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  1. I am also looking for a Klaxon 12 horn and or parts.
  2. My dad and I stopped by this museum today, well worth the trip next time you are in Oregon. It is located at the Hood River airport because they fly these old airplanes ! http://www.waaamuseum.org There are a lot of cars and trucks too.
  3. I thought I should show the setup for the magnetic shifter on the car. Notice that the gearshift lever is not there, it is designed to be removed when using the mag shifter. Stored away unless needed.
  4. Working on the Cutler Hammer magnetic shifter. Of the three units that I have I am hoping to get 4 good coils, water is not so good for them. The gear pattern is stamped in the housing showing which coil operates to change the gear, along with the serial number. Everything works on this one mechanically, not sure yet about the coils. Will try to energize them Monday morning then order new braided wire. This magnetic shifter takes a lot of heavy wire, 25 feet of #4 from the bottom of the steering column and another 5 feet of #6 on the shifter. It's going to be really fun to see this work again and be able to shift from the steering sector ! The mag shifter connects to the transmission shifting fork shafts and when the coils are energized either pushes or pulls the shaft to change gears.
  5. Found lots of items I needed in the last month on eBay ! A pair of aluminum diamond windows with one glass, some 1-3/4" belting that will be perfect for my Gabriel snubbers, a door handle, and a Snubber Adjuster. Things that I have been searching for a long time. I am also looking to buy a hub wrench for this car ! Have a picture of it in the Buy/Sell section.
  6. Who is the vendor that has the big tent in Chocolate North with all the tools?
  7. I have a picture of the tool I need. Thank you for fixing the problems
  8. Thank you. Pictures are better than my descriptions !
  9. I have been trying to upload images and I keep getting the message " This is not a valid image file" They are jpg files that I scanned, I have even tried to upload images that I had previously uploaded and get the same message. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hub cap wrench for 1920 Premier Image coming soon, having upload problems !
  11. Our thoughts are with the Coker family. Very sad to hear of his passing. Met Harold at Chickasha prewar swap meet a few years ago, very nice and sharing person.
  12. Thought I would share what I am doing with the radiator. I have set up a circulation system using a propane burner, a steel bucket (hard to find these days, they are all plastic now) and a sump pump. After a lot of cleaning I am circulating with hot water and using a ceramic seal to help preserve this original radiator. So far no leaks, amazing for 94 years old. Hope this all works, or plan B.
  13. Can you still get leather in the long grain finish ?
  14. We took a big trip across the country for another Premier. My father, daughter and I drove 6,300 miles in 8 days. Took a trip across the water on a ferry ! Saw a lot of corn and beans, and the beautiful country we have. We stopped at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Nebraska, what an awesome museum. The ACD museum in Auburn, Indiana was especially nice because we go to see another Premier. The Pioneer Auto Show Museum in Murdo SD is also nice, along with the Badlands and Mt Rushmore !
  15. I have a 1920 car that is all original. I want to recondition the leather and want to know how to do this. What products to use, which type of towels, brushes etc.
  16. The Princesses got to ride in style this year, little cold in October !
  17. To my knowledge Premier made three models in 1909. A touring 7 passenger, Roadster 3 to 4 passenger, and a Limousine. Pretty good sale price for a Premier chassis at the Bonhams auction. I think it says a lot about the quality of Premier cars than this chassis # 1359 went for that amount.
  18. I wanted to start this thread to get Premier owners together and help make it possible to find more parts for all years of Premiers. If you don't want to be public with your car, but would like to be part of a private Premier Registry you can send me a private message. My Premier is in the Our Cars & Restorations section under 20Premier, take a look.
  19. I am interested in a Delco manual, please private message me.
  20. Tell me more about Morris Guage in Portland Oregon.
  21. Worked on the brakes today. New linings installed on the shoes and installed the shafts and levers on the rear axle on the drivers side. Need to get the rear brakes done so I can put the finished wheels on.
  22. Brake rods and clevises coming out of the oven with mirror black powder coat. I fabricated a new ring for the spare tire mounting bracket. The old one disappeared after 94 years somehow?
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