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  1. Greetings! I am wondering what wheels will work for my ‘38 Zephyr. my car came with 15” wheels with the small bolt pattern. I know that in ‘38 they used the large bolt pattern and beautiful large hubcaps in the earlier cars and the smaller in the late year production. My goal is to use the late hubcaps and ultimately convert to hydraulic brakes. I have some huge hills in my neighborhood hood and the thought of those old mechanical brakes scare me! I am not worried about keeping it original . So,can the large 38 hubcaps be made to work with any other wheels besides the wide 16” x4” wheels? Will ford 16” artillery wheels work or other ford wheels, there seem to be way more of them out there? Anyone have a set of wheels and whitewall tires, old is fine for now? I am still looking for a running V12, may use a flathead ford , just to get this car going. Not into rebuilding right now with the current disastrous situation going on. Thanks in advance, be safe and healthy! Phil W
  2. Wanted: I am looking for a decent running Zephyr engine, prefer 38 or later. Thank you for listening, Phil Wimbish 38 Zephyr
  3. Hello, I found out Friday, after speaking with my machinist, that my block has some cylinders with thin walls. I do not know how many but definitely several. This is a block from 42-46 with the larger bore. He is reluctant to sleeve this engine at this stage of the game, perhaps because he knows I have another engine which is probably a '38. I do not know the condition of that block yet. I hate to just trash this block, I was wondering if I have any options so I can use this block. I am not opposed to having a large bore engine.The block was sonic tested and he says we are not far from going into the water jacket in some spots. It has already been bored .020 over previously. I would appreciate any other opinions. Thanks for listening! Phil W
  4. Hello to All, I am willing to make a donation, symbolic as I am not a wealthy guy,say $100.00, if that would help the club. Anyone else willing to "step up?" Phil '38 Coupe
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for letting me know. I hope to see you at the show, your car too!Take care! Phil
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for posting the note encouraging people to get out for the meet. I am hoping to come up for the day on Saturday. Is the car show at the Westminster hotel or at some other location? What time is the concours and when do the cars start assembling for the show? I ll look forward to seeing you at the show! Thank you and have a safe trip! Phil in Annapolis
  7. Hi Doug! Thanks for the offer of help, I do appreciate it. If I remember correctly your '38 was featured in the way of the Zephyr? If so I'll try to dig up that old issue to refresh my memory. My car is a barn find that has been sitting since 1956. I have done little to it since I purchased it, primarily because I have been sidetracked with two back surgeries since I bought it. Anyway, I want to get something going this year. I believe I have spoken to you about a spare engine that you have. Due to my health issues I don't have the funds to buy a running V12. I m thinking about putting in something else cheaper like an old flathead V8 so that I can drive this thing. I could be busy for quite awhile getting the brakes and everything else ready. I am thinking I will start a thread on finding a nearby machine shop that I can trust to evaluate one of the two V12 engines that I have that are not running. I'll look forward to future conversations! Happy New Year to you! Phil (fellow Hoosier!)
  8. Happy New Year to all! I am resolving to participate more on the Forum and get more involved in the LZOC. I wish I had more Zephyr experience to share, but I do know more now than I did eight years ago when I first joined and the five years since I got my first Lincoln, a '38 Coupe. I am planning on attending the swap meet coming up this month and look forward to meeting other members especially any that live in the Maryland area. As I see the membership declining and aging, I need to try harder to do more and do it in a positive manner. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy New Year. Prosperous would be nice as well! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe
  9. Hello and Happy New Year to all! Wow, I was surprised to see a post that I made seven years ago reappear! I apologized then for my choice of words for the subject line and do now, Seven Years later. If you read the entirety of my post it makes more sense. Phil
  10. Hello MSSR. I sent you a private message regarding the headlights. I have a couple of questions for you. Thank you! Phil Wimbish
  11. Greetings to all! I am hoping to attend the swap meet in Lancaster this weekend. I was wondering what to expect as far as any events that are going on during the event, besides the swap meet itself. Is it best to go on Fri., or Saturday or spend the night? I have never been to a LZOC event as something always seems to come up in my personal life when this meet takes place. I am hoping to get more involved in the club. My impression that the club could use some younger blood to help carry on the torch. Not that I am that young, my daughter (21) certainly doesnt think so! Last year I was planning on attending and my Dad was going to tag along. He loved to go on my car outings! When I called him the day before we were to go, to confirm our departure time, he sounded so bad I rushed up to his home and took him to the hospital. He never made it back home and passed away on February 21st at 77. I really miss him. I am bringing this up as I do want to get more involved in the club. Knowing now more than ever that....... Time stands still for none of us. Phil Wimbish (6 plus year lurking LZOC member) Annapolis Md 38 Coupe 3 window (found 2.5 years ago in its 50 year barn find glory!)
