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  1. Check your wheel carefully....I had one that was cracked and allowed enough flex to dislodge the wheel cover...scary.<BR>Willie
  2. Got a Rostra cruise control and it is up and working! Just a few bugs to work out...it shuts off when you use the turn signals. No permanent modifications to the car and it is mostly hidden and can be removed in 15 minutes if I need to show the car. Found out you cannot buy directly from Rostra or the distributor...just from the installer who wouldn't install it anyway,; and it's a good thing since those idiots were clueless! Trouble is I probably paid for installation. Anyone interested: details on request.<BR>Willie
  3. First my condolences to all directly and indirectly affected by this tragedy.<BR>Second my outrage at the perpetrators and our unregistered visitor "Zorro"...he needs to air his views in another forum or at least crawl back under his rock. I would also ask our moderators to delete his posts!<BR>Willie
  4. Hi Don<BR>Quit worrying about the small stuff. First on the oil pressure all of mine run pegged when cold idling or high speed and run pegged hot at high speed. When hot (20 miles) and idling the needle is in the center or slighty below...this is on 20-50. A new tight motor will run high. But you really need to put a known good guage on it to be sure.<BR>Second on the oil leak on the right side...check oil filter mount, oil pressure sending line...also if the rear main leaks it slings oil to the right side.<BR>Third remember if a Buick doesn't leak some oil it is empty!&
  5. Hi Bill<BR>For BCA judging it probably matters not what color the underside is painted since the judges are not supposed to crawl under the car or use mirrors. For AACA and other nitty-gritty outfits you might check on their tech and judging forums.<BR>For what it's worth my 55's were primer(red) color on the underside with lots of body color overspray. On my CVT I duplicated the color in acrylic enamel for durability but did not duplicate the overspray. (BOO...over restored...not "correct"...but it looks nice!!)<BR>Willie
  6. Hello Thomas<BR>The 55 Century 2 door hardtop 66R had vinyl seats with fabric inserts. Some BCA members who are regulars on this forum have a book of samples of the correct colors of vinyl and fabric for all 55's. Hopefully some will contact you with this information and maybe some digital photos.<BR>I have 3 55's but not this model. If the price is right buy the car and enjoy it as is or restore after more research. Any other questions or problems I would be glad to help.<BR>Willie
  7. My condolences! And they didn't even kiss you first.<BR>This is the same company that recently charged a friend $22 shipping for two head gaskets.<BR>Fifteen years ago I was in their store in Chino,CA and was shown a set (4) pristine 55 wheel covers which I bought and had them package so I could take them back on the plane...when I opened the package 8 montahs later to use the covers I found 4 nasty dented and greasy covers.<BR>They didn't kiss me first either.<BR>Willie
  8. The Petronix has two wires from the distributor to the coil instead of (originally) one...most judges would not notice and if they did mingt cost a one point deduction.<BR>Willie
  9. Scott<BR> the ones for the 40-60 series look good and have held up for 3-4 years in good shape<BR>Willie
  10. found mine: roll 9 pic 4<BR>Willie
  11. BEWARE dealing with Mr. G's in Ft worth TX. This is one of the few thoroughly dishonest firms I have dealt with in the last 20 years...details on request.<BR>Willie
  12. Skyking<BR>You're right about cars being built all over the country but the engines were all built in Flint. There was an early and a late engine with internal and external differences.<BR>Sorry Don55 I'm not going to crawl under the car to check the petcocks in this 100+ heat!<BR>My guess is that they were not painted: Most all engines were assembled and then painted and then run on the test stand...all components necesary for the engine to run had to be present...starter fuel and water pumps carb and distributor and temporary plugs in the block which were removed to drain
  13. These disagreements are so much FUN! But I will stick with my original comments. One of my 55's was a 7,000 mile original when I bought it in 1976. It had not been changed at that point. The only things I have changed were the water and fuel pumps and I still have those. Scott should know better than anyone that it is not necessarily correct if the judges don't take off for an item just as it is not necessarily incorrect if the judges take off for an item.<BR>The starter is green the fuel pump is green and the brake booster line is green! There IS some green paint on the exhaust m
