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  1. I believe it is a 1968 Oldsmobile 98 Town Sedan.
  2. I have a switch, which has been tested. PM me.
  3. Whoops! I leaped before I looked. The O.P. has fender lights, so disregard my previous post.
  4. The Graham in Keiser's post is a 30 1/2; the 8 cylinder had hood doors and fender lights, and the 6 had louvers and no fender lights.
  5. Need throttle shaft and butterfly disks, which mount in the heat exchanger assembly. Would also take the heat exchanger assembly, regardless of condition, cracks, or broken off portions.
  6. Photo by Christopher Helin, in San Francisco.
  7. The 1930 Buick had a screw in the back center; otherwise identical to the 1931 Buick.
  8. Possibly Jewett from late teens to early twenties.
  9. I believe it is a 1920 or 1921 Buick chassis, with a home-made body, from cowl back. Fenders, splash aprons, and spare tire apparently also from the donor Buick. I like it!
  10. The medallion and spinner is Buick Riviera, probably 1966 or 67. The wheel is probably aftermarket or custom.
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