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  1. 1968 Coupe>L68-427 Tri-Power M21-3:36 (AU)Rear/G81-Posi-LeMans Blue(976) Medium Blue Interior (414) Numbers Matching-Frame off restoration-Car has multiple NCRS Top Flights and is Bloomington Gold Certified. Original (PT7) Firestone Wide Ovals on (AG) wheels(Including Spare). Has A82-C50-N36 rare options. Comes with Partial-Tank Sticker & NCRS Paperwork. Asking 45K Call Larry Phone: 815-663-8304 NCRS Member #16324
  2. Have added picture and set price. See original thread on top-Thanks-Larry
  3. Thought I would move this up the line. Have gotten some interesting bids so far. Have added the "Build Sheet". Thanks--Larry
  4. Thanks for the response. AFA price I have no idea what it is worth since it is so rare and so low mileage. Can not find anything else to compare with. Larry--P.S. I am open for opinions.
  5. CAMARO: 1994 Z28 1LE, very rare 1 of 135, Black with Gray/Red Interior; B-W(T-56)6 Speed-192 total miles. Have all conceivable paperwork on the car, bought new and still has the Chevrolet inspection stickers on the windows. Car should be treated as an investment. Legal to run on the street. Primary customers were sold to the SCCA members. This is a “No Frills” Pony Car. ”This car could be the lowest mileage Gen4 1LE in the country” ASKING 20K. Call Larry@8156638304 ASKING 20K Reason For Selling>NEED ROOM-Have an eye on another car. I am not in the market to make a big profit on
  6. Here is a picture from my files showing Yenko Chevrolet's "COPO Holding Lot". Circa 1969
  7. Susin: Thanks for the nice response/explaination. Still think when they(powers of the club) changed the general thinking of judging;W/O any mandate from the members openned up a lot of gray area's that will come back to bite them you know where. This is witnessed by a current thread of Vogue Tires. There will be a lot more(gray area's) coming down the line. Documentation can be "made up" easy when it's not from the factory and "dealer installed". When I started with this club it was a "Factory Original Car Club" period. Now its "will make them the way we want too; along with documention". I gu
  8. Hope they can find someone that promotes "original factory cars" not "cars that are made up the way we want them". I like this club very much and hope they can get back on the correct track. Time will tell. Larry
  9. Wow; what a surprise. Now who will take the "Hot Seat"??? Larry
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