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  1. absolute ditto to what V12lincoln said. I sent a pair of pumps to him and they came back in excellent codition and flowed like crazy, good performance good person to deal with. Dave
  2. Got rid of the Model A and the Lincoln has gone to ray in Orlando. Yes I went from FL to TN to Texas -Geeeeeeez. Still have my baby - the chevy pickup and my Hudson is in the care of Ray in Florida along with an engine and assorted goodies I need to get to me here. I will be checking in more often, still enjoy old cars especially Lincolns - on the prowl for fresh projects. There's a guy close to where I live now that has among other cars a '47 LC Convertible - driver ready to go, everything works just needs some TLC - workin on Him.
  3. courtesy code? I have to learn a code now????? Geeeeeeeez
  4. i also realized that i could spend some quality time here at work on the high speed connection so you might be hearing more from me again - sorry!.
  5. Phil, as some will tell you, I was a constant speaker upper on this forum, the last year has blasted me around and i now find myself in Texas with a dial up connection!!!! Kind of limits the surfing, talking and replying. I quickly learned that if I didn't have a reply on this forum when not 100% convinced that I was correct that there were certain members that would jump all over you for trying to help and not being correct to the 1/4 foot pound or 1 ounce overfill. That tends to scare off the shy. As with anything, the minority kick their shoes offf and dance on the gym floor while the major
  6. Careful Ace, I now live in Salado and work in Temple. I don't miss Orlando!
  7. just saying Hi, and did you know your name is misspelled nearchoclatetown???
  8. geeeeeeeeez, He chocked the wheels....er wheel, what more do you safety fanatics want?
  9. I was smart, left for TN before the cane hit and let the wife worry about it. Got a little scary but all is well. By the way got a good job in eastern TN and will be moving up there in the coming weeks. Have to get rid of the gator and learn to speak hillbilly, always somethin. Thanks for your thoughts and wishes. Dave
  10. pound the hell out of it and call it good, that's what Granpa would have done dang nab it.
  11. I am sorta partial to Hudsons myself. can't post picture, too big I guess
  12. In my economics course in college I remeber the instructer telling us that one of the best return on investment retail items was popcorn (this was before someone starting bottling water and selling it for more that high test gas) that's the story you should go with, an Investment in the future of Popcorn!
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">1. How do we attract younger members </div></div> http://www.enjoythedrive.com/content/?id=8575
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