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  1. I am looking for an intake manifold for a 1922 Premier. The intake to carb bolt spacing need to be 2-15/16". A Stromberg O-3 fits this manifold. The manifold is aluminum. Could also use any literature that shows this combination. The attached picture is of the manifold I have, it may or may not look the same.
  2. Looking for old style (1920's) bolts and hardware, have tried Restoration Supply Co.. Are there other suppliers?
  3. Just finished soda blasting the cooling fan. I have experimented with sand, crushed glass, walnut shells and soda. I like the soda effect the best, what does everyone else think?
  4. Brian, I am in Oregon. Would like to see pics of you car, especially since it is unresored. You can e-mail the pics if you are interested. What are you doing with the car, does it run? I also have a list of serial numbers that would date your car. Chris
  5. It does not appear to have the v-shaped radiator to be a Premier and the cowl lights seem to big. The frame and spring should also be visible behind the rear fender.
  6. I need a 23" bead rim for a Disteel wheel
  7. I need the outer bead rim for this Disteel wheel. It is a 23" rim with 10 bolts.
  8. The chassis is finall coming together. Front and rear axles and springs back under the frame. Engine splash pans repaired. Ordered new custom made aluminum pistons from Arias Pistons.
  9. I am still looking for a pair of 3-1/2" warner lenses. We haven't accomplished much this month with the cold weather and Christmas. We hope to have the springs and axles under the frame in early January. Still struggling with deciding who to have work on the radiator, badges, starter and generator. Have a great New Year !
  10. I need a main clutch spring for a late teens early twenties Borg & Beck clutch.
  11. Bernie, I discovered that the spring in my Borg & Beck clutch is broken Do you have or know of any springs ? Chris
  12. More pictures of our restoration. Gabriel No. 3 snubbers, and the Borg & Beck clutch. The chassis picture shows the Cutler & Hammer Magnetic Shifter.
  13. Enjoyed the article about you car in Antique Automobile. Our cars have the same clutch, the Borg & Beck. My car is a 1920 Premier roadster. We are currently restoring it and I was just cleaning the clutch parts yesterday. Check out my pictures in Our Cars & Rest Proj.
  14. This engine has not run in almost 70 years. After taking the gear driven generator off it turned free ! The Lynite aluminum alloy engine block with cast iron sleeves ! Just a couple broken bolts to remove.
  15. I am looking for a fan belt like this. Made by Gaton & Knight. Teen to early twenties.
  16. Yes, it has the Cutler Hammer Magnetic Shift. On the later years it was shifted by a lever on the steering quadrant.
  17. Restoring 1920 guages, starter, generator, etc. Who do you recommend? Want the best in the business !
  18. 33 x 5 Tires, all white with rib tread pattern. Goodrich, Firestone or US Royal.
  19. Dave, We are working on it now. Do you have any information or parts? 20Premier
  20. I need to clean a 1920's aluminum engine block both inside and out, including water passages. The block has cast iron sleeves too. I am concerned about using sand or silica for fear of not getting it all out. Any thoughts on this or using a tank type of cleaning. What chemicals should be avoided? How are automatic transmissions cleaned? Thanks for your ideas.
  21. Need to clean an aluminum block inside and out. What different methods can be used.
  22. What other swap meets are really good for finding pre war car parts.
  23. Aluminum was not that uncommon in the twenties. Lynite aluminum alloy was used for blocks and pistons. Delco electric parts were used on many cars.
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