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  1. Hi Anders, sorry to hear about Curt, I think I met Curt in St Louis in Sept. 2000 at a Lincoln Zephyr convention. The 38 LZ convertible was there with him and I had a good look at it, nice car. I have owned a Short top 38 LZ convertible,[ no back seat] here in New Zealand since 1996. I believe Kurt was involved in building a electronic distributor more recently, a story in LZ mag. 5 years ago. I have since built one, runs fine on test bench, have yet to test it on my LZ. convertible. Regards Roy.
  2. Do you have spark at all plugs? One set of points may have corroded or a points spring arm is broken or sticking after sitting for a while or a condenser could have developed a short causing engine to run on 6 cylinders, if in fact it is. Does it rev. up from idle freely? Lincoln Zephyr V12s have 2 sets of points and 2 condensers, one set for each 6 cylinders. The points arm has been known to snap and become inoperable. Also you may have a fuel jet blockage in carb, there are 2 main jets in there, one for each bank and/or you may have old/bad fuel in tank! Interesting gear change pa
  3. Nice to see some recent Lincoln Zephyr video restoration / rebuild activity on this forum. Good on you JB and Phil.
  4. The front and rear cross members on my 38 Lincoln Zephyr are both hot rivetted to frame. May be practicable to weld your crossmember to frame by a competent welder/fabricator.
  5. I believe the front and rear spring cross members on Lincoln Zephyrs and Continentals from 1939 had some sort of rubber sandwich insulation mounting arrangement to eliminate any road/rumble vibration. I have never seen any.
  6. Six volt circuits can draw twice as much current as 12 volt. Old well used 6 volt starter solenoid " Contacts" can be a source of high resistance creating voltage drop to starter. I usually fit new 6 volt starter solenoids to my 6 volt Fords and Lincoln Zephyrs. A final word, 8 volt batteries can help.
  7. Gerry, No problem. Connect the top pipe from the oil gauge sender into top hole on bellhousing. Connect the bottom pipe to the lower hole on bellhousing. Plug middle hole on bellhousing. Roy
  8. Gerry, how much oil did you put in pan, is red button floating ?
  9. Yes the vertical hole feeds oil to oil gauge sender unit, the hole directly below supplies oil to input of oil filter usually at bottom thru internal restrictor. The third hole to the left supplies oil to hydraulic lifters from outlet on side of oil filter. Usually all steel pipe and brass fittings. Looks like those threads could do with a clean out.
  10. Thanks for keeping us up with your progress and filling us with enthusiasm during this strange era.
  11. Hi Coachbuild, Tim, I can not reach you on TimKirkegaard@mail.dk. I have a running LZ V12 engine complete with 38 LZ convertible coupe body [shortop] and running gear you may like to add to your 39 LZ convertible coachbuilt coupe collection. Mail me on roy.sue.rowe@slingshot.co.nz Cheers Roy
  12. Printers error? The large washer is needed. The extra wide washer is" convex" [has slight hollow ] to clear end of crankshaft so the OD of washer tightens down on Damper. The lock washer as we all know keeps bolt tight unless it snaps and falls out. Lock washers [spring washers] have been known to break. Use a new one. The wide convex washer has to be installed with curve facing out otherwise balancer will be loose.
  13. The clutch gaskets may clean up and be reusable. think there are two.
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