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  1. 1969 Ford 429 XL GT Convertible. She’s one of 412 XL GT Verts in ‘69
  2. How difficult is it to remove the dash on my ‘48? Between the wiper motor and switch, vacuum antenna hardware, radio, etc., and everything else I need to address back there, wouldn’t I be just better off pulling the dash away from the firewall? There is virtually no room to do work properly. From what I can see, it does not look too bad. Anyone done this?
  3. Hi all, I need to rebuild the wiper switch on my ‘48 Lincoln Continental, anyone know of a kit?
  4. Thanks guys, the flasher I bought is 6 volt positive ground. Not sure on the heavy duty part, but will
  5. I will reverse the wires on the flasher and post my results, thanks to all!
  6. Hi all, my 1948 Lincoln vacuum antenna does not operate up or down. I’d love to find a kit and rebuild it, but can anyone recommend someone for this service? Probably dried up seals, but maybe not. Thanks!
  7. Hi, anyone done this before and have any tips? Is there any printed material on how to do this?
  8. Contact Jim Wallace at Leather Restorations in Florida. Jim is a consummate expert on the interiors of Lincolns of this era. He is also one of the finest people in the hobby. (727) 525-5523
  9. Thanks for the reply, and it’s clearly 6V and I’m not an LED guy, strictly how Henry built it.
  10. Both left and right side flash waaaay to fast. This is on my 1948 Lincoln with a 6 volt positive ground. All four of my bulbs look good with clean connections. Ground issue or defective flasher?
  11. Well I’ve pulled the transmission for rebuilding. Got to do it right
  12. Well I jumped the turn signal switch and flasher and I’ve determined my turn switch AND flasher were bad. I will post results, thanks to everyone.
  13. I love the idea, I’ll do it. Thanks very much!
  14. Hi all, the turn signals in either side do not operate on my ‘48 Continental Cabriolet, can’t find a flowchart anywhere and my wiring diagram is near impossible to read. Anyone know where to start? Thanks.
  15. You were spot on. I borrowed a spring spreader and while it was not a fun job, it’s out now and ready to go to the rebuilders this Saturday
  16. Hi, I’m no novice and I pulled and installed the trans on my ‘37 Zephyr, but I yanked the engine first. This time, I’ll be removing the axle etc., any tips to ease the job? Spring must be separated from the axle or can they be removed together? Thanks!
  17. Here is mine after installation, I’m very happy about it. Thanks to everyone
  18. Thank you, that was I was thinking but on a negative ground system, I’ve been warned to never run the + cable through a battery disconnect switch, ONLY the negative cable.
  19. Well I received the disconnect switch this afternoon and I’m very impressed with the weight and quality of the thing. So here’s a question that I should know the answer to, but I’d like some input. My ‘48 Lincoln Continental 6 volt car has a braided positive ground. The body and engine are grounded with this wire. The round negative cable runs from the battery’s negative pole, then to the starter solenoid and then to the starter. Which cable should be routed through the disconnect switch?
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