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  1. I rebuilt the seat and floors with some scrap wood so my kids could play on it. They could spend an hour a day on it and not get bored. Best toy I ever got.
  2. The engine is a Continental Mononloc 4 cyl. The tag which reads date actually has the bore size listed as 3 3/4. The stroke is 5 inch. Number 2 cylinder had water in it. The engine is currently stuck and will likely need a sleeve at minimum to run again. I would love any information anyone has one these engines as info is hard to find.
  3. The man I bought it from had the truck for twenty years. He bought it from a man at the Oxnard airport where it had sat for at least twenty years before that. It had been up on blocks or drums the entire time because three of the wheels were eaten by termites. I made some temporary wheels from thick plywood to make it a roller so AAA would flatbed it to my house.
  4. I recently purchased a 1919 Republic X11 Truck. VIN suggests it is a 1 1/2 Ton truck but my truck has added metal on the sides along the frame which looks factory which suggests a higher weight level. It also has factory looking secondary leaf springs in the rear over the Torgensen rear axle.
  5. I have a very similar project. Mine is a 1919 Republic X11 truck with the Continental 3 3/4 bore engine and a Torbensen rear axle. Wheels were eaten by termites so I made some rollers out of plywood to get her home. Used other wood scraps to rebuild the seat for kids to play on.
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