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  1. Hi 30Marquette where are you located Peter Florida
  2. Hi would you sell the 2 door car parts. Can you tell me what you have Thanks Peter
  3. Hi Mark did some looking. It looks like from the tag it was a 1930 Model 36-S coupe. see pic. Also found this speedster pic of a Marquette. There is a guy I was talking to had some parts . No sure of the condition. I have to find his email again. talk soon Peter
  4. Sorry spell check. Where are you located
  5. Mark can you take a pic of the cowl tag. I can tell you what it was. Where Are you located. Peter
  6. Hi Mark pics of an interchangeable list for some of the Marquettes parts. I got this from a Marquette news letter years ago. What model do you have. I have a 1930 Model 30 2 door sedan. Call me any time to talk Marquette cars. Peter 813-300-0437 Floral City Florida
  7. Hi Everyone, looking for a pair of door sill plates for my 1930 Marquette 2 door sedan. They are 33 inches long or could be longer. I could cut them down. They could be Buick, Olds and other GM cars. If you have them please let me know price and shipping. See picture. Thanking you in advance for any help Peter Floral City Florida
  8. Thank you everyone for all the help, greatly appreciated Peter
  9. Hi, I have a 1930 Marquette and looking to buy the small brake adjusting cover that fits on the outside of the drum. I would need 4. Not sure what they look like. Maybe someone out there can help. Thank you for any info, Peter
  10. Just got back 1 year ago my 1930 Marquette Model 2 door sedan. I once owned it in 1969 and had to sell it. I kept in touch with the last owner who had done a lot of work on the car. Purchased it from his wife. After he passed she was selling his cars. Been going over the car and bringing it back to life. Pic of me in 1969 and 2017. Any Marquette Owners please get in touch 813-300-0437 or Thank God for this blessing Peter Floral City Florida
  11. Hi Looking to buy 2 or more rear main axle lock washers for my 1930 Marquette. The inside diamater is 1 inch across. It has 9 tabs on it. Thank you for any reply, Peter Floral City, Florida
  12. Hi looking to buy a demountable rim bolt Type 4 . Please see picture. Thank you for any reply, Peter
  13. I have this same one on my 1930 Marquette . Have a good one Peter