  12. Hello, I was wondering if the car is still available? If so I am interested and would like to see it. Thank You! Phil in Annapolis
  13. Hello, I was wondering if there is any LZOC participation going on tomorrow in Hershey at the AACA event? I saw on the website calendar that there is a Board meeting taking place. Is that open to the general membership and if so when is it? Will anyone have their Lincoln there or will there be any Lincon swap meets taking place? Thanks and I hope to see some members there on Saturday! Phil Wimbish Annapolils '38 Coupe '57 356 Porsche '82 928 Porsche
  14. Happy Birthday Rolf! I hope this finds you well! Your insight on the forum is missed! Take care! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe
  15. Greetings! I saw posted in my local paper an ad for a 1948 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Exc. cond. $32,000. Of course you never see one around here so I did call and the owner and his wife were very gracious. I did check it out and it is very nice. I didnt poke around too much but it is said to be rust free, restored around 15 years ago and runs very well. Med. blue with a blue leather interior, black top w/red piping. I wish I could buy it, but I would have to sell something and you know how that goes. The owners name is Charles and is located in Maryland.Phone number is:410-507-7372, they are nice people. Good luck! Call me if you want me input:410 440 3525 Still looking for a running V12!! !It's amazing how much prettier these cars are in person than in pictures!! Phil Wimbish Annapolis Md '38 LZ coupe PS I thought after the war they were no longer called Zephyrs???? PS I would like to know an idea of value in case I decide to buy it. Please Private message me on that if you have any real sense or recent experience. Also, I have some photos I could post, could someone refresh my memory on how to do that? Photo:
  16. Hello, I was wondering if there is anything Zephyr or auto related to do in Naples while I am here until the 23rd? I wish I could get into the Collier Museum, but I understand it is no longer open to the public. I am also into old Porsches and they have an incredible collection. If anyone has any tips I would appreciate it! Thanks and have a good one! Phil Wimbish '38 3-Window Coupe '57 Porsche 356 A Coupe '82 928 CP
  17. Somehow, that message was sent before I was finished.... Anyway, I would like to know what cost range to expect if anyone would like to share their experiences with me. Thanks for listening! Phil Wimbish Annapolis Md '38 Coupe A host of others!
  18. Hello! I was looking for a couple of recommendations for emblem restoration and rechroming for bumpers for my '38 Coupe. At this stage I am not looking for concours quality, just decent work at a decent price.
  19. WTB:For '38 coupe: Hood ornament and trim rear license light front bumper and or bumper guards interior handles running V-12 or V-8 Anybody want to "lighten" their stash? Thanks! Phil Wimbish Annapolis Md '38 Coupe
  20. Greetings! I may have the oportunity to buy a '54 Ford V-8 that I was thinking about using temporarily until I can rebuild my V12 or find a running one to use in my '38 Coupe. Will it fit easily? It is more attractive to me if it is a simple bolt up. I am anxious to drive this car as I have never driven one! Thanks! Phil Wimbish Annapolis Md '38 Coupe '57 356 A Porsche Coupe 82 928 Porsche '78 Egg Harbor PS Stil looking for '38 trim items and a running V12!
