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  1. I don't think this was taken by the same people who faked the lunar landing.
  2. I found this on YouTube. Enjoy the old cars.
  3. I saw this a while ago in an abbreviated form. It was taken a few days before the great San Francisco earthquake. It has quite a few shots of old cars in it. What is surprising how they were driving all over the place with disregard to any traffic laws. I assume there were few at that point in time. Also, I wonder what the cars are as I am certainly not an expert on them. I hope I am not repeating anything previously posted.
  4. Since the release of version 5.0, Gutenberg has been the default editor. If you want to use it for your editor as opposed to the one currently in use, "the classic editor", you have to choose it. To do so, go to settings and choose writings under this menu. There you will find Default editor for all users where you can choose: Classic Editor or Block Editor (Gutenberg). Gutenberg is the future of WordPress although the classic editor will be supported for the near future but not indefinitely from what I have read. It uses blocks, essentially paragraphs, as the default. In addition, there are many types of blocks predefined such as for tables, lists, etc. When you go to add a block, you will see a menu of many types. One advantage of the default block is that it will take a Word formatted document that is inserted into the block and retain the formatting which the classic editor used to do but has not for a while. You can also mix different types of blocks within one block. For example, you might have a block table within the block and include a list block below that might contain definitions of codes contained in the table. Also, if you use the same format for many pages, you an create a custom block, save it, and reuse it again as needed. An example might be where you use a page for a member's car where the only change is the picture and some wording. You can go back and forth between editors if you desire. The page you originally did in the classic editor will remain formatted as it was if you choose to change to the block editor. Thus the page can have mixed editor formats. If you are unfamiliar with Gutenberg, you can find many videos on it through YouTube and other areas of WordPress help. It is similar to Word in many aspects.
  5. This fire was in the Pittsburgh area. I hope none of the people all of you know had anything there. Links to a few stories are below.
  6. Pep Boys has one that is not too bad. Use part# 62680. It is on sale for 188.99. Not perfect but might meet your needs for that price.
  7. Looking for a rear bumper for a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. Please call Mel at 908-705-6367.
  8. Looking for a rear bumper for a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. Please call Mel at 908-705-6367.
  9. On Sunday, May 6, the NJ Region will hold their 67th Annual Spring Meet Car Show and Flea market. It will be held rain or shine from 9-3:00 at the Mennen Arena, 161 East Hanover Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960. There is also a car corral. All cars 1993 and older are welcome. Modified AACA judging is used for all classes except for a modified class. Information and registration forms are attached. Registration Info - Vince DeLisi, 219 N Martine Avenue, Fanwood, NJ 07023 Tel: 908-803-1570; email – Show Info: Pete Cullen - 973-650-2957 Flea Market Info: Joe DeFreitas - 908-812-7485 Additional detail as well as forms can be found at AACA_2018 Spring Show Flyer - final 1.22.2018.pdf 2018 NJ Region Registration Spring Meet.pdf
  10. Wayne, I hope you bring it to Hershey. It will fit in nicely in the prototype class. You may want to add the correct period whitewalls.
  11. Terry, I bet you have mixed feelings about breaking your leg to get to see this series. Hope you heal soon.
  12. Also, post this on the Olds forums lower under the discussions.
  13. Day of show registration is welcomed. You can arrive any time before noon for the judging or entrance to the show.
  14. This event (rain or shine) is sponsored by the New Jersey Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) at The Mennen Arena. 161 East Hanover Avenue, Morristown, N.J. 07960. This is open to all vehicles 1992 and older. AACA style judging in 16 classes with trophies for 1st-3rd places. Gates open at 9:00 A.M. Pre-registered cars $10 by 4/28. Spectator Donation $3.00. Flea market, car corral, and food will be available. More information at 2017 Spring Meet application.pdf 2017 Spring Show Flyer.pdf
  15. I had my 61 Olds radio fixed by a friend in my antique radio club. One problem was the one transistor was bad. A replacement was $100, but a member had one he gave me for nothing. It is an AC Delco one, but there are equivalents available to it. I use an FM converter for FM.