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  1. No timeline at the moment. I am just working on the coupe for now. Thanks
  2. This is an Alemite Model 313350 made from 1948-1955. This cabinet came out of Jim White Chevrolet when they closed. It was purchased by an individual and then by myself. This is the only cabinet known to have dealer badges cast and pinned to the same location where the Alemite badges would have been. The cabinet has recently been restored the chrome is in great shape. The lock for the slide up door is fully functional. The hose rollers are also functional if you choose to install an air line. The light and outlet have all new wiring and are fully functional. I have one very similar in my living room at the moment so I have decided I do not need two. What you see is what you get, if you would like more photos just ask. The buyer will be responsible for any and all PayPal fees and fees associated with the sale. If you are interested please call or text me 412-378-nine224 and we can discuss logistics. Thank you and Good Luck 8995 OBO
  3. Bracing has begun planning to make a lot of progress over the next few months.
  4. I have to purchase them when they are for sale not something that pops up for sale everyday.
  5. I plan on building the 36 coupe sedan. That car is #89 of 1814 made. I will use my 37 sedan roof and the 39 dash to make the 36 coupe sedan. I will then use the 39 rear fenders on my 37 coupe. Lots of work but a lot of parts have been located. It all takes time. Planning to cut the roof on the sedan in the near future. My coupe doors and trunk should be ready to go in the next couple weeks and then I can really get to working on it all.
  6. Picked up this rough 36 coupe sedan today along with a 39 sedan
  7. Tonight i started laying out the cut lines on the sedan and on the coupe. I plan to cut the coupe tomorrow and finish laying out rear of sedan. Check it out.