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  1. Can anyone tell me the model year for these? I thought they were '58. Help! Thinking of selling them but want to make sure of the year. Many thanks! Gary
  2. Try Boyers Restorations. 717-632-0670. Bought some things from him at Hershey. No web site. Has lots of parts. You might get lucky! Gary
  3. Thanks for the replies. Found the problem. It was the lead from the starter button to the solenoid. The wires looked fine but there must be a short somewhere. Running a new wire solved the problem. Guess you can't trust 64 year old wires! Gary
  4. My '47 sat for about a month. Went to start him up and cranked a bit. Pumped the gas. Cranked a bit more then pumped the gas. Did this three times and then he quit. No more cranking. So, took the the starter motor out and down to the old time shop for a rebuild. Installed the rebuilt starter and nothing. Not a peep. At this point I'm lost. There's 6 volts at the starter button. So where to next? I have to assume (but will make sure) that the rebuild people were sure the motor and solenoid were working. So, could I have burned something out somewhere between the switch and the starter? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Gary
  5. I started him this morning. The gauge showed a charge then I heard a click and the gauge went to slight discharge. Each time I heard a click the needle of the gauge moved a bit. But never back to anything other than discharge. Very strange. Gary
  6. OK, so i just brought home a '47 series 62 sedan all original. It's basically a very nice car. Anyway, got home and the charging system seems to be have gone awry. All of a sudden the ammeter is all discharge with the lights, on at any RPM, and small discharge with the lights off. Geesh I know there are a ton of things that this could be but where does one start? Brushes, regulator, all of the above, etc? I put a 6 volt alternator on my '50 Buick with great results. I guess I should start thinking about the same for the Caddy? Gary
  7. Oh, so I suppose you want to know the price. I know these are worth some money, but for now, just make me an offer and we'll take it from there. Gary
  8. I have a mostly complete compound carb setup from a '41 Roadmaster (320). Includes the Air Silencer. Linkage is missing and one of the flanges on the exhaust manifold is broken off. I think it can be welded without issue. Carbs are attached, etc. Had plans on building a 320 engine which changed. These are just sitting in my garage now with nothing to do. Someone needs to put these to good use again. I have not had the parts magnafluxed to see if there are any cracks. They look good on the surface. Will go on eBay soon. Will be costly to ship. Email: gnoub51@gmail.com. Cell: 301/509-1233 Thanks! Gary
  9. Here's my site with pictures of the parts I have for sale. Parts for Sale Call or email with any questions. gnoub51@gmail.com. 301/509-1233. Gary
  10. I just put up a fast site to show pics and what not of parts that I have for sale. I have lots of body panels that have been chem dipped. Have NOS rear fenders and an NOS front fender. Other parts to be added soon. '46 - '48 DeSoto Chrysler Parts for Sale Email me at: gnoub51@gmail.com or call me at 301/509.1233 Thanks for looking. Gary
  11. I have lots of body parts for a 46 - 48 coupe. I have two rear NOS fenders that have been chem dipped and treated. Have one NOS Rt front fender chem dipped. Have a complete real 1/2 (b pillar back) with nice floor. And doors that have been chem dipped, etc. If interested, email for pictures and prices. Email address is: gnoub51@gmail.com. Or call 301-509-1233.
  12. Very funny Bob. Actually, I only have one car now with a female name and that's a black Z06. I call her 'Leona' 'cause she's a very bad girl if you know what I mean. John: The linkage is very free. I've gotten to the point that I just pop the hood and go through the starting routine leaning over the fender. Aaron: The fuel pump is a rebuilt one from about 5 years ago. I think you have a good point. I thing I'll change the pump and see what happens. Anyway, thanks for the help. Gary
  13. OK, so Yoda (my '50) has started a new issue concerning starting. It's always been a surprise starting him. You just turn him over and at some point he usually starts without giving any 'warning'. Anyway, at first it was just a matter of three to five pumps, then crank him over for a little bit and then slowly release pressure on the gas pedal, and then he'd start. But never before releasing pressure on the pedal to the point that you eventually disengage the starter and then he'd fire. Now, using the same procedure, he'll try to fire almost - - then spew gas from everywhere out of the carb and literally suck the choke plate tight against the carb barrel. So tight that I have to remove the air filter and tap the plate with a screw driver to get it opened. Then soak up the gas laying everywhere with a cloth and try again. This will happen at east twice. And then finally he starts. Very strange. Any thoughts? Thanks! Gary
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