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  1. Thought I would throw this back again to see if anyone has any of these smaller Warner Lenses !
  2. My mistake for not including the model. It is a johnson model A. Each component has a number on it. For example the choke plate could be 261 or 285 and fit with the other pieces. Are they ported differently?
  3. Does anyone have information on Johnson carburetors from the teens to twenties. I want to know about the numbers on the throttle bodies, choke plates and bowl numbers and what they mean and how they are related to each other. I have several carbs and I am trying to figure out what the right combinations are. Can anyone help please.
  4. I have a 1920 Delco combination switch face plate that needs restored. It has nickel plated raised letters and the background is black. Who does this kind of quality work ?
  5. My orphan is a 1920 Premier 2 passenger roadster. Check it out in Our Cars and Restorations
  6. Thank you for the response. I have the April 1970 Car Classics issue. Hopefully someone will be able to follow the trail of that car.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to the 1920 Premier 7 pass touring that was in the Harrah colliection in the 1970's ? What was the serial number ? It was in original at that time when I went there and took pictures.
  8. The pieces are getting finished. The body is back in the shop next to the model A in its maroon paint. The frame and axles are done and we are ready to start putting the brake components and the engine in. It's finally going back together !
  9. Its never to late to start. Looks like my kind to project too. Chris
  10. Found a picture of my great grandfathers 7 pass touring, finally. He is shown here with it at his house in Portland OR. Looks like I need to get a new hat and suit.
  11. Paint ! Just a peek at what we are doing
  12. Thought I should let everyone know that we are still working. Working on the final touches to the body. A new striker that I made, patterned from the original drivers side out of bronze. We now have all the door hardware finished and working. Amazing how many companies that built pieces for this car are still in business. Sargent Lock Company supplied the new locks for the rear compartment doors just like they did in 1920 !
  13. I could not get to Chickasha this year to look, has anyone seen any of these lenses this small?
  14. My great grandfather purchased three Premier's. A 1917 as seen in post #62 (serial #1566), a 1920 6-D 7 passenger touring (#6087) and this 1920 2 passenger roadster(#6030). The first two my father never saw, this on has been here since. The Connecticut Premier I learned about in 1979, I was too young to know the significance of the car, too far and too much money for me at the time. Then through this forum a member who was helping with an estate told me about the car, this time I did not hesitate !
  15. Want to buy Warner Lenz: 3-23/32" diamter
  16. I am still looking for Warner Lenz for my Premier 3-23/32" diameter. Making good progress on the car.
  17. Modern technology at work. 8 different points on the frame measured, plus height, giving us 16 points. A little nervous watching them pull on this 92 year old frame. Was well worth the effort, the body fits much better and so will all the rest of the parts and pieces.
  18. Took the frame to be straightened, it appears that grandpa may have had an accident. The frame needed some adjustment, now the body will fit the frame properly. One rail was pushed back and up, now we have it right again.
  19. I found these pictures of my great grandfathers first Premier. This car is probably a 1917 model 6-B.
  20. Do you still have a drawing and measurements for the Gabriel Snubber tool used on your Dixie Flyer?
  21. The trucks are in Oregon $750 for the pair, or trade?
  22. Sell it complete? Part it out? I like the engine ! Let me know you thoughts
  23. I have literature that shows only one color combination for each model in 1928. Is this true. That each model also had it own color combination. Can we still get paint codes for these colors?
  24. The body is very close to having some color ! Thought every one would like a peek at the under seat area, since most won't see it after the car is done. The middle lid covers the Cutler Hammer magnetic shifter and the two compartments on each side are storage. Almost done with my wife's 69 Chevrolet pickup paint job! Just in time for Christmas.
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