  21. To Dave, Thank you for your comments about the Zephyr coupes they are appreciated! As far as how I knew your name, I'm not possitive but I believe that I deduced that the car that you had listed on some hot rod site for sale section was the same car that was featured on Dream Car Garage. I would have called, but it was way more than I could afford,plus I really wanted a stock car with the original V-12 engine. That was the car that stated my interest in Zephyrs and has changed my interest in cars in general. I must have looked at the photos on the web site a hundred times. In fact there was a shot of the car which gave a 3/4 rear view from an elevated position thatt I would love to have. Do you have any of those photos on file? I'm sure I would not be alone in appreciation of that rear view! One thing I loved about that car was that it appeared mostly stock. The '37 in particular really benefits from a view from somewhat above, like in the '37 Coupe dealer promo shots that Cboz has posted on his site. I love these cars! Phil
  22. Hello! Yesterday I wrote a loonnng response only to somehow lose it when I previewed it. I am going to try a quick response to see if it goes through. I was making a couple of points, mostly tonque in cheek, about my observations relating to cars. First- "looks are everything," well when it comes to cars, boats and maybe even houses! Second- "Size does matter," I have really lost interest in my '57 Porsche Coupe since discovering Zephyrs. One reason is the looks the other the size.......13' compared to almost 18'!!..... The height is taking some getting used to though. One of the cars I sold to make my deal happen was a modified Porche 914, it was 45" tall to the top of the roof, cool, but a bit uncomfotable when cruising down the highway looking at the lug nuts of an 18 Wheeler! Third. Please dont be so quick to dismiss idle conversations about custom Zephyrs. Most guys like me are now first introduced to the cars via seeing a modified car. My first was the '37 Coupe done by Dave Jolly and featured on Dream Car Garage. I knew then and there that I had to have one. It was only after learning more about the cars that I developed a true appreciation of the car and just how perfect, well almost, a design it is in its stock state!. The members of LZOC would be wise to "coaxe" the newer members into this appreciation then the realization that the cars do not need to be chopped and cut up! Last, I have more to say and will. I will also post some photos of the beauty in the cars and boat that inspire these opinions of mine! Thanks to all that contribute! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe '57 Porsche A coupe '81 928 '78 Egg Harbor 33' Sportfish
  23. It is indeed an ideal restoration candidate, other than the winning bid, which was $25,781.00!! I am always doubious of big Ebay numbers, but there were at least five bidders at the end so I doubt there was a shill involved. It makes me wonder what my '38 barnfind, half the production number of the '37, is worth which was in much better shape ie. almost no signifigant rust. Of course I have seen finished cars go for much less than what I thought they would of late. I guess there are more buyers out there at the introductory price level to jack up the value. I dont really care that much, I just thought this was an interesting car and deal. Phil '38 LZ Coupe '57 Porsche 356 coupe
  24. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the comment. I liked the "I hate your guts" comment and always knew it was "tongue in cheek". It took me five years to find this car so I can apprciate the "jealousy" seething from the masses! I'm just having a problem with the lack of participation on the forum postings. Take this topic for example. There has been almost five hundred looks at the topic with just 15 notes replied by just a few people. I'm trying to learn everything I can about these cars so I can get more involved. I intend to post a topic on this soon to see how newer members like myself can get involved and help in the club. Time is marching on and the younger members need to be brought into the "fold" to carry on the faith as they say! Just my 2 cents! Phil
  25. Greetings again to all! I thought I would repost this as I am still looking for parts and had little to no response. Even the people that said they had a couple of the parts I need and said they would get back to me never did. I am continually amazed at how little anyone participates on this list. I see hundreds of views on a topic and hardly anyone has a comment or tip to offer the poster. Its discouraging to a "newbie". Sorry to rant! Will also consider: A complete running '38 sedan to borrow an engine and some trim off of. A complete running engine. I know someone has this stuff sitting around! Thanks for listening! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe '57 Porsche 356 A coupe '78 Egg Harbor 33' Sportfish PS By the way.'38's did come with the small pattern drums and mechanical brakes!