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  1. Checkout TCP Global in Duncan SC. I used single stage urethane on my STUDE. Very pleased. If you paint this summer use highest temperature reducer you can get. Use sealer before you paint top coat.
  2. I drove my 64 Wildcat about 120 miles this weekend. Check out the post in general discussion to check out our outing Saturday. This was a mini tour put on by Lagnaippe from Houma,La If you "uplanders"every wondered where your rain and snow ends up ,check out the spillway pictures. Ken
  3. Did you know that 1278 fires on one coil and 3456fires on the other.check your condensers. Does the engine run?? ken
  4. Wow two minutes ago I just posted my200t/h ,I was so proud now I am truly humbled. good job! Kaiser
  5. I used Tomneau cover material on my 1930 Studebaker,not hard to get 84" wide. Smooth pattern looks like original to me,although yours looks a little more defined.
  6. I just noticed on1957 road master post that the ad said it is a 130" wheel base (bottom of picture,left side)
  7. John, Long time since I heard from you. At this time I have a deposit on the Stude. lf this doesn't work out I,ll start all over.Your input over the last year or so was very valuable to me, Thanks again Ken
  8. I charge the battery with a 6 volt battery charger
  9. If your search doesn't work out call Hastings ,they can help you Ken
  10. That's your problem,,fill it before you install it ,problem solved!!!
  11. Confirming full Classic.statas for ALL Studebaker Pres. from 1928 to 1933 CCCA called today to confirm. KEN
  12. Spinney,Lupriplate115 is a number 4 type grease Calcium based to reduce foaming??? We will find out next week Ken