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  1. Is this car still available? your email address does not seem to be working. thanks in advance! Phil
  2. Greetings and Happy New Year! I just wanted to share this link to this YouTube series I discovered this weekend . There are 19 parts to date that feature the restoration process (and some modifications) on a ‘38 Zephyr Coupe. The interviews are done by a novice named Barry T and feature JB Donaldson who is a Zephyr Coupe aficionado and restorer. I don’t know if I learned much that I didn’t know but found it quite enjoyable and thought I would pass it along. Does anyone know much about JB Donaldson and his restoration business? One thing I did find interesting is how rare and desirable the 37-39 Coupes still are. Anyway, I would be interested in others thoughts and input. Good health and happiness to all! Phil Wimbish ‘38 Zephyr
  3. Hello, I am looking for four or five wide five wheels. Thank you and take care out there! Phil W ’38 Lincoln Coupe
  4. Hello, I am looking for four or five wide five wheels. Thank you and take care out there! Phil W ’38 Lincoln Coupe
  5. I am still looking if anyone has a spare. Thanks for listening!
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for the input, it’s greatly appreciated! I haven’t heard of the block sealant and could only find one which sounds good, Irontite Ceramic Sealant, it does sound like a good idea to seal up porosity in the block. Is that the product? The machinist that I used three years ago is 85 years old and did the work three years ago. He has experience with these engines and a host of others and was/ is renowned in my area. I’m not sure if he is still working. He did not like the idea of having any “ wet” bore sleeves. It seems like modern sealants would make it a decent proposition. I respect his opinion, but it doesn’t mean that another approach wouldn’t work.That would save me from sleeving all 12 cylinders. If anyone has firsthand experience doing a wet sleeve I would appreciate hearing more. I thought a wet spot on the sleeve can make it possible to have a hot spot on the cylinder wall. Also, I didn’t really think one slight smaller piston was a good idea, maybe just wishful thinking! Anyone have any recommendations for a machine shop in my area Maryland? Thanks, Stay cool! Phil W
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there is any input on what people have used for minimum cylinder wall thickness? I know the thicker the better. I have been told and have read that .125 is preferred but .090 could be acceptable. After sonic testing I have at least one at .090. This is a later block and I like the idea of the larger bore of 2 15/16”. I do know about hot spots and weakness if the walls get too thin. Another thought, I know it wouldn’t be preferable, but could you sleeve one cylinder and use one slightly smaller piston to save the block. If you keep the weights of the individual pistons close it doesn’t seem like it would be a huge difference, it’s not like these are 7000 rpm engines. I guess I hate to throw things out, plus I already have money and effort in this block. It’s not like I need this engine to last 30,000 miles, how much are you going to drive an 82 year old car. Thanks for listening and Stay Safeway! Phil In Annapolis “38” Zephyr 3- window Coupe A Barnfind 50’s “Hot Rod”
  8. Greetings, Is anyone out there making prefab headliners or other interior parts in original materials? Alternatively, who supplies original fabric appropriate for my ‘38 Coupe ? I would like to know the specific color and fabric for the headliner and also carpeting materials. any help would be appreciated! Thanks and stay well! Phil Wimbish ’38 Barnfind 3- window Coupe
  9. Greetings! Looking for ‘55 Chevrolet Sport Coupe, no postcard. Prefer a car with Patina or original. Will consider all cars and conditions including modified. I am helping my close friend and neighbor who has been looking for the right car. Have trailer will travel if necessary. Please respond if you have any leads, any and all responses will be answered. Thanks for listening! Phil Wimbish Annapolis Maryland 410-440-3525
  10. Hi Belt! I f you are interested I would be willing to make a tracing of my trim with sections at various points along the length, along with photos. You could make pattens with thin plywood of the curvaceous ins and outs of each pc along the lengths of the running boards, fenders and skirt areas. I imagine it would be a lot of work but doable for a good metal craftsman. Let me know if I can help, Take care! Phil ’38 Coupe
  11. Thanks for the replies! I am familiar with Wheelsmith and may consider going that route. For now I was hoping to find a set of 16” wheels with wide white walls as somebody probably has a spare set sitting around out there.. I was hoping someone could share their experience adapting early ‘38 hubcaps to later small bolt pattern wheels. I’m in the process of getting this project going and will post more info on my car soon. Thanks for the interest! phil PS. Still having a hard time getting my head around mechanical brakes, though having experienced hydraulic failure in the past they may be worth a shot. I just wish I could get in and out of my ‘hood without negotiating steep hills!
