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  1. I'm looking for a set of 1930 Plymouth 30U Roadster Top Saddles. These would be the chrome (or nickel?) saddles that attach to the 4 metal strips on the back deck, so the top can rest on them. I'm looking for originals or repros; doesn't matter. I've had some leads, but they haven't panned out yet.
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    Have you tried the guys at National Nostolgic Nova? National Nostalgic Nova Club
  3. Good for you for restoring this car; that will be quite a challenge. You'll have something very unique when you're finished. Can't wait to see more of your progress.
  4. I would say it's because when a luxury car gets to be about 9 years old, stuff starts to break and parts start to get hard to find. Maintenance costs are FAR more than the car is even worth at that point and no one feels like paying the price. The few cars that do remain are abused by owners because they can't afford to fix them, so they are run into the ground. That's true with almost every luxury car. Unless the car has low mileage, no one is interested in saving it because it's not worth it. In 1941, a Marmon 16 was the equivalent of a 2002 Cadillac DeVille today. I know that you can't really compare a Marmon 16 to a 2002 Cadillac, but in historical reference, that's the equivalent.
  5. Thanks for the photos. According to the 1930 Plymouth owners manual, each one came with the following. Are these the same for your 29-30 DeSoto? Looks similar to the '31 Dodge tools. I assume they are: 1) Wheel rim wrench 2) Wheel hub cap wrench 3) Brake Cylinder Bleeder hose assembly 4) Brake Cylinder Bleeder hose connection 5) high-pressure lubricant gun 6) Tire pump 7) Auto jack 8) Auto jack handle 9) Starting crank assembly 10) #1 wrench 11) #2 wrench 12) Push rod adjusting screw wrench 13) #4 wrench 14) Pliers 15) Screwdriver- large 16) Hammer
  6. Beautiful roadster. I notice that you don't have the metal "saddles" on the outer 2 rear deck slats. Are you missing them, or did your car not have them to begin with? What do you use, if anything, to secure the folded top to the rear deck?
  7. Try going to NastyZ28 Second Generation Camaro Owners Group. This is a 2nd generation Camaro site, and there are a TON of 2nd gen guys on here. You should be able to find a forum on there where you can bring up '73 Type LTs for sale and I bet you could find one through that site. I have a '74 Z-28 Type LT, so I'm quite familar with those cars, if you have any questions. Sounds like you know what you're talking about, though, and maybe you know of the site already. Good luck either way, the '73 Type LT is a GREAT car!
  8. I would be very interested. Please PM me if you can. Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for any tools that came with the 1930 Plymouth to complete a set for my car. These are hard to identify as they were not labelled, but maybe someone knows what they look like. I already have the tire iron and the crank starter handle. Please send me a PM if you have any for sale.
  10. Does anyone know why, after 8 months, I cannot get an email response to my online registration in order to join the discussion on the Plymouth Owners Website? Obviously, from the older parts of this particular forum, this has been a problem for years. Why have an online discussion page if new members have no way of joining it? New members are the future of your club and they will soon be former members if you cannot provide basic benefits that are offered in the membership description. Thanks for any help.
  11. I also own a 1930 Plymouth 30U. Having restored a 2nd generation Camaro, I will tell you that a restoration on a 1930 Plymouth will be EASY, as long as most, if not all the parts are already there. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your car, although I'm no expert and have only had the car for about 6 months. Feel free to Private Message me. For some of the other Plymouth guys, I joined the Plymouth Owner's Club about 6 months ago and I love the club, but I'm having problems registering to get onto the forum. I sent 2 emails to the moderator, as instructed, but never got a response or account. Does anyone know what's going on with that? I'd really like to get on the forum, but I never get a response. Thanks.
  12. I have a cylinder head for a 4-cylinder 1930 Plymouth 30U in my basement. I'd prefer that it go to help restore a correct restoration rather than sit there waiting for the next spider family to show up. Does anyone know if this cylinder head would be the same for the 1927 Chrysler 4-cyl? KEVINZ, could you post a photo of the cylinder head and I can see if it's the same as the one I have?
  13. Thanks again for a perfect show. Looks like you also finally figured out how to dial in the weather, along with the 27 miles of cars and parts. I really appreciated all the extra effort shown by everyone in the AACA and the Hershey Region. The show was superior in every way.
