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  1. Steve M., unfortunately Hershey Region's notification they emailed and put on Facebook says otherwise ("It is with great regret that the AACA Hershey Region Executive Board informs you that the 2020 Hershey Fall Meet has been cancelled.") UNTIL you READ FIVE PARAGRAPHS into it that they are attempting to try to hold a meet ("are working toward the possibility of still hosting our usual car show on Saturday in October."). It left me with an impression of that said car show being simply a region show instead of national meet. I think their headline/ first line should have read more like "It is with great regret that the AACA Hershey Region Executive Board informs you that the 2020 Hershey Fall Meet's Swap Meet has been cancelled. We are working toward the possibility of still hosting the Eastern Fall Meet Car Show on Saturday in October". I'm not sure what I'm going to do now as the flea market field was my accommodations for the week. Not sure if I really want to make that 8 hr trip by myself as my dad is not up to doing much long distance traveling anymore. I've only missed something like 3 yrs since 1968, it be nice to make it if there is a show. Then there is the question of how do you socially distance as a judge reporting deductions to your team captain. What to do, what to do.....?
  2. That's the one seminar I'd love to be at but I'm not going to be able to make Philly this year. Any chance someone could video it for me???
  3. Bringing this back to the top to see if there is any new info. Ted, sorry to hear about your wife's declining health.
  4. My understanding is a number of years ago the club approached the museum about purchasing a parcel and was refused as they had other plans for that parcel. Now they are wanting to "give" that same parcel to the club. I looked at the tax records and it didn't show how Hershey Region got their land other than it was a Sheriff sale. I did note that the land value of the 17.8 acres is $114,400. My question would be how the museum came up with 2-3 acres being worth $1M+. I can't imagine Dauphin county assessing the land at 11% of market value. https://gis.dauphincounty.org/dauphincountyparcelviewer/ Edited: Matt got his posted before me. Edit #2: there was a discussion here about location/townships. The museum is in Hanover Township.
  5. I was in an area of the orange field according to the map should have had double coverage. As soon as my laptop would connect, it'd drop the connection. I had the free wi-fi last year when on my green field spaces.
  6. There can be issues with that, like my neighbor. Last year he did not make the trip to Hershey from MI because he was to another meet just prior and sold out of the stuff he had (signs, gas globes), so with your proposal he would have had to make the trip, sit on his spaces with nothing to sell and waste the time, fuel, and $$ just to keep his spots for this year. As it turned out, he and his wife have had some serious health issues the past year. She won't be able to attend Hershey again and he couldn't find someone to come with him to help him this year. He is planning on being to Hershey next year. With your proposal, especially since it would happen the fist year you miss. All it would take is you getting a really bad cold, flu, medical condition and you're out. That could cause people to make the trip (single persons) the should never be driving when that ill, just to keep their spaces.
  7. Wayne, shame on you for breaking on the the ten commandments of a car collector. "Thou shalt not allow thy son nor daughter to marry during the holy week of Hershey."
  8. The most accurate forecast I've found is to look out the window myself. I've had them tell me on TV "mostly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain" and IT IS RAINING OUTSIDE my window!!! :confused:
  9. Class 37a & 37b PROFESSIONAL VEHICLES - Definition: Professional vehicles shall include all ambulances, funeral vehicles, taxis, police vehicles, and other 4-wheeled automobile based professional vehicles (no ATV’s or water bound vehicles)
  10. Over restoration gets them no extra points. incorrect IE non-factory options, etc. will get them deductions.
  11. Thanks Tommy for the research into the numbers I didn't' have time to do before needing to head to work this morning. You confirmed the point I was trying to make which was not to expect changes due to one or two shows have a large number when the overall average for that class isn't that large. Larry as far as " Why should some classes have "one" entry(at almost every meet) and "skate in" to their objective and other classes have to fight for every point. Fair is Fair." That one car is still playing be the same rules as everyone else. It has to meant the minimum points required and be within the 5 or 10 points of the highest point car. Just being the highest makes it easier. It is always a numbers/odds game. If you had a car that say was a 370-375 36b car. Even though there were a large number as the past couple GN meets, the next one you take it to could be bad weather, the 398+ cars stay in the trailers but you put yours out there you're likely to get the award. OR you could get a different car, one that falls in one of the low perticapent classes, but if you're luck is like mine, that will be the day a 400 point car just happens to show up and you don't get anyway. (I went to one show with a "most in need of restoration" award. Took a '49 Willys Wagon, had no hood, no exhaust, minimum wiring to make it run, no interior, had rust holes. Was beat out by a Model A). Also remember, you're only challenged once by that higher point car as he'll move on and won't be going for the same award until preservation and then the points are meet the minimum. You can also improve your car to make it on of the 400 point cars and "breeze through" as the top dog. There is just no way you can make the classes so that every national meet have the same number of vehicles in each class when you never know who is going to come and with what vehicle until they register for a meet. Biggest thing is go and have fun. Although I judge, you'll NEVER see one of my cars in any class other than HPOF or DPC. Reason for that is I am there to have FUN, the awards is not important to me personally and I've seen too many people get way too bent out of shape over awards, get pissed and quit clubs over that $(insert price) trophy/dust catcher.
  12. Having done all the national meets in 2010 which include places like Tucson, AZ and Cheyenne, WY, Moline, IL, it was an eye opener as what takes place in other areas of the country at national meets. Here on the east coast I'm use to a national meet being several hundred cars to over 1,000 at Hershey. My jaw dropped when I walked into Judges breakfast in Tucson. There were only a handful of tables. When I went to the showfield there were only about 50 vehicles. A local AACA meet here has more cars!! The meets in the Central Division did have better attendance but were still what I consider to be on the small size for a national meet. The reason I mention this is to show the wide range of show sizes and with that comes the factoring; location, who decides to attend which determines the number of vehicles in a class. While the class 36B was large at that meet(s), it may not be that large in comparison to other classes at other meets say on the east coast. Hulon and the committee will look at your input, but I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a change after they look at the class size at several meets nation wide, not just a couple meets in the Central Division.
  13. I personally wouldn't want something with a timepiece in it. another set of battery to replace and/or need to make sure no batteries with it to leak if award is stored away. I'm fine with either something to hang or to set around. Only have so much room, so the older ones end up stored away. Like Wayne suggested, some examples might be helpful.
  14. Merry Christmas to all my DFer friends!! I know I haven't been on here much over the past year. Planning a wedding, then redoing house house has kept me busy. I've done plumbing, electrical, drywall,plaster walls, laid laminate flooring, laid vinyl tile flooring, painted everything except the floor, rehung window weights, replaced window panes, replaced windows, fixed doors that stick, replaced mortise locks and door knobs, replaced toilet. Now if all that time would have been on one of my cars, at least I would be able to drive it. I guess I can consider it all good when when get a renter in the house and get $$ to pay for car parts. Married 6 months and counting
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