  14. Ken<BR>All of the engine is green including the block, pan, heads, valve covers, valley cover, intake manifold and probably the exhaust manifolds (but was soon burned off). Also green is the starter, lower part of the distributor, water pump, fuel pump, all steel vacuum and fuel lines including the vacuum line to the distributor , the power steering bracket that is bolted to the engine, and the motor mount brackets. The factory even slopped paint on the base of the carburetor and some of the linkage. To duplicate the factory finish you need to have lots of runs and misses! Any thing
  15. Thanks again Scott. The folks that built my computer checked computer and modem at their shop on a "clean' phone line and it worked OK. Also I do have an old 28.8 external modem which I hooked up and had other problems...seems that all of the current technology doen't like the old analog stuff. Also I will throw the computer out before even considering a DSL from the phone company since they cannot give good basic service .<BR>Willie
  16. 56K...that was another problem...the best connection I got was 24,000bps on a 56k modem...everyone said it was the phone lines..56k would be OK if it were a true 56k and none of the other glithes!<BR>Willie
  17. My experience with power steering noises in my three 55's: I had no noise until I changed the hoses, specifically the pressure hose. The original hose is made in sections and may create more resistance to fluid flow than the single section replacement hose (theory). Anyhow on my unrestored Century I put the original hose back on in preparation for showing in the Achival class at the Columbus nationals and the noise went away. On my other two I just added STP to thicken the fluid and the noise is gone until the fluid is really hot. Now before you jump on me for using STP the original prod
  18. Has anyone put a cruise control on a 55 Buick? Details man, I need details!<BR>After driving 4,700 miles in 10 days to the Nationals and back the right leg of this old fart sure got tired. ( It will be OK to remind me that cruise control is not an "original driving experience" especially since I refuse to use radials, disc brakes, 455's, sub-frame,etc.)<BR>Willie
  19. Tried 5 dial-up ISP's and none were better, but some were worse. Trying cable now (Roadrunner)...very fast (10X) but expensive.<BR>Willie
  20. My worst experience: After arriveng at at a local car show (all makes, rods, customs trucks, vintage , antique, and LOW RIDERS) my 55 Century was put in the middle of a dozen Low riders all playing Mexican music very loudly but all playing a differnt station, tape or cd. Seems that each had brought one or nine changos to crawl all over my car. I left after 10 minutes and never looked back.<BR>Willie
  21. Hi Ken<BR>I use thin cork for the gasket...glue to the lid with weather strip cement, no sealer on the otherside.<BR>Willie
  22. Thanks Scott!<BR>I knew if it looked like it and smelled that way it is BS. The only choices of ISP's in the boonies of central Texas are rinky outfits like I have now or AOL which is another can of worms. What I will do before signing up and installing on my computer is get a print out of the same trace to aaca and see any of the intermediates are changed.<BR>Willie
  23. the following is the response I got when I emailed my isp support:<P>No sir, we can't fix it. It is a function of the infrastructure.<BR> <BR>Scott<BR>support@axs4u.net<BR>----- Original Message ----- <BR>From: William Pittman <BR>To: support@axs4u.net <BR>Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 12:18 PM<BR>Subject: slow...slow...slow<P><BR>Why so so slow? Can you fix this:<BR> <BR> <BR>C:\WINDOWS>tracert <A HREF="http://www.aaca.org" TARGET=_blank>www.aaca.org</A> <BR> <BR>Tracing route to &l
  24. My response time to get to aaca.org is 15sec but to BCA general forum is 2-3 minutes...could only run a trace to aaca.org.<P>Also viewing the bytes sent and recieved there is little or no activity for extended periods.<P>Now to whom do I send a nasty-gram?<P>Willie
  25. Hey! Only one project at a time ...go back to those shocks (HA)<BR>The vacuum port on the fuel/vacuum pump closest to the generator goes to the intake manifold and the one closest to the water pump goes to the wiper motor side port (nothing connects to the middle one)<BR>The Y-connector takes vacuum to the center button of the wiper switch which controls the washer...remove the Y-connector and connect directly to the wiper motor as a test since the line to the center button may not be intact. you can also connect the wiper motor directly to the manifold as test to see if the vacu
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