  14. Hello, I have a 1930 30U, built in late 1930. Would this model be of help? If so, what specific dimensions do you need? The only dimensions I know from the owners manual are 11" (279.4mm) drums and 1 1/2" (38.1mm) wide brake shoes. If you need more specific dimensions, which it sounds like you do, let me know and I could try to take a look at mine for you.
  15. Car looks great. I have a 1930 30U Roadster with whitewalls which I will replace with blackwalls when these tires wear out. As for chroming, I've been VERY impressed with Librandi's, which is near Harrisburg, PA. This is probably your best bet for show quality chrome. They chrome everything, not just bumpers. I'm sure there are many other good shops, but this is the best I've dealt with. I have also had success with Bumper Boys, from CA, but they seem to be hit or miss. I've heard bad things about them, as well. Although I've never tried them, I've heard many good things about Tri-City plating out of TN. Whatever you do, don't use Nu-Chrome out of MA. These guys took almost a year to do a re-annodization project for about 16 trim pieces I had, then they lost some of pieces as well. This was about 3-4 years ago. They were liars and jerks about the whole thing on top of it all. Good luck!
  16. I hope someone restores this truck. It would look great on the Hershey field one day. It'd be a shame to part it out...looks like it could be saved.
  17. My 30 U has a Carter DRT-08 Carb, which I believe is the original type, although my car was made late in the model year, so things may be different.
  18. Al Gore had to reject his cotton sidewalks campaign due to massive shrinkage of the prototype.
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    I'm interested in assembling a tool kit for my 1930 as well, but don't even know where to start looking for them. I only have the hand crank and lug wrench, and who knows if those are even the correct ones. Everything else is missing. Keep us posted.
  20. I'm looking to buy a 1930 brake fluid reservoir/canister. Please PM or post if you know where any may be available. Thanks.
  21. I'm looking for a 1930 Plymouth brake fluid reservoir/canister. My original is corroded and leaking all over my firewall and fender and doing at lot of damage. Please PM to Chris or post what you have available. Thanks.
  22. Thanks again. I decided to go with the "longer" shoe in the front and the "shorter" shoe in the rear, as Marty described. If that's what the manual is saying, plus that's the way I found them when I took them apart, I think I'll go with that. I got a new one-man bleeder and I was able to get it to a moderately hard pedal. I still have some more bleeding to do, but it's drivable around the neighborhood for now. I think I need to replace the brake fluid reservoir, just as the previous owner was trying to do. I think it is slowly seeping fluid out of the bottom due to corrosion. I think that's why I keep getting some air in the brake lines no matter how much I bleed them. Thanks again for the advice; with your help, it's roadworthy again.
  23. Guys, thanks for the advice. I tried going with the original valves, but I had trouble with the one-man bleeding unit, so I switched to modern fittings for now. Turns out the brake bleeder is no good anymore anyway, so I have to start all over with a new bleeder kit tomorrow. I think I'll stick with the modern fittings until I can find an adapter or other solution that works well. As far as the brake shoe directions, I saw the diagram in my owners manual, but I didn't see any reference to which direction was the front of the car. If the diagram is representative of the driver's side, then the long shoe is in the rear. Marty, does your parts guide specify which direction is the front of the car when viewing that diagram? I'll check the brake drums out, that's a good idea. I'm only going to do light driving for now, so I'm not too concerned. My car was greased before I bought it a few months ago, so I haven't gotten to the grease fittings yet. I'll keep both of your opinons in mind when I get arond to greasing. Thanks!!!
  24. I blew a rear brake cylinder a few weeks ago in my 30U with fluid all over the floor and everything. I've had the car only 3 months now. Upon taking the whole mess apart for a rebuild, I noticed that the brake shoes were installed with the long shoe pads towards the front of the car, while the short ones were towards the rear. Everything I've ever known is that the short shoe pad goes to the front, not the rear. Is there something different about the 30U, or, as I'm assuming, the previous owner(s) installed the brake shoes incorrectly? I have now had both rear cylinders and all 4 brake shoes professionally rebuilt and they are ready to install. I figured I'd ask just to be 100% sure. While I'm asking, does anyone still use the stock brake cylinder bleeder valves (the ones with a screw-in valve that has another screw-in bolt to seal up the valve), or has everyone switched to zerk fittings? I'd like to run the originals, since I like EVERYTHING stock or orginal, but I hear they can be annoying when bleeding them. However, I have a specialized bleeder pump that has many different rubber fittings, so it will fit the originals or zerks just fine. What are some of the opinions out there? Any comments are appreciated.
  25. West Virginia's new mobile traffic control unit.