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  1. Thanks Matt, yes those are everywhere, but I want a remote disconnect. Don’t want to do any cutting.
  2. Can anyone suggest where to go for one of these?? Everything I see is for 12 volt, which would probably work, but I’m concerned about amperage.
  3. Oh boy! Sure hope I don’t have to go there! 🤨
  4. Actually, I spoke with Ed tonight, and he might have to go to northern MN the first week in October and he is planning a trip to CT shortly thereafter. Ed is a great guy and why not give him a call to discuss. Ed McCord at 847-830-7193.
  5. As usual, great info my friend. Tonight I ordered all new grommets and bushings. They were pretty loose and After replacing those, I’ll follow your suggestions. Hope all are healthy by you!
  6. Guys, need some help. I’m having a rough time engaging second gear and keeping it in second gear. Unless I hold the shift lever up, it will simply fall out of gear! Obviously I have a linkage problem here, anyone know the first place to start?
  7. Thanks, I’ve had both and while the 400:is a fine engine - the 460 is the one to have
  8. Matt, great info and while I might come to you in a bit, I have come across a parts car that looks like it has just what the doctor ordered.
  9. Greed had nothing to do with it; did I mention anything about getting a great deal? Did I mention money at all? He claimed he had rare Ford parts - plain and simple.
  10. Hindsight is always 20/20. My point of the post was to warn others. Would I do it again? What do you think?
  11. All, after posting an ad seeking parts for my newly purchased Country Squire station, I received this email that LOOKED like it was taken from this forum. The seller would not call me and when I asked for a picture of the part, he sent a picture of a beautiful car that he was parting out because a Canadian member wanted the engine. So if you get a response from someone on the forum, it might not be! Check them out! I almost fell for this one. Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums Hi John_Mc, Juniorosbey has sent you a message! Read full message — Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums 2 members active in this conversation (including you) John_Mc Members Juniorosbey Members right front fender to a 1969 Country Squire and front left side wood fiberglass rail You reach him on (843) 931-8709 ... Read full message Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your notification preferences. Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums, 501 W. Governor Rd P.O. Box 417, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033
  12. Yep, must be the same scum bag that called me. He talks very quickly and is VERY convincing, make no mistake about it. He also knows something about cars, since I asked him some question and he knew the answers. When he scammed me last year, he was for sure living in or near Reno Nevada. He had taken the name of Edwin Fenner. I’d love to see this crook behind bars
  13. Thanks guys, I've had calls but no offers as of yet. I can't believe I'm going to let her go, but I need to do so.
  14. Thank you, I think I'm well priced for today's market, but its worth what someone will pay, right?? Its really a beautiful car.
  15. Very well, he called me from phone number 510-330-3452, Hayward CA. He said his name was William but his voice and story were similar to the guy who ripped me off about 2 years ago. That time he also told me that his father had recently died and left him with all of these Ford parts. I asked to send me pictures of what he had, but said he only had a flip phone and not not tech savvy enough to send pictures. This guy is good, make no mistake, he will describe the parts needed in detail. He had a phone from Reno NV at that time. He is human garbage and I just want everyone to know of this.
  16. If anyone gets a call from WILLIAM from CA. Beware!!! He is a con man. Took me for about $700 about a year ago. He will give you a sob story about losing his father to the virus who had all kinds of Ford parts.... Beware of this snake!!
  17. If anyone gets a call from WILLIAM from CA. Beware!!! He is a con man. Took me for about $700 about a year ago. He will give you a sob story about losing his father who had all kinds of Ford parts.... Beware!!!!
  18. If anyone gets a call from a William in CA, BEWARE!!!! He is a con man!
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