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  1. I have always said....the average person on street is not very smart.
  2. I have an 8:1 ratio engine. Have been using "plus" gas. Would regular be sufficient or cause pinging? Thank you.
  3. If they are authentic 58 Edsel colors, I see nothing wrong with....Just my $0.o2
  4. Brings back old memories. Raised in Pennsauken, Remember going to the first drive in movies on Adm. Wilson blvd. with parents. Had huge speaker on each side of screen. Road was also known locally as Automobile Row with several agencies. Thanks......
  5. Forgot to include phone #.....386-427-7108 Enos
  6. Daytona Parfts (Florida) has an excellent reputation. Perhaps they could help. Just a suggestion. Enos
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