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  1. The #59 unit does not run shutters. This is a by-pass system.
  2. Need parts for a Fulton Sylphon #59 Thermostat housing. Fits a 1920 car. Have talked to Jim Otto at Fulton, is he the right man to help rebuild the unit? I am missing the valve and the bellows.
  3. What year and model is this Buick?
  4. Looking for parts and information on a 1920 Premier. Has anyone ever seen another one of these roadsters? Need 3-1/2" warner lenses for the lowbeam part of the headlight. Any other parts or information would be appreciated. chris@wheatacresranch.com 541-442-5521
  5. Need a pair of 9-1/2" Warner Lenz and a pair of 3-1/2" as shown in the picture 1920 car with CM Hall headlamps Still looking for lenses, has anyone seen any 3-1/2" Warner Lenz
  6. Looking for a fan belt made out of leather and steel links, much like a roller chain. It runs in a v-pulley. Are there people that make these or originals as patterns.
  7. How big is the swap meet. Could I expect to find parts for cars from the 20's? What is this swap meet known for?
  8. I may be able to help you with literature. Do you know of any 1920's Premiers I will look through my files for 1906-07.
  9. Need Stewart vacuum tank for a 1920's car.
  10. Wanted: Parts for Hall headlamps w/ Liberty lenses for a 1920 Premier
  11. I am restoring my grandfathers 1920 Premier model 6-D Roadster, made by Premier Motor Corporation of Indianapolis, Indiana. I would like to find examples of restored or orginal cars in museums or privately held. Also need information and literature that will aid in the restoration. I will share information that I have collected.
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