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Can Anyone ID this early truck ?


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Pretty sure it just may be an early Pierce Arrow. The fork headlight may have held gas lamps. The front hub design dates back to at least 1916 as many trucks used same components. (my 16 GMC had hubs like that)

If you can see it in person; look at the last rear frame crossmember. There should be a nametag (facing anyone following the truck).

That chassis is at least a 2 ton, and no larger than 3.5 ton.

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Truck is a Fitzhenry – Guptill Co. solid stream sprayer, with power take-off to drive the sprayer. See the picture at this website:


There are many differences from a Pierce Arrow truck, including frame shape, crossmember location, etc. Headlight mounting is different. Radiator appears almost identical to those used on the earlier Pierce trucks.

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Guest brockway

I can be wrong but isn't Fitzhenry and Guptill just the producer of the spraying equipment? They didn't manufacture trucks.

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I wonder if there is a way to contact the Cambridge, Mass historical society, to see if they have info on that company?

While it is possible that F&G bought Pierce stuff (as Pierce was in Buffalo, NY; which is sort of close by), it just does not seem to be possible...meaning, why would Pierce allow their trucks to be re-labled?

I can only find Pierce pics back to 1919 in the "Truck Spotters Guide" book, and the cowl shape is not the same as that picture above.

It is very possible they built the entire truck at F&G, as "many" truck makers built "assembled trucks" using parts built by companies like; Timken front & rear axles, Continental Engines and many others, Brown Lipe transmissions, etc.

I thought Pierce made their own axles, but I could be wrong about that also. The pic above, shows very common Timken front and rear axles....I think I recall a later Pierce I saw in a junkyard did not use the Timkens...but I've got memory problems latety smile.gif

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I sent Cambridge Hist. Soc a pointer to our discussion along with an inquiry; I asked:

"Who manufactured the old rusty truck pictured? Was it F-G of Cambridge MA or did F-G manufacture only the "High Stream spray equipment?"

CHS responded:

In 1915 there is no F-G or F&G company listed in Cambridge. There are listings for automobile bodies, accessories, lamps, and various services, but no listing for automobile manufacturing. There is a Fitzhenry-Guptill Company listed as Machinists. They were located at 135 First Street, run by Edward L. Fitzhenry and Melvin Guptill, and were one of twelve machinists listed. Hope this is of some help.

The Cambridge Historical Society

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Hi Folks,

Last weekend I was a marshal on the London to Brighton Historic Commercial Vehicle run in which there were a number of Pierce Arrow trucks, - and I remembered this topic. Photos of a couple attached. Top one is Type X4 of 1918 originally sold to the French Army, returned to the US and imported to UK in 1991 and now has a post war van body. Not sure of the history of the lower one.

Kind regards

Vintman (UK)



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