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  1. The first Ebay listing has been corrected. It is correct for a 40 and 50 series (Special and Super) It would be wise to have it incase yours breaks again. they are hard to find.
  2. You will have to measure the outside diameter and count the number of teeth on YOUR flexplate and compare it to the one for sale. That information fell out of my head ages ago.
  3. Ask the seller of the upper one for the O/D of his and for the tooth count on the ring gear. 40 and 50 series (special and super) should interchange but 70 series (roadmaster) should be a larger diameter. If it matches yours its a good deal! Lower one is a Flywheel, not a flexplate. Not for Dynaflow.
  4. In my experience cheap 6V batteries don't start Buicks. I have found that the Optima 6V battery does a good job of starting a hot Buick engine (and a hot suborn 312 Ford engine). Also John Deere has (or used to) a long narrow 6V battery that was used in some of their 12V diesel tractors.
  5. If you want a correct looking filter assembly, then call Bobs Automobilia 805-434-2963 as they try to keep them in stock. There should be a mounting bracket on the tappet cover IIRC
  6. I don't know what years interchange on the flexplate. If you belong to the Buick Club of America you can put a free part needed ad in the monthy magazine. Thats an interesting failure. Perhaps it can be patched, but I would look hard for a used one first.
  7. To my understanding this flexplate is not available. You will need to find a parts car with a Dynaflow. Flex plate interchanges between Special and Super but Roadmonster is unique.
  8. If you call Bobs Automobilia, at times they might be able to provide an aftermarket power brake unit depending on your car.
  9. Yes that should be the correct one, but to be sure give them a call. Mention "Bill" to them. I worked there many years and they are good guys.
  10. Does the car have a Dynaflow automatic transmission or a manual transmission? If the car has a manual transmission, Bobs Automobilia should have a ring gear. 805-434-2963
  11. If you are in need of a core transmission, Bobs Automobilia might have one 805-434-2963 For parts you might try Northwest Transmission 937-442-2811
  12. What do you have? It is either Not a Buick or its older than 1934.
  13. Having read the thread, I was also going to suggest making sure the vent is not plugged. Those Dynaflows loved to dump ATF out of the vent if overfilled or if left sitting too long without starting the engine. Someone may have plugged the vent thinking it would stop a leak.
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