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  1. NOT the orig rear carb at the least. Originally the engine ran off the front carb and #2 came in under high vacuum. Only the ront carb had a choke and accelerator pump.
  2. 33 or 34 I don't know what series without a parts book that I don't own
  3. 1. Buy new battery cables from Bobs Automobilia. If that does not cure it then "seek the heat" Resistance to the flow of electricity makes heat...lots of it.
  4. There Might be another often overlooked cause. New engine, fresh restoration. Are the heater hoses hooked up or just looped around temporarily? I have worked on a couple of Buicks with fresh engine that would overheat like yours because the heater core was bypassed. This allows water that NEEDS to go through the radiator (or stopped at the heater) to be dumped back into the engine without being cooled! I hooked up the heater and trans cooling hoses and the problem was greatly diminished. Also it helps to open the hood if you are stopped with the engine running until the engine breaks in.
  5. Some headlight switches can be CAREFULLY dis-assembled and cleaned. Another possibility is to use aerosol contact cleaner and spray it into the switch mechanism while operating the switch through all positions with the battery disconnected.
  6. Not 3 positions, 4 positions. off, park, city and country if you have original switch.
  7. 1952 was the last year of the straight 8 in the Super and Roadmaster. It was also the first year of optional power steering. In the last 25 years I have only seen one.
  8. Thats a question to ask Northwest Transmission.
  9. Candlepower The 2330 has the same candlepower both low and high beam, the 2530 is brighter on high beam.
  10. Rare Car! Rare engine
  11. Talk to Bob at Bobs Automobilia. He is quite knowledgeable on the changes.
  12. Bobs Automobilia will have the water pump kit, wingnuts for the spark plug cover and a tune-up kit. careful with the Dist as yours looks like its pot metal. Original plugs disappeared over 50 years ago. Replacements are available but are longer and can short out on spark plug cover. Bobs Automobilia 805-434-2963
  13. I have to ask the obvious question. What year head do you need? They are NOT all interchangeable if I recall. I believe the water outlet gasket is different on the 50-52 engines because the outlet is different and won't line up with a earlier engine.
  14. If the conversion to 12 V was not done right, the gauge is fried. The gas gauge does not like 12V and on a Buick the + or Ign terminal on the fuel gauge is used as a junction block
  15. That looks like an Anne Bell listing. She and her late husband are/was quite knowledgeable about Buicks. She does a lot of E-bay sales, usually at a premium price