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  1. Cadillac used a similar ashtray in the back seat all through the 1930's.
  2. Here is one which is very similar in a 1931 Buick coupe. Not quite the same.
  3. Can anyone identify this ashtray? It is 4" x 3 1/4". The emblem looks similar to Marmon or early Lincoln. I bought it, thinking it was Buick! Thanks for any help.
  4. Location is on 3rd Ave. S at S. Washington Street in Seattle, looking north.
  5. You can tell it is a 1931 Buick bumper by the bumper brackets. The 1930 brackets taper to a point at the bottom.
  6. License plate appears to be New York, 1913. This is the only year they used that style plate.
  7. I believe the fourth from left may be a 1931 Chevrolet.
  8. I believe it is a 1926-27 Buick, probably a Standard. Note the difference in the door hinge positions.
  9. The car was restored by John Fields of Custom Care Restorations, Columbus, Ohio.
  10. 1931 and 1932 Buick Series 60, 80, and 90, and all 1933 are the same. ALSO, 1930 to 1933 Chevrolet are the same! Part number 375520. The Filling Station (Chevy parts vendor) has reproductions.
  11. These tags were blank when installed on the cowl at the factory. The idea was that the DEALER was to stamp the date of sale to the customer for warranty purposes. It was almost never stamped.
  12. Photo was taken in front of the Hotel Appelberg, at Storgatan 51, Solleftea, Sweden. Building is still there, and is still Appelberg's.
  13. Borg & Beck type RGY was used for several vehicles between 1925 and 1932, including Pierce-Arrow, Federal, Henney, Sayers, American LaFrance, and Cletrac. Model 706 was used for 1926-1929 Cletrac Tractor Model A.
  14. To clarify the above: 1930/31 Oakland, or 1932 Pontiac. (All same.) Engine number is on left side of block. 1930 engine numbers start with 27, 1931 starts with 29, and 1932 Pontiac starts with 31.
  15. Now I'm wondering if these are 2 different Locomobiles!! There is apparently no side cowl vent door on the driver's side in one photo.
  16. There is much more information on the internet about this car - a 1920 Locomobile Model 48 - including a photograph (apparently taken in the dealer's showroom) when it was new. The book "Presidents on Wheels,", by Herbert Ridgeway Collins, notes that Warren Harding drove the 7 passenger custom built car to and from Washington, from Marion, Ohio, when he was serving in the U.S. Senate. After President Harding died in office, Mrs. Harding took the car back to Marion. There were some changes made to the car from when it was new: The headlights, radiator cap, and spotlight are different. The driver's side front door may have been a faux door, since the hinge shown on the passenger side does not appear to be duplicated on the driver's side: https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/view-of-president-warren-g-hardings-new-9-000-00-white-news-photo/102643332#view-of-president-warren-g-hardings-new-900000-white-house-locomobile-picture-id102643332 President Harding's Automobile Pictures _ Getty Images.html
  17. 30sclassics


    The smaller door is probably Dodge.
  18. Sorry, I don't have these items. I have mostly chassis items.
  19. Hello Al, I have a bunch of 1931 LaSalle Parts. I sent you a P.M. RDF
  20. Mark, thanks for that advice. I may try that if I cannot find a set.
  21. Although the 1931 50 series bumpers look similar to the 1931 60 series, they are different. All dimensions are slightly different - bars are 1/4" smaller, end bolts are 1/2" shorter, etc. Also, the 1930 bumpers are different.
  22. I need to replace the king pins on my (unknown and incorrect) front axle. The pins are 7½” long, between .92” and .93” diameter, have Timken T95 thrust bearings, have a retaining pin, and bushings are 1-1/16” diameter x 1¼” long. Can anyone identify these so I can get new ones? Thanks in advance!