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  1. If the conversion to 12 V was not done right, the gauge is fried. The gas gauge does not like 12V and on a Buick the + or Ign terminal on the fuel gauge is used as a junction block
  2. That looks like an Anne Bell listing. She and her late husband are/was quite knowledgeable about Buicks. She does a lot of E-bay sales, usually at a premium price
  3. There may be what is called a fhanstock clip under the nut. This is the clip that the wire going down to the radio clips to. Also, convertibles and a couple of other models use a Knuckle that has a slightly different angle to it (the chrome part the ant mast fastens to) That knuckle is not being reproduced. Cars buys their ant parts from Bobs fyi
  4. Some years (can;t recall which) had a switch on the trans that would light the brake or taillight when shifted into reverse. One learned real quickly not to park in reverse as the battery goes dead!
  5. This is a bit late BUT Bobs Automobilia has a LOT of the special parts needed for that transmission and clutch. 805-434-2963. They make the parts for the throw-out bearing sleeve, slide and the tapered bellview washer. They also have the linkage out the outside of the trans to help put it into neutral. Also a lot of good used tranny parts. Make sure the clutch release fork has both of the retaining clips on it in good shape. Bobs has those too!
  6. RE the starter solenoid. Bobs Automobilia will not knowingly sell or accept as a core for rebuilding a 6V starter solenoid that has been used on a 12V system. Also there is only 1 12V starter solenoid that I am aware of that has the correct footprint to bolt to a I8 starter for a Buick. It was used on some tanks during WWII. I have never seen one.
  7. I understand that the circuit breakers fatigue with age. Why can't a modern 12v circuit breaker be put in parallel with the old one or used to replace the old one. Someone else can do the math to determine the correct breaker to use. 😊
  8. Bobs will have all the brake pieces you need except the steel lines. He will even have the parking brake cables. 805-434-2963 Don't forget to lube the trans shift cable
  9. Wire wheels Nice! I don't have an answer, but Model A Ford 21" dia tires are too skinny
  10. New water pumps are just that New Reproduction made overseas. I have heard they have plastic impellers, but cannot confirm that. Bobs also keeps rebuilt water pumps in stock. If your car is a driver that collects serious miles while on tour, I would run a rebuilt pump and carry a new pump as a spare.
  11. Could be the clutch release lever failing or not staying on its fulcrum. There is a clip on the clutch release lever that holds it to the fulcrum. If this fails the clutch will not always release correctly. The clip is available from Bobs Automobilia
  12. I have not tried flat towing a teens car, but I have flat towed a Model A. and newer cars. Many cars will just slide on gravel and not steer to follow the tow car. Try it on asphalt like in a parking lot and see it that helps. Don't tow the car at any speed faster than you can drive the car!! Also, just because you can tow the Buick with your van, don't expect to be able to STOP it with the van. The Buick is heavier than you think going downhill to a stop light.
  13. Sounds like a good Idea to move the pistons individually to find the tight ones and give them attention. Usually it will be the pistons on the upstroke or associated with cylinders with open valves that will be more stubborn
  14. Question on the stuck engine. Does the crankshaft rock at all? even just a tiny bit? The amount of wiggle can help determine what is seized. I don't know what drives your camshaft, but the mid 20's and up Buick used a fibre timing gear and if the cam shaft, lifters or a valve are stuck, often the cam gear dies in the process of freeing up the engine.