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  1. I sat in one when I was 7 and there was one less 0 in the price tag. My father's friend restored/owned one in central CT. I remember looking through the airplane classifieds in the '80s when spare engines were $20K, etc. A very sexy plane.
  2. I pulled this from the web but if you search for model 90 images essentially only this car comes up but from different vantages as offered by a few auction houses and it's recent seller with whitewalls "de-whited" and tan tire covers removed. I think this was a '27. There are under the hood shots of this car with a black painted crank case and brass water compartment covers if I remember right. This engine is monoblock and not made of paired heads like the earlier ones Apparently this was designed and built in-house in Bridgeport. It would be interesting to know how it performed and whether the engineering paid off given it wouldn't stay in the market place long.
  3. I was watching this model 90. It was out of a CA collection and failed to sell a few times but recently sold at auction and flipped by a mid-west dealer. The ad copy suggests only 3 exist but who knows? I was wondering something of the same question. A little unusual to downsize the top model. I wonder what the performance characteristics of this new 6 cylinder was at the time against the competition. My take on the body: although a few inches shorter than the 48 and this particular one seems to be sitting a little higher (comparing wheel hubs to frame rails) although that may have been the design. It thus looks less sleek. There are very few photos of a full side view possibly for this reason. Any thoughts from the experts?
  4. Wire up the Kellogg while you still can! I used to exclusively use a '48 Bell which had the real heavy black bakelite case and receiver. If you slipped and the receiver hit you in the head it really hurt. Some (probably most) people don't realize that you can "dial" without a dial. As long as the local system is still using traditional methods you can take the receiver off the hook and then tap out the numbers like morse code with a one second space between. Welcome!
  5. I really like the '32 with restrained colors (except tires). Thanks!
  6. Somewhere on here (I think) was data on the domestic makers and their market shares and/or total revenue. 1973 and 1978 were two high water mark years. After those years you can pick any year and any company and the numbers have slid. What they just didn't (perhaps even today don't) see is what the public wants. Case in point, a somewhat niche company as BMW was in the '70s had 4 models: 3,5,6,7 series. Remember it was near death 15 years earlier saved by Quandt. Now the same company has an X1-7, M1-6 or 7, Z4, i3,i8, 1-8 series, convertible and wagon versions.....etc, etc. Basically they are the epitome of many foreign companies that had a few models, perhaps with different trims and engines and now has numerous model lines. What's pathetic is that the domestics other than FCA/Stellantis' Dodge can't put out a mid or full sized police cruiser/taxi/fleet vehicle. It's one thing to cede the compact market to Honda or the sports market to [name anyone here] but if Ford, for example can't replace the Crown Victoria or Taurus with anything that's pathetic. Same with GM, although they are getting better with the Cadillac line.
  7. Not much gear whine. Is it the video or is there anything different with the transmission gearing on the Stearns?
  8. Would we guess that the body would remain in the paint shop for a week? More? If so that really grinds the assembly line to a halt. From a manufacturing perspective the paint shop would need to take up a huge area to store that many bodies if the process within that "division" were to be, say, 15 times longer than engine installation or frame assembly, etc. I mean there are 7 kiln drying steps....wow!
  9. Can we go back to the cam timing issue and exhaust opening too early and thus, in turn, air intake opening/closing too early for a minute? Wouldn't this do two things to create heat: 1) add heat to the exhaust manifolds as stated but also importantly, 2) make the car run too rich (listed on the VanDyke's troubleshooting list)? I thus wonder if it is effectively running rich because less ambient air is entering to get mixed as some ambient air might be expressed out the exhaust at the premature intake valve opening although I would think it would run a little rougher. Could pulling a plug and inserting a boroscope quickly show valve positions as you rotate a cylinder through TDC? Could this be a 10 minute exercise to cross one issue off the list? You have another armchair mechanic rooting for you.
  10. Wow! What a beauty. This must hurt a bit....but at least most can be re-corrected. BTW shouldn't we have an unwritten rule that Lalique only goes on a Bugatti, IF, HS or something French?
