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  1. absolute ditto to what V12lincoln said. I sent a pair of pumps to him and they came back in excellent codition and flowed like crazy, good performance good person to deal with. Dave
  2. Got rid of the Model A and the Lincoln has gone to ray in Orlando. Yes I went from FL to TN to Texas -Geeeeeeez. Still have my baby - the chevy pickup and my Hudson is in the care of Ray in Florida along with an engine and assorted goodies I need to get to me here. I will be checking in more often, still enjoy old cars especially Lincolns - on the prowl for fresh projects. There's a guy close to where I live now that has among other cars a '47 LC Convertible - driver ready to go, everything works just needs some TLC - workin on Him.
  3. courtesy code? I have to learn a code now????? Geeeeeeeez
  4. i also realized that i could spend some quality time here at work on the high speed connection so you might be hearing more from me again - sorry!.
  5. Phil, as some will tell you, I was a constant speaker upper on this forum, the last year has blasted me around and i now find myself in Texas with a dial up connection!!!! Kind of limits the surfing, talking and replying. I quickly learned that if I didn't have a reply on this forum when not 100% convinced that I was correct that there were certain members that would jump all over you for trying to help and not being correct to the 1/4 foot pound or 1 ounce overfill. That tends to scare off the shy. As with anything, the minority kick their shoes offf and dance on the gym floor while the major
  6. Careful Ace, I now live in Salado and work in Temple. I don't miss Orlando!
  7. just saying Hi, and did you know your name is misspelled nearchoclatetown???
  8. geeeeeeeeez, He chocked the wheels....er wheel, what more do you safety fanatics want?
  9. I was smart, left for TN before the cane hit and let the wife worry about it. Got a little scary but all is well. By the way got a good job in eastern TN and will be moving up there in the coming weeks. Have to get rid of the gator and learn to speak hillbilly, always somethin. Thanks for your thoughts and wishes. Dave
  10. pound the hell out of it and call it good, that's what Granpa would have done dang nab it.
  11. I am sorta partial to Hudsons myself. can't post picture, too big I guess
  12. In my economics course in college I remeber the instructer telling us that one of the best return on investment retail items was popcorn (this was before someone starting bottling water and selling it for more that high test gas) that's the story you should go with, an Investment in the future of Popcorn!
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">1. How do we attract younger members </div></div> http://www.enjoythedrive.com/content/?id=8575
  14. Rich lives in Melbourne I believe so He should be fine, not hit by storm.
  15. It was one of those BRAND NEW IDEAS that came out about 6 years ago to shade the baby in the carseat in the back seat, plastic with suction cups. Who says there are no new ideas?
  16. I for one supported the contiuance of R&R, as I believe in free speech. What some people don't seem to believe in is free listening and hearing. This is a good thread Steve and I withdraw my support for the keeping of R&R since only two or three views are ever expressed by the two or three that do not listen and have a lot of time on their hands. Kudos to you for this thread. By the way this part of Florida is still standing tall uh, er flat, well we got thru the storm here in Central FL.
  17. Well, we were right in the path but came through surprisingly well. We live just NE of Orlando on the I-4 coridor. Charley took I-4 across the state and then I-95 to the ocean. We had a lot of trees down and I have a pine tree leaning on my roof that I don't recall putting there other than that we were very very lucky, have electricity and our health Good luck SC and NC.
  18. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Weighing only ounces more and running nearly 50 percent longer on 1 tank of fuel than Stihl's 2-stroke counterpart, the Stihl 4-Mix engine offers landscape professionals the benefits of 2- and 4-stroke technologies combined. The first Stihl products manufactured with the Stihl 4-Mix engine -- FS 110 brushcutter, FS 110R and FS 110RX grass trimmers and FC 110 edger -- are now available. These 4 units offer powerful and dependable performance while providing a solution to future e
  19. I don't believe that is a flare CBOZ, but is a large ferrule on the tube that seated in whatever it went into to via the flare not behind it. It has probably become part of the tube over the years but actually crimped on from pressure when tightened. Dave
  20. Published weights from 3321 to 3626 pounds. I assume fully loaded four door is the highest. Grille = shiny if shined, sorry don't know.
  21. To all buyers and sellers, When you post to buy or sell in this forum please include the following information: Want to know what your old car is worth? Try one of these sites. Old Car Price Guide NADA Online Used Car Prices These links are provided as a service. These sites are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the AACA. ?Year ?Make ?Model ?Price ?Complete description ?Location (city, state, etc) ?National awards ?Photos ?Contact information The more info you give the better!
  22. Post deleted by Peter J Heizmann
  23. V12, I had Skip do the water pumps for my V12, ran in the shop for over 30 minutes without a fan blowing air through the radiator and never got over 175 degrees at the water necks on the heads, sitting still in the shop ambient temp over 85 degrees. Once it started to go over mid way on the water temp gauge (about 45 minutes), put a fan in front of radiator and temp lowered from 190 to 175. Haven't had it out on the road yet but that would be better yet I would think. Very clean nice job by Skip, looks like half again the pitch and displacemant on the impellers and one less thing to use oil sq
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