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  1. Mine are gold (brass) script which match the ball on the hood ornament.
  2. I do think this is outrageous. Where else can the classic car community go to exchange information regarding services, parts suppliers or other vendors whoses negative attitude, costs and shoddy workmanship are a detriment to our hobby and wallets? I for one have a tale to tell evreything from gut wrenching classic car transporters to folks that claim there are classic car restoration specialist. I guess in the world of political correctiveness and "lawyered up" forums, we are left to our own "caveat emptor"... Sad
  3. I took Zeffer1940 advise and after having the radiator repaired, put a cover on her and just "took a time out" I fired her up yeaterday, for the first time in 2 months, it was a beautiful day in NE Ohio and actually took her for a spin. Certainly, I have changed my mind regarding swaping out the V-12. I did have a new set of plugs put in and I don't feel any hesitation. She responds very well,no knocks and when I give her gas she picks up and goes. Little Lincoln smoke between 1st and 2nd but clears up immediately in 3rd. Putting her in storage for the winter and will look into a rebuild in early spring. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. You guys are great!!
  4. I think we are going to see this as a significant problem as time passes. Parts vendors are going to retire or downsize their busineesses and unfortunately I don't see allot of the young folks jumping into the old car parts game. I may be a pessimist but I think as time passes, it's going to be harder and harder to keep our cars original, let alone running. Let the parts hoarding begin.
  5. Novice question...Will a radiator from a '48 Zephyr V-12 fit into a '48 "Connie" V-12. I would welocme your response.
  6. I took my '48 "Connie", V-12 into the shop because of a radiator leak. The radiator was repaired and I decided to have the mechanic check the plugs, for they had'nt been changed in awhile. He called to tell me the plugs were in the worst shape he ever saw. He decided to run a compression check and found one dead cylinder, another going bad and 40#s compression, in all the others. Said it should be 100# pressure. Said I need to rebuild the engine at a cost of $8K-$10K. I'm starting to get tired of the cost of our noble hobby and maybe now is the time to either get out or drop a 350 chevy in the old "Connie". I am clearly having a bad day.
  7. Anyone have pictures to share of the Father's Day show at Stan Hywet?
  8. Cmon guys, I know someone has the answer. Getting the car ready for the Stan Hywet show and really dont want to lose a point over a burnt out bulb. Again, how do you get to the turn signal bulb??? I really would appreciate your help...
  9. Turn signal bulb burned out on my 48 LC I did remove the three screws from the chrome headlight frame but it did not come off easy and I was afraid to pull too hard. Am I doing this correctly? or missing something? Dont want to damage the frame/turn signal lenses or scratch the paint. Thanks for your help.
  10. Any success stories with VIP Transportation?
  11. Anyone transporting a car from Phoenix/Tucson to NE Ohio and has room for one more car?
  12. Skip Haney 941.637.6698 Evening # 941.505.9085 Had pumps rebuilt on my 48 LC V-12..Great job!!
  13. I wish there was a means, whereby, we could develop a forum which clearly identifies by name and factual circumstances those service providers, part suppliers, restoration shops, with whom we had experienced less than promised performance. For example,, I have had significant difficulties with a advertised transport company that damaged my '48 Lincoln Continental, while being transported. I would like people to know who and why. A prominent restoration shop in the NE, whose practices are at best, I would describe as blantanly unethical. I think this type of information sharing would be a worthwhile "heads up" for those that read this forum. I understand the rationale, for this forum,not wanting the risk of a lawsuit but there must be a way of providing negative feedback, on these problematic vendors so that we as an antique car community can be informed and avoid the mistakes others had made. Just my .02 "I think we are going to need more men" Col Travis, Alamo
  14. The end of this story is simply, I had the electric fuel pump installed, in my 48 Lincoln Connie V-12 and have not had a problem since with VAPOR lock. Equally impressive is that even after she sits awhile, between car shows, pre electric pump there was a lot of starter turning til the fuel hit the carb. Now with a mere flick of a switch, a few seconds, hit the starter button and she fires right up. Wish I had it installed several years ago, would have saved a lot of aggravation.
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