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  1. I have had a bit of experience with the Model "J" in years long gone and I well remember being diverted by high water in the hills of West Virginia and we were in J540,another Judkins sedan.We found the last open gas station after making it to Marietta,Ohio and finally in West Virginia again at 5AM.This powerful old car did a great job and I can think of nothing else from that time that could have done any better.The Show Car called the 20 Grand IMHO is one of the best looking 4 door sedans ever made and I do like roll up windows and working heaters.Recently got a call from the current owner of "J"540 and told him of this long ago night and the drive shaft failing as it was being backed into the garage.The drive line from :J"155 was installed and may still be under this car.
  2. I like your ad.You might add "We will trade for anything old except eggs or anything that has to be fed.
  3. Because it continued on and on with few or no improvements. I have a friend who owned a 1919 Chevrolet that has a water pump and oil pump PLUS a 3 speed transmission.It may have had a distributor as well.
  4. Our every day driver is into the 24th year and nobody can give us a real reason to get rid of it.The car is a 1997 Lincoln Town Car and everything except us still works.Smooth,quiet and more than enough power.
  5. That was Hollyweird at its best.I do object to the folk hero status assigned to Bonnie and Clyde.They were murdering morons that finally were rehabilitated by retired Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and his posse.I have looked at that Ford and it was taken all over the country.
  6. I have been told the Model "T" Ford was the only car ever made that started at the bottom and went down.
  7. I think at one time J183 powered a hot rod built by Jim Hoe and now may be in a built up replica phaeton.
  8. What is the "J"number and I will look it up in the Wolff Notes Bob Roller
  9. If those cars are running the way they should,a mountainous drive should be a pleasure. A slow opening intake cam timing may screw up your day and I hope there is none of that. Bob Roller
  10. I posted in the wrong place.I did find the Feb.28,1979 newspaper article on this car. No idea if it still exists or sitting on the back of A USED car lot with a flat tire.
  11. I found the newspaper article on this car and it's dated Feb.28,1979.
  12. Please amend this one mistake on identifying the Duesenberg as Jim Schneck's Riviera Phaeton. The tan color made me think it was his car. This one in the picture had dark blue fenders and I should have noticed that feature.
  13. The P2 I am assuming is a Rolls/Royce.In the mid 1980's I was a machine shop supervisor for a reactivated optics/lens manufacturer and the owner,a local doctor had a 1974 Rolls Corniche Convertible that I did some work on.Power steering hose I think.HIS personal car was a 1967 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible and I rebuilt the entire power window system in that car.At that time my everyday driver was a 1968 Continental sedan that I bought from the son of the original owner for $100. It had 80,000 miles on it and I used it for another 45,000 and traded it for a paint job on my 1951 Packard. I sold the Packard to a local collector and then got a 1989 Lincoln Town Car.
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