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  1. The main known issue with mine is the bushing on the opposite end as the drive pinion sprocket. The shaft was stuck to the bushing and the bushing ended up being very brittle and fell apart when heated to aid in the removal of the shape. It will need a new bushing made and fit to the shaft. I have not been able to evaluate the electric motor portion. At the minimum it needs brushes and some commutator work. Kind regards
  2. Looking for a functional or good core. Mine is a Wagner but I would take a Remy assuming it fits my engine. Also looking for a good hand crank. Thank you
  3. Yes they did, and they offer complete kits or individual gaskets. Many thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Hello, Looking for an oil pan gasket for a 1920 Special Six. I am willing to my make my own, but would like to purchase one if available. Also, if anyone has the specs on the thickness of the material (for left & right pan rails + front and rear main bearing sealing area) that would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Thank you for the replies. The wiring to the starter motor appears to be original or an OEM replacement (hard to tell on a 100 year old car) cable. I was 99% sure the 8 volt battery in the car was incorrect, but I wanted to be 100% correct. This car sat for probably 10 years in garage and we are slowing working through systems and components before attempting to start the engine. Thank you again.
  6. Hello, We recently purchased the above car and was inquiring what nominal voltage is correct? The car came with an 8 volt battery, but I am unsure if this is correct. My knowledge of pre-war Studebaker's is limited. Car pictured below. Thank you
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