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  1. I was thinking along the same lines as David.The only hitch I can think of now is the threads at bottom. Another approach depending on condition of your existing might be to have them reground,then bushings made to that I.D.
  2. Unique! Looks like you still need to get left fender back on still. Cheers,
  3. Repairing the block sounds doable.You might look for someone who knows Muggy weld,it’s a brand of rod for cast iron and does away with all the heating,cooling issues.Those bottoms to the block are quite thin,maybe some gussets could be added to strengthen them. Well good luck. Ken p.s. I think I used a very thin paper gasket and Hylomar anaerobic sealant.
  4. Tom can you pm your address?I have a copy I can send.
  5. It might be best to start with measuring the crank and the bores to see if they have been machined before.I think there are places that can bring back to original size,but that may not be needed. If the cylinders need boring I’ve been told it’s important to radius the top to relieve stress. Good luck with the work. Ken
  6. I might be able to dig something up for you. Ken
  7. Congratulations Eric,you will have fun with the car. I look at BaT most every day,fun,and there is a lot to learn from some of the comments.Nice to see brass era cars getting some traction there. Ken
  8. Look closely at the drawing of p/n 247. I think you need to make a new bushing,I think it should be the total length of the gears.Yours looks sheared off.Looked at one again,there seems to be two pieces(?) to the bushing,or one piece with an oil groove.You will find out when you press it out. Ken
  9. Let’s see if I can do this....
  10. That pin holds the two gears together,bronze hub in between. Parts number 247,248,249,250.Eight pins (248). Ken
  11. Thread repair file has 11,12,13,14,16,20,24 tpi,it’s a flat file to use on the male threads.Try google or YouTube,very handy tool.
  12. Thread files are darn handy too.
  13. Tom,Ithink the hole at top of cylinder is how it was cast.Went straight up through to hold a core for the rough bore and cavity for valves. Holes were plugged somehow after. Ken
  14. Wow, very nice looking.Do you have a photo showing how it came from the printer,before polishing?
  15. Good stories. Makes the hobby fun.I had a ride with John Lothrop in the Corbin,wow! Drove it like he was a teenager in a sports car.He was a very talented man,could build anything in his basement. Please keep us posted Tom,and good luck.If you do have to get the cam out it was suggested to me to make a locating jig before removing the babbitt.Luckily,I did not have to do one.Also there has been some previous discussion on the cam babbitting on this forum.One of the gentlemen from down under.
  16. Hi Tom, I think my pistons are Jahn’s,but not positive.I do think you want to go with new aluminum. As David mentioned the cam could be a nightmare.Do you have a really good shop to do Babbitt? I think there are several places to have the cam done,but getting it back in the side plate is the big one. How is the engine otherwise,crank,the cylinder bores,valve guides,the main,rods? Ken
  17. I bet this wasn't cheap,but oh my.
  18. You might find this drawing helpful. Ken
  19. The man on right was like a grandfather to me. I guess this T had a habit of overheating due to it's nickname.
  20. I saw this on bring a trailer.com http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1925-ford-model-t-speedster/
  21. Curious what this car is thanks
  22. I know exactly what this is for! When I was a kid there was one in the garage,left by the previous owner.Playing around the neighborhood we found a cannonball out in the bushes.It was so heavy we had to roll it home.Ya,sounds dumb now but as a kid of course you bring it home. Well we figured that old gizmo would be great to move our new "toy" around.So we got it in there and pushed it out the driveway across the street and started up the neighbor's drive.It was a bit of incline so we needed to push.I was in the back and dontcha know it started rolling back right over my fingers. Jeez hurt like hell,ran into the house,mom put it in cold water I guess.She briefly thought about taking me to the doctors to get it looked at .In the end she decided not to,she didn't want to have to explain how her son had been run over by a cannonball.
  23. Not sure,but I suspect it was modeled in clay then this was was cast in wax. There is a note from the artist"one wax of Grey Wolf".
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