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  1. Bobs Automobilia has about every part you would need for that transmission and sometimes has rebuilt ones in stock but they go fast. Knows those transmissions very well 805-434-2963
  2. Its available Here https://bobsautomobilia.com/literature-and-decals/owners-new-idea-mail-in-ballot-for-1938-.-sl-38b/
  3. On the main bearings they are bronze backings that are staked into place on the aluminum crankcase. The bearings are poured into the bronze and the crankcase is align bored to fit the crankshaft. This is NOT a simple operation. You should have shims in place from the factory IIRC. I rebuilt a 1928 Master 20 years ago.
  4. Loftbed Your oil filter looks like an Australian made reproduction. However I believe those used a sock type filter element in them. Possibly someone modified it to handle a spin-on filter. Most of the original fittings on the top of the original replaceable filters were die-cast, not cast iron like yours looks like.
  5. Looks like there is a proper logo for the pre-war site. Thank you Mr Moderator
  6. The starter solenoid does not like 12V and will fail in time. These solenoids are NOT being reproduced and usually cannot be repaired if used on 12V. There is a 12V starter that will fit the Buick and Will work with the carb switch. Bobs Automobilia carries them.
  7. Thats the little trans for the Special and Super
  8. I am an AZ resident and in April I purchased an out-of-state car. Called Az motor vehicle to make an appointment to register the car. The operator said appointments were 6 weeks out, but did I want to transfer the title over the phone? I said yes and 20 min later the deed was done and I received the plates a week later. Strange times indeed.
  9. Is the gasket in place between the transmission and the bell housing? If that is missing it could allow some other minor leakage.
  10. That shaft only SHOULD go in one way. it is slightly larger on one end if I recall correctly. Bottom line. YES it is ok to Clean it well and silicon the end to stop the leak. Only other choice is to remove and analyze whats going on. Shaft or case may have wear there
  11. Sounds like a bad rubber bushing or mal adjusted selector lever. When cold holds shaft holds lever in the low-reverse position. When hot the resistance was gone. The "neutral" position is between 2nd and 3rd normally, trans lever has to be lifted for neutral between low and reverse. another possibility is the shifting forks and neutral lever were assembled wrong. One check ball or spring overlooked will cause things not to work right. Bob (jr) at Bobs Automobilia has parts and knowledge on these large series transmission 805-434-2963
  12. Wow What a nice Jeep. When I was growing up my Dad drove a 46 Jeep as his daily driver. He chose the 46 as it was the only year with column shift and he could lay his rifle flat between the seats and not upright.
  13. gdmn852 You are lucky, as I have worked on a dozen 36 through 52 Buicks and have NEVER had the fortune of not dropping the tank to replace the fuel sender.
  14. No covers on the Buick fuel sender unit unless someone was creative. One must drop the tank for access. Make sure to add a ground wire to the chassis when re-installing. From the factory the steel fuel line acted as a ground.
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