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  1. From Wikipedia, White spirit (UK) or mineral spirits (US, Canada),
  2. The car show has been cancelled for this year and we hope to see everyone next year. Below is a statement from our Region president. Due to the unprecedented world situation with the COVID-19, the Officers and Spring Show committee have decided to be prudent and regretfully cancel the 2020 New Jersey Region AACA Spring Meet. We did consider postponement. In addition to the logistics of trying to set a new date, or if needed location, every other organization that runs a car show will be vying for the few dates, if any, that may or may not be left if this virus ever subsides. Therefore, we opted to cancel 2020. Anyone who registered for our show will receive a full refund shortly. See you in 2021! Stay Safe! Art Briggs President New Jersey Region AACA
  3. I got one for my 50 Olds from David Homstad of Rosemount, MN. Telephone (952) 432-3596 or email His adapter was definitely good for you. this was several years ago but it works great. It appears he is on Facebook. Good luck.
  4. John, at this point in time the NJ Region is monitoring every update regarding the COVID19 situation, but have not yet cancelled the May 3, 2020 event. While the prospect of actually having this show does not look favorable, the Region will make a final determination to postpone or cancel by April 15th and I will post here when a final decision is made.
  5. The NJ Region AACA will hold its 69th ANNUAL COLLECTIBLE CAR SHOW With Swap Meet & Vendors (Show open to all cars, trucks, and motorcycles) at The Mennen Arena, 161 East Hanover Avenue. Morristown, N.J. 07960 Gates open at 9:00 A.M. with Judging Starts at Noon. AACA style judging for AACA eligible vehicles through 1995. People’s choice awards for: Modified Vehicles - Through 1995 and Modern Classics – 1996 or newer. Website: www.njregionaacacom
  6. The February 2020 issue of Hemming Motor News has a very nice article on the Grand National in a column written by Richard Lentinello. In addition, he gives a nice shout out to the AACA. Also, I am posting in the Meets discussion area under Grand National.
  7. The February 2020 issue of Hemming Motor News has a very nice article on the Grand National in a column written by Richard Lentinello. In addition, he gives a nice shoutout to the AACA. Also I am posting in the general discussion.
  8. I was in Times Square on Friday and saw the hot rod you have in your picture along with two others that were following it. It was around 10:30. What I am wondering is why they are driving through that area as traffic is horrible and is not a usual place for that type of car at this time of the year. Also, I saw a couple of the new three wheeled motorcycles driving in the same area with the one being so loud that you could hear it two blocks away.
  9. As your mother with over 50 judging credits, I told you that you could not put it in the Hershey car corral with those modified headlights. Mother knows best. By the way, is the girl an AACA member as I can get her a free membership.
  10. I don't think this was taken by the same people who faked the lunar landing.
  11. I found this on YouTube. Enjoy the old cars.
  12. I saw this a while ago in an abbreviated form. It was taken a few days before the great San Francisco earthquake. It has quite a few shots of old cars in it. What is surprising how they were driving all over the place with disregard to any traffic laws. I assume there were few at that point in time. Also, I wonder what the cars are as I am certainly not an expert on them. I hope I am not repeating anything previously posted.
  13. Since the release of version 5.0, Gutenberg has been the default editor. If you want to use it for your editor as opposed to the one currently in use, "the classic editor", you have to choose it. To do so, go to settings and choose writings under this menu. There you will find Default editor for all users where you can choose: Classic Editor or Block Editor (Gutenberg). Gutenberg is the future of WordPress although the classic editor will be supported for the near future but not indefinitely from what I have read. It uses blocks, essentially paragraphs, as the default. In addition, there are many types of blocks predefined such as for tables, lists, etc. When you go to add a block, you will see a menu of many types. One advantage of the default block is that it will take a Word formatted document that is inserted into the block and retain the formatting which the classic editor used to do but has not for a while. You can also mix different types of blocks within one block. For example, you might have a block table within the block and include a list block below that might contain definitions of codes contained in the table. Also, if you use the same format for many pages, you an create a custom block, save it, and reuse it again as needed. An example might be where you use a page for a member's car where the only change is the picture and some wording. You can go back and forth between editors if you desire. The page you originally did in the classic editor will remain formatted as it was if you choose to change to the block editor. Thus the page can have mixed editor formats. If you are unfamiliar with Gutenberg, you can find many videos on it through YouTube and other areas of WordPress help. It is similar to Word in many aspects.
  14. This fire was in the Pittsburgh area. I hope none of the people all of you know had anything there. Links to a few stories are below.