  11. Thanks for the service! I've not had the opportunity to play with the big numbers. I guess once one retires it is only a question of legality....
  12. Thanks for the service! I've not had the opportunity to play with the big numbers. I guess once one retires it is only a question of legality....
  13. Excellent point about counting teeth! I should have really referred to "pitch" The diagram provided above interestingly seems to match the in-the-car gear's pitch (can't count the teeth but it looks similar) and direction compared with the unused transmission. Of course there's axial pitch and normal pitch....😁
  14. It's hard to fully say but I would guess the rear cabinets are added. While not plywood grade they're not made of quarter sawn oak either....Looks like there was water intrusion on the center partition.
  15. The shaft gear (2nd photo down) looks pretty coursely threaded (high pitch). I'd presume this is the culprit. Obviously before machining a new worm gear for the cover attachment I'd verify the correct shaft gear is in place - not the least reason is to get a reasonable reading off the speedometer when done. Otherwise it won't be calibrated either...I'm not a machinist like some on the forum but working with gears in other venues I have a hard time seeing the course shaft gear mating with another worm gear and lasting very long at high speeds....Am I viewing the pics correctly?
  16. Well my wife thinks I'm crackers at times.....Other than the usual appropriate inspection of a P1 by someone who knows them would using a heat gun to register temperatures around the head/block tell one anything useful?
  17. If I can ask you guys, what are the symptoms or problems which develop with the P1 head failure (I'm not sure I've seen it fully discussed here). I see mention the Salamanca had it replaced and it is frequently mentioned as a 20K part - if available, not to mention the tear down, etc. I know it is an oxidative issue with the coolant and aluminum. What I'm wondering is, is it a slow process like a coolant leak or something catastrophic like a crack or rod through the block type of scenario? (e.g. can one drive as-is for a few years?)
  18. Matt, I know cosmetics are not the highest priority right now but would a high temp powdercoat be an acceptable finish for the manifolds? - Dan.
  19. Nice! thanks for sharing your serenity! It makes me think perhaps someone should start a thread on "places to see"...
  20. I don't want to get political, just factual...but the EV craze right now could doom a lot of antique and other vehicles to static displays - eventually. That would cut prices substantially (this would be through a drop in refined gasoline demand and political legislation/taxation/non-renewal of registration..). What woke me up this week was a) The EU proclaiming no new vehicles to be sold in the EU with internal combustion after 2035 (I believe was the date), and b) Daimler stating it would go all-electric by 2035. Now we could just say this is an errant decision by some certain governments and their requisite big-businesses who see this as a plus to charge cars off a nuclear-powered grid (which we don't have). But, in the race to be competitive a lot of the manufacturers can follow (we already have VW, Audi, Honda, Toyota, BMW, GM, Ford, soon to be Ferrari, and others making EVs). What I find interesting though (which noone talks about) is the limitation right now is a limit on rare-earth metals, and the amount of pollution/expense it takes to mine for battery production. Ramping that up big time will cause a different sort of catastrophe so stay tuned...
  21. ...so an East coast chassis and a West coast body? Can't be as bad as some of those armoured WWI conversions...
  22. I believe that's correct...my dad kept one of his Mercedes a long time and eventually it would shed onto the carpet. I had a BMW's seats of the same vintage restuffed as well as the hair disintegrated or came out over time. The replacement foam was not quite the same.☚ī¸
  23. No that's Elms, not on the water's side. The Breakers is bigger. This was truly one family's home for some time. A distant cousin of mine was the mayor of Newport years ago. His place Playhouse at the end of Belleview was torn down for a new McMansion last I checked. Anyone who's a fan of classical music should buy tickets for one of the Newport Music Festival's venues held every summer. Proceeds helps the arts and historic preservation I believe. It is great seeing world class students and young (and old) professionals play for 90 minutes and then walking around one of these magnificent grounds. Then there's overpriced tea and sandwiches. It's stuffy but it's supposed to be.
  24. Yes but every car looks and drives better behind the Elms....😁
  25. I think you mean a Winchester to a Holland & Holland...and I'm even from CT!😄
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