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  1. Hi I need a right front fender to a 1969 Country Squire (Don’t care about color), also I need the front left side wood fiberglass “rail”. What do you have? Thanks! 847-997-9944.
  2. Can you get it to Milwaukee? My friend goes from Burlington WI to NY all the time with a trailer
  3. 48,000 miles, a beautiful original. 460, Moonroof. Virtually all options, including cast aluminum wheels. Needs nothing, drive anywhere tomorrow. $12K or first decent offer. 847-997-9944
  4. Great tips from everyone, thanks. If I could find the original, I'd probably buy the car. The rest of the body is beautiful. Thanks again to all.
  5. Frank, these rails are made of fiberglass, and then a very subtle silkscreen pattern was applied. There is a company in CA than can reproduce the exact pattern on the rails, but of course they need the pieces to start with.
  6. I'm strongly considering purchasing this '69 Country Squire but the problem is that this front left "rail" piece is broken. IF I could ever find a piece like this, it would be the "Kings Ransom". Then the thought came to me, is this not fixable via 3-D printing? The left side is an exact mirror image. Anyone know who might be able to tackle this job? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks very much and you reminded me to change the post to read: Sold
  8. Still looking for offers????? This car has got to go to a new home. Drove it last week in the 80 mile Iola Rally and it drove fantastic!
  9. Yes John, I just bought yesterday a Lincoln MKZ. Been looking for one of these for a long time. It’s 2014 in a very deep blue color with 3,400 miles!
  10. One of the cleanest originals I think you will ever find. 32,000 miles, California car. Bucket seats, 390 2-V with air. Just looking to get out what I have in it. Can deliver in the Midwest. $19,999. Call me with any questions, 847-997-9944 or offers. Beautiful body, of course zero rust. Original paint, chrome, interior, glass etc.
  11. Beautiful and rare '70 Ford XL Sportsroof. 32,000 original California miles. 390 2-V, bucket seats, air. Original in paint, chrome, interior, glass, drive train etc. Must be one of the nicest originals in existence. Not asking the moon here, just want to recover my costs and have it go to a good home. Call with questions and I'll tell you all about it, 847-997-9944. I live near Chicago and could deliver if reasonably close. $19,999.
  12. As my late father used to say, “There are far more horses’ asses than there are horses”. This elitist jerk got what he deserved.
  13. Please post a picture of the face without all the glare. I’m looking for the one that has the word “stereo” in script.
  14. No not really. We have put any move on the back burner for now as my wife has accepted a teaching position for this school year. Looks like we a stuck in Illinois for a while
  15. Now days I pretty much demand a wire transfer or cash. I would not trust a cashier’s check as far as I could throw it.
  16. I've read all the input on this, and to say the least it has given me a lot to think about. Now, not sure where to look, but one thing for sure - we are leaving this state. Those of you who don't live here do not know how miserable it is here. HORRIBLE winters, Afghanistan-like roads, highest taxes in the country, highest gas prices in the country, world-class crooked politicians, endless toll roads everywhere, gridlock highways due to backward infrastructure. And to top it all off, the genius voters (Cook County) just elected a billionaire governor who just added $.20 to our already high gas tax and added 50% to all auto yearly registrations. And he's just getting started. People are leaving this Land of Lincoln's dump EVERYDAY in record numbers! Outside of these points, its a great place to live.
  17. HA, yes isn't living in the Land of Lincoln wonderful???? We can't wait to get the hell out of here. Cook County has destroyed this state.
  18. What a nightmare! Thanks, good thoughts and we will do our homework.
  19. That is a GREAT idea and I will do just that, thanks!
  20. Thanks and that's exactly what I'm concerned about!
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