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  1. Do you have the dual path automatic used in 1961-63 specials and skylarks? If so, what price, and what state are you in?
  2. Hmmm! I was just wondering what would happen if the voltage regulator Field relay got stuck closed and allowed the generator to output 12 volts more than the battery is charged to. I would think that if the vehicle was a standard shift, that the starter relay would activate and cause the starter to run! NOT GOOD! 🤬 In the automatic vehicles, the neutral safety would only allow this scenario to happen in Park or Neutral, and would be less likely to have this happen.
  3. Nice car. Does it still have Flite Pitch Dynaflow (PRNDG) or the Variable Pitch Dynaflow (PNDLR)?
  4. Dale: I sent you an email about a week ago, noting that I am interested in the intake manifold (if you can find or have one). Can you please reply as to what the status is for this part? Thanks
  5. Yes, the Century, Super, and Roadmaster all had 300hp engines that were 4bbl. The wagons were another story. I believe the Estate wagon engine was based on the Special engine and came with a 2bbl setup. The Caballero may be a 4bbl setup.
  6. Do you still have the 364 4 bbl intake manifold (you say it had been sitting on a shelf)? If so, I am interested in buying it from you. Let me know. You can PM me. thanks
  7. Do you still have a 401 core with a Dynaflow crankshaft to go in it? Both the block and crank do not have to be useable. The core would need used main bearings to mount the crank.
  8. Converting gauges to 12 volts is relatively simple. Runtz regulators are a simple way of doing the job, however the diodes they use will probably get warm. Especially when the gauge sender is at zero ohms (full on gauge). You can use resistors to drop the voltage, but they will also need to be 5 watt resistors or higher. And the gauge will not be very accurate. The Ford constant voltage regulator does, in fact, send out a 50% duty cycle, which averages 6 volts from the 12 volt input, but with GM balancing coil type gauges the Ford regulator will cause the needle to oscillate. You could pu
  9. Yes, not concerned. I don't need a rebuildable engine, just interested in the dynaflow interface to the nailhead.
  10. Do you have 1957 to 1963 nailhead block core with dynaflow crank installed? Does not have to be rebuildable, but crank flange must be ok. I am in Kansas.
  11. Try this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-1974-Buick-Red-Engine-Paint-Spray-Can-EP644S-/182164202183?epid=657985620&hash=item2a69d522c7:g:m2kAAOSwFMZWtfZI&vxp=mtr
  12. Use a small pipe wrench to remove the converter drain plug(s). It will bite the rounded head and should be able to remove.
  13. The 57 and 58 Olds 371 engines are different from the 59-60 371's. The later version was a de-bored 394, which had a different deck height.
  14. 1957 Cadillac's used Bendix Hydrovacs. Perhaps that is what it is for.
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