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  1. Steve M., unfortunately Hershey Region's notification they emailed and put on Facebook says otherwise ("It is with great regret that the AACA Hershey Region Executive Board informs you that the 2020 Hershey Fall Meet has been cancelled.") UNTIL you READ FIVE PARAGRAPHS into it that they are attempting to try to hold a meet ("are working toward the possibility of still hosting our usual car show on Saturday in October."). It left me with an impression of that said car show being simply a region show instead of national meet. I think their headline/ first line should have read more
  2. That's the one seminar I'd love to be at but I'm not going to be able to make Philly this year. Any chance someone could video it for me???
  3. 66toro, Welcome to the AACA Fourm. One suggestion though,please turn off your caps lock as all captials is considered yelling on the fourm.
  4. note the baseball diamond where the maintaince building is now loacted
  5. novaman


    bobber, any chance of posting a picture of your 1918 Briscoe Touring Car on here for other people to see. I for one am not sure what they look like as I'm sure there are other DFers that don't know either.<BR>Thanks.
  6. Hydrualic lifters aren't per say adjustable. Yes, there is a little adjustabilty to them. The proper adjustment for most hydraulic GM lifters is with the valve closed, tighten rocker nut to remove play from the pushrod and racker arm. Then tighten one full turn. The full turn centers the top part of the lifter (where the push rod sets) in the cylinder bore of the lifter. One more full turn and you have made that lifter into a soild lifter by bottoming it out and risk bending pushrods by them being too tight when the engine warms up.
  7. oops, I didn't read far enough under powerglide in my reference book. it does state there that the auto. trans. 235 eng. had hydraulice lifters.
  8. the 235 6cyl went to hydraulic lifters in 1955. before that they were soild lifters.
  9. If on some form of pavement, how about two floor jacks? You can then roll it outside on the jacks. You just need to be careful and don't take it up any higher than needed. That is how we move the race cars (drag type) around in the shop since they can't turn around in a 40 acre field anyways.It is aslo the way I moved the car bought that had siezed brakes. Had tried pulling it with my pickup. Moved the car but not the wheels. Figured my dad wouldn't apperciate the skid marks all over the driveway from turning the car around.<BR>Just a thought.<p>[This message has been edited by nov
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