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  1. Well, I took it off and now I need to know how to rebuild it. Also, seems like the bracket is too loose on the shaft. Outside of taking it to a machine shop, are parr’s available for these? Thanks to anyone who responds.
  2. Hi all, I need to remove and rebuild the gear shifter collar on my ‘48 Continental. Any tips or shortcuts? I know this is a big job, but I’ve go to do it. Do I have to remove the entire steering column? Sure hope not
  3. Dave, not sure of the ‘41 but once the seat and carpet are removed, two panels can be removed exposing the entire transmission. No it’s not a fun job but remember the spring and axle must be removed and pushed back about 8” to allow clearance to pull back and remove the trans, good luck.
  4. Thanks Tom, don’t know either but if I can find an original instructions, it should tell me. Yea, crazy to spend so much time on this, but if it’s on my car, I’d like it to work.
  5. Tom and all, I found what I think is the switch that hangs under the dash. If it is, I’d like to get this option to work. Tom, I’d like to get those parts from you, if still available. Also, anyone have instructions showing where to mount what?
  6. Tom, I seem to recall that I had a dash switch amongst the several boxes of parts that came with my ‘48. Thanks for the generous offer, being that my car definitely has the cowl mounted squirters, my car must have had this rare accessory when new, so YES I’d be interested in picking up what you have. Let me see what I can come up with in my stash of parts. Pretty amazing that such an advanced option was available 75 years ago!
  7. Anyone have any printed material on the windshield washer systems on the 46-48 Lincolns? I assume there had to be a foot pedal and a reservoir somewhere. Any diagrams would be of great help....lastly, was this a Ford offered option?
  8. Thanks Tom..........and I’m finally getting first shot this Tuesday!
  9. Spot on!! We don’t need any more laws, we need more enforcement!
  10. Yep, that would be great...............IF I EVER get my Covid shot! 😞
  11. Hi Tom, I used rubber shims and they seemed to work just fine. Here are some pictures, and thanks again for the advice and insights. Next step - installing the trans once properly painted.
  12. Thanks Abe, I’ve got a disc centering tool and I will for sure put some threaded rods intro the bell housing to act as dowels. Also, yes I have a new clutch disc. Since I had just a tiny amount of shimmy before removing the trans, I’ve left the flywheel alone except for mailing it hospital clean and roughing it up a bit. My question above to Tom was how and where to place shims on the pressure plate arms. After many years of playing with these cars, I’ve never used shims when installing a clutch and I really want to do this right. Thanks for the input.
  13. Hi Tom, what type or thickness should I use underneath the release arms? Not sure where they are used. The 1948 shop manual does call for “wedges” under the arms, but I spoke to my trans rebuild and he said he’s never used them, just torque up the bolts evenly around the flywheel. Also Tom, should I use a thread locker? Thanks in advance, sure don’t want to do this twice and how’s the time for any corrections.
  14. Well, I have my overdrive transmission back from rebuilding and it’s time for reinstalling the thing. I took it out so I’m pretty familiar with how it’s supposed to go, but any tips? For instance, the rebuilder told me to put it in gear prior to mating it to the flywheel. I have a new throw out bearing and hub and a new clutch face. Any tips will be viewed as helpful.
  15. Abe, I was fortunate as my dash chrome just needed lots of polishing and red painting detail. And that fine with me as I throughly relish the concept of detailing.
  16. Yes Tom, it does stay warm, but I’m sure I will pay dearly for the heat when the gas bill comes! Of course, my heater is ceiling hung so when you get down to the floor, the temperature drops significantly. I decided to change the master cylinder and its pretty cold 1’ off the floor; Take care Tom, stay healthy.
  17. After months of work, the dash is back in the car and the radio, vacuum antenna, hydraulic windows, windshield wipers, tun signals, defrost system, radiators, heater cores, clock, horn and dash gauges are all in working order. I pick my rebuilt transmission this coming Wednesday!!!! The feelings of accomplishment are terrefic!
  18. Well said, first its the single pot masters, then its the bad headlights, then come the radials, then lets address the LED brake lights, then its the lousy drum brakes then its............... pretty soon its no longer an original car. I don't’ mean to turn away from safety, but in reality it is exceedingly rare to have an issue with these old cars, driven as rarely as they are. The only exception I would make is the installation of seat belts. So, I would say, be prepared!! ALWAYS drive with at least one fire extinguisher, ALWAYS disconnect the battery unless you are standing next to the car, ALWAYS check the car over - top to bottom for leaks, smells, sounds, etc. Now go have fun!
  19. We all have different pair of eyes..............if the car is important to you, go and see it in person. My $.02.
  20. Thanks for the only reply. Found out the yard is actually in Fresno, not Sacramento
  21. Finally, someone responded and I have the part on the way!
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