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  1. Sorry Lowell . I missed your message of nov 18 2020. Here comes som information. The restoration proceeds. The entire body is rewooded and ready for paint. The engine is restored and ready to install. Had to order new springs . The old ones were in bad condition. The front axla is on place. Needa better piion. Claes
  2. Still looking for a matching rear axle that fits my 1920 Stephens Salient Six. The original StanPar axle is a worn out . Cracked pinion , broken differential spider and so on. The left rear hub and axle shaft are damaged as a result of careless driving car with a loose rear hub. The springs are a mix from different cars and must be renewed.
  3. There were a lot of different Timken rear axles. Did Cadillac use full floating axles? Have seen a 1913 rear axle but it did not fit. The StanPar and Timken axles were of the semi floating type. I think the StanPar and the 1921 rear axles were identical att the inside. May be up to 1924 when the production of the Stephens was interupted. The pictured axles is Cadillac.
  4. Restoring a 1920 Stephens Salient Six. The rear axle from Stan Par is worn out. These rear axles were used during 1920 only and I think it’s no idea looking for a Stan Par axle. However, in 1921 the Stan Par rear axles were replaced with identical axles from Timken. The differential seems to be the same. See the pictures from the Stephens Sales brochure. Remember that other brands may have used this Timken rear axle! So if you have a differential that fits a Stephens with a 1921 Timken rear axle, please let me know!
  5. Yes, the internal gears were made by Brown-Lipe- Chapin that was a well known manufacturer of transmissions. The Stephens Motor Works used front and rear axles from Stan Par in 1920 only. The following year, 1921, the Stephens cars were equipped with axles from Timken. Have done som research and I found just a few car manufacturers that used the Stan Par axles: Sayers Six, Bidddle and Stephens. There were so many brands on the market so I guess there must have been more than these car manufacturers that used the Stan Par axles, but these axles were not very common. If my search for the missing parts fails I must find a similar rear axle.
  6. I am restoring a 1920 Stephens. I am in need of a better differential with pinion and ring gear. The rear axle is a Stan Par.
  7. I am looking for a working generator or just a good armature that fits my Overland 4. The engine is supported with a chain driven Magneto from American Bosch. This armature has a chain ring at the front and as a result the axle of the armature is longer compared with a generator for battery ignition. The generator has the identification number nr GP 4002 and the dimensions of the armature are as follows: Total length 270 mm. Diameter 71,5 mm.The armature has a GP 2117 stamped in. Claes in Sweden
  8. Yes, the ring gear seems to be renewed. Good condition but loose rivets indicates that a non professional person has done the job. The pinion is worn.There are identification numbers at the ring gear and the pinion. I am not sure what these numbers stand for. The pinion has 8-37 and the ring gear 38-8. Both are marked 20¤.
  9. According the manufacturer the rear axle is a Timken, but the rear axle seems to be built by the subcontractor Standard Parts Company. As far as I know they also produced springs, rims and so on. It seems that they also built the steering gears for the Stephens cars. Yes, other brands like Biddle, Premier and Roamer used this rear axle, but they are rather unknown today.
  10. The rear axle is a Timken but the rear axle cover has the logotype Stan Par. Have checked in an old Dykes Encyclopedia and actually found some cars that used Stan Par rear axles. Biddle, Paterson, Premier, Roamer and Sayers Six are completely unknown to me. But there must have been other brands on the market which used a Stan Par rear axle.
  11. The rear axle is completely worn out and I am looking for the parts mentioned above. There are not many left of these Stephens cars today and this restoration is a challenge. Greetings from Claes in Sweden claesrocklin@gmail.com About the hub Total length 115 mm, diameter of the plate 192 mm, The diameter of the hub pressed into the centre of the wheel is 58,5 mm. The length is 61 mm. The diameter of the thread for the hubcap is around 73 mm. Maybe it is 2 7/8"-16
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