to do it shortly.