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  1. My first job after university was in Milton, Ontario, I rented an apartment in the basement of a grand-daughter of Peter Robertson inventor of the Roberson screw about a mile from the manufacturing factory. Over the years I have done a lot of building and woodworking and would use nothing but a Robertson head screw. They are so easy to use, especially if removal may be required at some point. Bob
  2. I took a couple pictures while out for a drive last Thursday afternoon. I've been too busy getting everything around the homestead away for the winter to get back out the last couple of sunny days.
  3. I visited in 2015 on a CCCA Packard featured show weekend...I arrived right at opening time on Saturday and I do believe I was the last person to be sent out so the staff could go home at the end of the day. This the best display of our hobby that I have visited, it is well worth the short drive off of the local Interstates. I did not really have time to see all that I wanted to, then on Sunday the cars on display for the show were the stars..unfortunately light rain did curtail some of the festivities, but it was great. If I can dig out my photos of my tour I will post them. BTW I'm traveling Detroit to Chicago on Amtrak on Friday it will rekindle some memories with stops in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. I think I will need to go back for another visit this summer. Bob
  4. I think indoor (garage) use would cut down on repeat customers! Bob
  5. I just realized because September has five weekends this year the calendar has pushed the Hershey event past the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, (second Monday in October) this is a bummer for me as I have commitments for that week that I may not be able to get out of. I'm still holding my hotel Hershey reservations until the last minute unless life changes. Bob
  6. The selling prices are listed on auction site. Click on view Inventory. Bob
  7. It warmed up to -16 C this afternoon, when I went out to clear the +6" of overnight snow from the driveway. I vow my next snowblower will have heated hand grips! It is supposed to go down to -25 tonight, but they say relief is on the way in a couple of days. Bob
  8. I flew directly over the North Pole on a flight from Toronto to Beijing last Wednesday evening, and even from 39,000 ft, I could clearly see the workshop lights burning brightly. I can not see the work being done if Santa was not there in person to supervise. That has to be an imposter..........or Bernie in the photo. Bob
  9. Here are pictures that I took of the speedster at the Saturday show and the Dayton Packard Museum speedster that I took on the Green Field on Thursday. BTW I also attached a couple of pictures of a 1916 Speedster that I took at the Gilmore Museum in Michigan a couple of years ago. Bob
  10. Try tineye <> I've not used it but have been told it works well. Bob
  11. Annie, I would suggest trying airbnb, you may find a whole house or large condo/apartment for less than the price of three hotel rooms. Last year when my usual hotel was booked for the Friday already when I booked my other nights, I used the service for the first time and I got a room close to Hershey for a quarter of the price of a regular hotel through them. I had planned on using airbnb this year for the full stay, but after accumulating a pile of hotel points over the past few months I'm able to stay at Harrisburg Sheraton again using points and not use any USDs. Bob
  12. This may have been posted here already. I found this on the Packard Info list today, 'how to pick up a car in Turkey', seems they have this down to a science. Can you imagine clearing out a disabled car causing a slowdown on a major highway in sixty seconds of arrival instead of sixty plus minutes. Yes this could cut down on Police and tow truck drivers overtime, but I think we could cope. Bob
  13. I watched a guy talk on TV this evening for an hour and twenty minutes, he used 'very very' at least twice, may need to check where he was born, sounded frenglish to me. Bob
  14. Sounds like perfect FRENGLISH to me, the use of very very was the tip off. Bob
  15. We watched the first episode of the new show last week on Discovery Velocity, its now called Guild Garage. The main reason my wife watches the shows is because of Roger, Edd and Larry, they remind her of her 80 year old mechanic up the street who has looked after her cars for the past 35 years. Bob