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  1. Water jacketed intake manifold on my 1920 Premier model 6D, lines from water pump and return to block
  2. Very nice project ! Will dig through my information, I know someone who has also been working on same age Cole.
  3. Very nice project ! Will dig through my information, I know someone who has also been working on same age Cole.
  4. 20Premier


    Any parts for 1920's Premiers Literature Engines, Bodies, etc
  5. It is a Premier. First year of this model was 1920. They used a McCord radiator built using sheets of brass. It is a 4 inch thick core, and no one to my knoeledge can reproduce this exactly without building the dies to stamp the brass. Check my posts in Our Cars and Restorations, 20Premier.
  6. Carburetor options My Premier originally came with a Johnson carburetor, no parts available and I have heard not a good choice for safety reasons. I have tried the Carter BB1 with some success, but seems to run rich no matter what I do with main jet adjustment. What are your thoughts on the new Zenith 267 carburetors ?
  7. Does anyone know about a antique auto parts place in Colorado called Vintage Auto Parts, Inc. Are they still in business?
  8. I have been cleaning the leather upholstery, and applying 100% neatsfoot oil to recondition the leather. Almost 100 years old now. Amazing to have this all original car along side the others
  9. Still in search of generator parts as shown in previous posts. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  10. Would like suggestions on how to get fuel from the gas tank into the vacuum tank without taking the top off. There is no plug in the top to put fuel directly in. I have tried a brake bleeding suction unit, not enough !
  11. Still in search of parts ! Looking specifically for the third brush holder mechanism. Any leads appreciated.
  12. I would like advice on the preservation of a 1920, never restored car. The car has steel frame and fenders, the body is wood covered in aluminum, leather interior, top is still original too. I would like to know such things as temperature and humidity to store the car, products to use and NOT to use, and what types of repairs should be done. And should I try to start and run the car. This will be very interesting, I have read some information from Smithsonian, but I would like car people to let me know their experience. Ask questions !
  13. I am looking for a Delco #118 generator distributor combination unit. From the late teens early twenties. The whole unit or parts.
  14. These are pictures of the spring and parts for the third brush holder on the Delco 118 Generator Distributor. The OD of the spring is 0.500 and the ID is 0.395, wire diameter is 0.050.
  15. This is the third brush holder for my Delco #118 Generator/Dist Combo. Still looking for parts !
  16. Looking for parts for Delco #118 generator/distributor combo unit Brush holder parts including springs I am thinking about making the spring I need, but not sure about getting the torque correct. Concerned about causing damage if I do not get it right !
  17. Ok, I am still searching for a hub wrench !
  18. I have been using ISO 1500 gear oil in my 1920 Premier. Anything much thinner gets past the felt seals and runs out.
  19. My mistake. I should have been more clear in what I need. Klaxon model 12 6 volt horn. Chris
  20. I need a Klaxon 12 horn and or parts. PM me if you can help me.
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