  12. Greetings! I am wondering what wheels will work for my ‘38 Zephyr. my car came with 15” wheels with the small bolt pattern. I know that in ‘38 they used the large bolt pattern and beautiful large hubcaps in the earlier cars and the smaller in the late year production. My goal is to use the late hubcaps and ultimately convert to hydraulic brakes. I have some huge hills in my neighborhood hood and the thought of those old mechanical brakes scare me! I am not worried about keeping it original . So,can the large 38 hubcaps be made to work with any other wheels besides the wide 16” x4” wheels? Will ford 16” artillery wheels work or other ford wheels, there seem to be way more of them out there? Anyone have a set of wheels and whitewall tires, old is fine for now? I am still looking for a running V12, may use a flathead ford , just to get this car going. Not into rebuilding right now with the current disastrous situation going on. Thanks in advance, be safe and healthy! Phil W
  13. Wanted: I am looking for a decent running Zephyr engine, prefer 38 or later. Thank you for listening, Phil Wimbish 38 Zephyr
  14. Hello, I found out Friday, after speaking with my machinist, that my block has some cylinders with thin walls. I do not know how many but definitely several. This is a block from 42-46 with the larger bore. He is reluctant to sleeve this engine at this stage of the game, perhaps because he knows I have another engine which is probably a '38. I do not know the condition of that block yet. I hate to just trash this block, I was wondering if I have any options so I can use this block. I am not opposed to having a large bore engine.The block was sonic tested and he says we are not far from going into the water jacket in some spots. It has already been bored .020 over previously. I would appreciate any other opinions. Thanks for listening! Phil W
  15. Hello to All, I am willing to make a donation, symbolic as I am not a wealthy guy,say $100.00, if that would help the club. Anyone else willing to "step up?" Phil '38 Coupe
  16. Hi Paul, Thanks for letting me know. I hope to see you at the show, your car too!Take care! Phil
  17. Hi Paul, Thanks for posting the note encouraging people to get out for the meet. I am hoping to come up for the day on Saturday. Is the car show at the Westminster hotel or at some other location? What time is the concours and when do the cars start assembling for the show? I ll look forward to seeing you at the show! Thank you and have a safe trip! Phil in Annapolis
  18. Hi Doug! Thanks for the offer of help, I do appreciate it. If I remember correctly your '38 was featured in the way of the Zephyr? If so I'll try to dig up that old issue to refresh my memory. My car is a barn find that has been sitting since 1956. I have done little to it since I purchased it, primarily because I have been sidetracked with two back surgeries since I bought it. Anyway, I want to get something going this year. I believe I have spoken to you about a spare engine that you have. Due to my health issues I don't have the funds to buy a running V12. I m thinking about putting in something else cheaper like an old flathead V8 so that I can drive this thing. I could be busy for quite awhile getting the brakes and everything else ready. I am thinking I will start a thread on finding a nearby machine shop that I can trust to evaluate one of the two V12 engines that I have that are not running. I'll look forward to future conversations! Happy New Year to you! Phil (fellow Hoosier!)
  19. Happy New Year to all! I am resolving to participate more on the Forum and get more involved in the LZOC. I wish I had more Zephyr experience to share, but I do know more now than I did eight years ago when I first joined and the five years since I got my first Lincoln, a '38 Coupe. I am planning on attending the swap meet coming up this month and look forward to meeting other members especially any that live in the Maryland area. As I see the membership declining and aging, I need to try harder to do more and do it in a positive manner. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy New Year. Prosperous would be nice as well! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe
  20. Hello and Happy New Year to all! Wow, I was surprised to see a post that I made seven years ago reappear! I apologized then for my choice of words for the subject line and do now, Seven Years later. If you read the entirety of my post it makes more sense. Phil
  21. Hello MSSR. I sent you a private message regarding the headlights. I have a couple of questions for you. Thank you! Phil Wimbish
  22. Greetings to all! I am hoping to attend the swap meet in Lancaster this weekend. I was wondering what to expect as far as any events that are going on during the event, besides the swap meet itself. Is it best to go on Fri., or Saturday or spend the night? I have never been to a LZOC event as something always seems to come up in my personal life when this meet takes place. I am hoping to get more involved in the club. My impression that the club could use some younger blood to help carry on the torch. Not that I am that young, my daughter (21) certainly doesnt think so! Last year I was planning on attending and my Dad was going to tag along. He loved to go on my car outings! When I called him the day before we were to go, to confirm our departure time, he sounded so bad I rushed up to his home and took him to the hospital. He never made it back home and passed away on February 21st at 77. I really miss him. I am bringing this up as I do want to get more involved in the club. Knowing now more than ever that....... Time stands still for none of us. Phil Wimbish (6 plus year lurking LZOC member) Annapolis Md 38 Coupe 3 window (found 2.5 years ago in its 50 year barn find glory!)
  23. Hello, I was wondering if the car is still available? If so I am interested and would like to see it. Thank You! Phil in Annapolis
  24. Hello, I was wondering if there is any LZOC participation going on tomorrow in Hershey at the AACA event? I saw on the website calendar that there is a Board meeting taking place. Is that open to the general membership and if so when is it? Will anyone have their Lincoln there or will there be any Lincon swap meets taking place? Thanks and I hope to see some members there on Saturday! Phil Wimbish Annapolils '38 Coupe '57 356 Porsche '82 928 Porsche
  25. Happy Birthday Rolf! I hope this finds you well! Your insight on the forum is missed! Take care! Phil Wimbish '38 Coupe
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