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  1. Hi Andy , could you please give me a call when you have time To discuss the items . I am currently restoring the Studebaker President Roadster 131wb. I’m based in Sydney. frank mob 0422991187
  2. UPDATE The restoration of the Studebaker 131” Roadster is progressing. The car is being prepared from front to back . After removing the paint back to bare metal we noticed that the body is in remarkably good condition with little damage and no rust. According to Joe, the car did have an “unnecessary” amount of body filler that has now been removed. As previously noted, the original body filler had cracked in some areas making it difficult to establish the history. I’m planning on heading down in a day or two to drop off the Running Boards afte
  3. Thanks TAkerry for your interesting observation and contributions. Following the forensics on the possible history of the 131” Studebaker I too fear that “we may never know” . I still remain optimistic though and have an unpublished amateur’s theory, TBA. Regrettably history can be lost all too soon. As previously noted in this thread, questions about the possible transformation from a 131” Tourer/ Roadster may be answered during the restoration of the rear section. I have not seen anything to date that has convinced me/Joe that the car was wrecked or damaged. The Wid
  4. Thank you Zolate for your posting and my very best on your rewarding project. I too am currently and actively attempting to restore my 1929 FB President 8 131” Roadster (still with some unanswered details to conclude) just the way I like it. I am personally living in hope that someone who has Studebaker information would “Pop In” on this post and offer information on the history of these remarkable vehicles as you have just done, with thanks. I would appreciate if you could keep us posted your restoration progress with photos. As you may have concluded the wealth of informa
  5. I thought I would update my progress on the 1929 Studebaker President 8 Roadster/ ex State Tourer 131” to any interested parties. The vehicle was finally delivered to Joe’s shop a few weeks ago and has now begun a “mild” restoration. During this process, I am attempting to obtain additional information, as requested earlier in the forum as to the construction of the rear end and how it became a Roadster. I am also attempting to rectify some body inconsistencies that were kindly pointed out i.e. - The Rumble Seat area / Water Channel. - Golf Door
  6. Understanding that I have not received a response for the Dash Emblem with “The President” markings, I was wondering if anyone would know of who could reproduce the Emblem. As I do not have access to a sample perhaps the panel of Studebaker Experts would provide me with some specifications or some form of a mould that would allow me to reproduce one . With thanks, Frank
  7. Hi Mark , I believe you are correct as this distributor, a Delco - Remy 668A is on my 1928/29 Studebaker 131” State Tourer/Roadster with the FB motor. FYI, I have recently had conversations with Shawn in relation to this topic in an attempt to establish if there are still any suppliers that are re manufacturing the serviceable parts for these units.
  8. Wanted period correct “The President” Dash Emblem for 1928/29 Studebaker restoration. Any assistance appreciated, frank
  9. Hi Andy , my name is Frank and live in Sydney. I’ve been referred to you after I posted a thread on the AACA Forum in relation to my purchase of a RHD 1929 Studebaker President 8 Roadster 131” . The car has a FB Engine, # FB 10336, and was wondering if you could offer any assistance in regards to the availability of suitably qualified people in Australia that could carry out mechanical work on it or information. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Regards, Frank PS I’m going to spend some time now going over your thread .
  10. Thanks for the information, and congratulations on your great looking car. I agree that the RHD Golf Door was probably not taken into consideration due to the numbers. During the Forum’s “Forensic Report “ it was noted that the car had a few inconsistencies including the Steps to the Rumble Seat / Rear Brake Light and Golf Door location re RHD cars. Noted restoration options were given. As it has now been accepted that the car required some work to make it period correct and complete, in particular to the Rumble Seat Rain Channel area, I am taking the opport
  11. Thanks StudeRex for the information. I am currently preparing the car in anticipation with Joe sorting out the body. I’ve spoken to him at length in regards to the eventual outcome and expectations and he is in full agreement with the Forum Professionals in maintaining the authenticity and making it period correct and complete, not a museum quality show car, an original Driver. I have now relocated the rear Brake light, Rumble Seat Steps, Accelerator and working on the Golf Door to align it with a RHD car as previously mentioned by StudiePrez. I’m also sorting out th
  12. FYI , This is the 5 Gauge cluster in my 1929 Studebaker President FA .
  13. Hi all, I have found a new place to play. I acknowledge my car is confusing. I appreciate you clearing up the light insignia (winged / wreathed “8”) great information. Yes it is now agreed that the car is as StudiePrez has described. 1929 Studebaker President FA 8 modified 131” State Tourer/ Roadster . Engine# FB 10336. I have been actively preparing the vehicle for a light restoration which should begin shortly. For those who have been following, I have now rectified the (drink driving prevention) Accelerator issue. As it turned o
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