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  1. One thing I always do is to look and see if the photo can be cropped. Many times you can eliminate ugly people and trees and cut a picture considerably in size without losing quality or style . Then you can further reduce from there.
  2. I have to add my kudos for the Gilmore Museum.Being an old hotrodder from the Dearborn era in the fifties, I really enjoyed the hot rod exhibit put together by Dennis Lesky. Many cars there I saw or was involved with back then. The little Deuce coupe was built by my friend Chile Catallo and I helped him pull it out of the weeds to begin construction in 1957. I drove it to high school with a coat hanger through the firewall to work the throttle. Chili was too young for a license. He was only fifteen when he got the car. His parents bought a grocery store from my parents. Anyhow the campus at the Gilmore is spectacular.
  3. Quaker steak and lube on 49th street up in Pinellas Park, Thursday nights cruise in, Biff Burger Fri nights also on 49th Street in Pinellas Park. Both are up north from St. Pete. about 20 minutes Check to make sure of the nights, as I haven't lived in Florida for 10 years since I moved to the Georgia mts.
  4. Mickey Rooney received the first production Continental for free, delivered to the movie set of ''The young Tom Edison''.
  5. We lost a valuable resource with the passing of Dave Corbin, he helped a lot with my 53 Skylark. According to him, before 1954, the records for Buick were very poor. They revised the system in 1954. He got me some very interesting and valuable info about my Skylark, as it could possibly be the last 53 made. One of seven made in the last month of manufacture.
  6. The Skylark I am restoring was Osage Cream, but since the id tag was missing and I am restoring to my liking and not a future owner, I am still up on the air about color. I do know I think painting a Skylark two tone is a no no in my book. Leaning toward Mandarin Red, or Black. I am only 22 years away from paint, so I have time. Unfortunately I will be in my nineties at that time.
  7. For the Apple crowd, double clicking any photo will bring up Preview that comes with Macs. Go to tools, image size, and it is the the same as Robert described above to resize by size or pixel. Also add Preview to the dock and you can drag and drop a folder of photos and they will all open in preview. Do a command A to select all and do the process above. it will resize all of then and when you close it will ask if you want to save all. say yes and you are done. It is a good idea to make a copy of the original size folder before resizing.
  8. If you have a steel retailer near you, ask them if they know someone with a rotissery you might rent. I know of three of them in my area just sitting.
  9. Got lucky and got a set of show chrome bumpers. Staring on the doors next week. I will get a set of pictures loaded maybe tomorrow.
  10. I put together a homemade rotisserie using two harbor freight engine stands for the rotating parts. There are many posts on the internet about building these and it sure made things easier on my back. Gotta be able to weld, though. Here is a video when I first started the work on the Skylark. After blasting and epoxy prime before replacing rust outs.
  11. The wheel openings from the Skylark hammer welded to a nice set of original fenders. I drove 200 miles to get a nice set of fenders.
  12. 45 views and not one ''atta boy''.
  13. I'm slow, but I'm old. Finished the right rear fender and now it is on to the doors. Any stuff you have that is for a 53 Skylark send me a message as I am getting closer by the year.
  14. If old Ernie worked on my Skylark, he probably passed from lead poisoning. I never so so much lead as in a Skylark.