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  1. DSpringer, The Edmunds intake is still for sale==is there any interest. Glenn Lorei
  2. Larry, The original color was black. The previous owner painted it this dark blue color. It is very nice and it accentuates all of the cars lines. I'd have preferred he left it black. The color is a 85-89 Chrysler blue .
  3. It's ok---I should have known better. My wife is as retired English teacher!!!!!!
  4. k that all comments have been appropriate-- I will post a a asking price of $25,000. This comes close to my investment. how to attach the pictures.
  5. Please excuse the poor choice in spelling. My wife is an English teacher--I should have had her proof read my sloppy prose. As to the lack of photos and ball park price, I thought that I would wait until interest was shown. b6vt
  6. I am interested in talking to anyone interested in the purchase of the above mentioned car. Other than three items there are no other problems to address. 1) Hook up the rebuilt original radio. 2) Hook up windshield wiper. 3) Repair minor rust below kick panel on right and left side. If this peaks your curiosity please call me at 816 554 3066 or 816 210 0009 and I can send picture and other details. Glenn Lorei, Senior Member
  7. If you are "crossing over" and looking for a closed car project. Consider my '48 Continental Coupe- It doesn't have far to go to be an outstanding car instead of a 20 footer. I am aging out of the hobby and it has spent the past year as a garage queen. I can send pics and info. Glenn Lorei glorei@kc.rr.com
  8. My health requires me to face the facts. I am therefore selling my pride and joy. I have owned it approximately 10 years and I have done major improvement. New all leather interior. and new trunk interior. The headliner had been done prior to my owning the car. The grill, except for the foglight surrounds is pitted on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 5. The fore mentioned surrounds were acquired from Merv Adkins and they were re done. I have lots of pics. I also have dual intake manifold by EDMUNDS that I have never installed and I would sell that separate My Name is Glenn Lorei. my cell is 816 210 0009. please call for ANY questions
  9. Tom, I still have my Edmunds dual intake. I want to sell it. Glenn Lorei
  10. On my '48 Continental the vacuum tank is under the rear part of the rt frt fender. Glenn Lorei
  11. Chris at Boos -Herrel has ALWAYS been a top vendor for me. I have done business with him for better than five years and have never had a problem. Glenn Lorei
  12. For Sale EDMUNDS Dual intake Manifold for Lincoln V 12. Please contact me via e-mail glorei@kc.rr.com or 816 210 0009.
  13. b6vt

    V12 Newbie

    Matt, I was intrigued by your message. If you want to buy a '41 LC and your heart is set on it. Well-- then what I have will not interest you. I'm to the personal point in my life that I need to sell my '48 LC. (age and ambulatory issues) It is a a beautiful car. The v12 has been overhauled just before I got it. The interior has been totally replaced. All new leather seats and new carpet. Dark blue in color. There is one flaw, it has some rust issues ln the body behind the front wheels at the far forward part of the floor pan. The floor pan does have new metal welded in,.structualy it is sound, but the rust is there. If you are at all interested, please let me know. I will send pictures and the provenance. Glenn Lorei
  14. I have an EDMUNDS dual intake for sale. 1300.00. If anyone is interested please call me at 816 210 0009. Glenn Lorei
  15. If you are considering a dual intake manifold and do not have one currently. I have an Edmunds for sale. I was going to put it on my '48 Continental coupe but health and age have put a kibash on the project. Please let me know. Glenn Lorei
  16. Will the dual master cylinder make a noticeable difference in the braking?? Glenn Lorei
  17. I have owned my '48 Continental coupe for almost 10 years. When I bought it, it had the engine overhauled, new paint ,(not the original color), but a beautiful Dk Blue pt job on a car that was originally black.. I had a new interior installed --Dk Blue leather, I installed the trunk upholstery. New Water punps,I reworked the doors and adjusted the window fit. rewired the doors and a lot of the other wiring that was a fire hazard. I installed a new fuel tank, electric fuel pump. reworked the under seat heaters and reinstalled them reworked the locks on the trunk and doors. I overhauled the Hydraulic window pump with a rebuild kit from the firm that advertises in Hemmings I installed all of the carpet before I let the guy install the upholstered door panels . I did a dumb bell stunt and left a trouble light burn while it was on the new carpet which did a number on the front carpet, luckily its under the front seat--but I know its there. Installed new master cylinder and new brakes. I like to find a t-bird booster. I have a Edmunds. dual intake manifold.whose cost just about cost me my happy home and the two carbs that fit it, but I am not going to install it.. Other than eye candy,I've heard it is its a pain in the tuckus.. Its for sale I've had a ball doing the work on the car and my age has really caught up with me. I think I might sell it. Glenn Lorei b6vt
  18. Larry, Which grill parts do you have? The ones I need are the two bottom parts, the two top halves. I acquired two end pieces left and right.. Are these pieces rechromed? Or are they just less pitted than mine? Also the two tail light spears on mine are hurting. Please advise. Glenn Lorei
  19. Merv is a busy guy. You probably won't contact by phone right away. Leave a message and he will get back to you.. That has been my experience. I have been to his place and he has a wealth of parts. He will most likely have what you need. Glenn Lorei
  20. Try Boos-Herrell, They have these and they are reasonable.They advertise with the club. Glenn Lorei ( b6vt)
  21. I have a '48 LC coupe. I have a correct mirror for the lh side..I would like to find one for the rh side. They seem to be terribly expensive. Does any one know of a source for a copy? b6vt glenn lorei
  22. In my 48 LC The power feed to the trunk came from the dome light switch. This feed fed both the trunk and the dome light. B6vt Glenn Lorei
  23. Please explain What this valve accomplishes. If it is a safety item I'd like to know about it. Thanks Glenn Lorei b6vt