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  1. I was moving a just purchased 34 Plymouth many years ago with the help of friend. He was steering and I was towing. Suddenly the door opened and he came flying out. He felt something on his knee and looked down to see a rat looking at him. After a few minutes and after the family was evicted we continued on.
  2. Several years ago there was a run of rotors that had a habit of the center contact shorting to the cam post.
  3. Steele offers 2 channels that are of the correct design but have different dimensions depending on construction of the doors. I assume yours is a wood bodied car. The correct should be either 021A or 021B. You will have to measure the door for the quantity of material you need. I can't offer any help for the top of the door.
  4. I was taught at an early age to use my left hand with the thumb tucked back to crank an engine. I learned on my dads caterpillar 22. Thankfully it started easily on most days. I then became the designated cranker for the neighbors Cat 28? which was a bigger gas engined tractor. I also volunteered at an antique tractor collection and started a Holt 45 by inserting a bar in the flywheel of the engine. NOT FUN My 1914 Ford T is obviously crank start and NO it does not have a battery, it is magneto ignition with the factory flywheel mounted magneto. Ford magneto is nothing like
  5. Find another junk yard, that one is either NOT licensed or un educated. A LICENSED dismantler can Junk a car that they have received without paying a penalty. Some will try to scam the car owner by collecting the back fees due when they get the car from the owner.
  6. Is the 3/4 of a tank what the fuel gauge indicates? If the gauge is a china replacement it might be more inaccurate than the original gauge.
  7. All Bobs needs is the 4 pieces of metal from the shot mounts.
  8. I know I am late to the party, but those pits on the outer curved surface on the torque ball don't look pretty. I would have tried some carefully applied Devcon or JB weld. If you have to replace the seal in a hurry, or on the road, a quick trick is to pull the rear retainer off, cut the new seal, slip it around the ball and use a bit of super glue to glue it back together.
  9. St8-8-Dave is right, water jacket cover. Bobs Automobilia often has them
  10. The first Ebay listing has been corrected. It is correct for a 40 and 50 series (Special and Super) It would be wise to have it incase yours breaks again. they are hard to find.
  11. You will have to measure the outside diameter and count the number of teeth on YOUR flexplate and compare it to the one for sale. That information fell out of my head ages ago.
  12. Ask the seller of the upper one for the O/D of his and for the tooth count on the ring gear. 40 and 50 series (special and super) should interchange but 70 series (roadmaster) should be a larger diameter. If it matches yours its a good deal! Lower one is a Flywheel, not a flexplate. Not for Dynaflow.
  13. In my experience cheap 6V batteries don't start Buicks. I have found that the Optima 6V battery does a good job of starting a hot Buick engine (and a hot suborn 312 Ford engine). Also John Deere has (or used to) a long narrow 6V battery that was used in some of their 12V diesel tractors.
  14. If you want a correct looking filter assembly, then call Bobs Automobilia 805-434-2963 as they try to keep them in stock. There should be a mounting bracket on the tappet cover IIRC
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