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  1. Thanks for the information Mike , I’m planning a trip and I’m hoping that one has managed to survive. I believe that they were all 6 cylinder cars with similar performance +/- as the straight 8 cylinder engines.
  2. Thanks Mike, do you know if any of the stretched cars survived ?
  3. Studebaker, Cairns Australia Does anyone know if any of these LWB cars survived or have any additional information?
  4. Thanks Shawn,I agree . The lines on the 28 President Roadster just didn’t appear to be the same as mine. I actually don’t mind the look and I’m glad it’s at least a Studebaker back end. As the latest F&J post said, back in the 60’s & 70’s there appears to be a lot of modification activity and interest in the USA with old big cars . All the best.
  5. Thanks for the photos StudiePrez. I can’t establish or confirm that the pictured 1928 Studebaker President FB Roadster Rear End is the same as on mine. I’m trying to find out what Car /Model my Rear End came from. I’m not sure if is even a Studebaker Rear End . I fairly confident that the Rear end is complete and genuine with previous modifications focused specifically on the area behind the front seats.and golf door ( and mudguards). The saga continues.😏 Frank
  6. Well there you go folks , one from the left field, great information F&J. I have always suspected that the car has its roots in South America but I am not knowledgeable about this information. I just wanted to clarify that the car is currently well on the way of being restored back to its Roadster roots, not Tourer. I believe that I have now sourced most of the parts to make the car period correct thanks to some passionate Studebaker enthusiasts. Without getting involved in the history at this point, I have a question that is important to me. Now the Body has been media blasted and the ... “workmanship or lack of, hints to that also. Think of when body fillers like bondo came into use” ... has been exposed can anyone please let me know Question : Is the Rear Section of my car from a 1928 Studebaker Roadster? ( or Dictator, Big Six) If not, Does anyone know what model car is it from? I apologise if this thread has gone on for too long . The project has dominated my life and I would simply love to “Git ‘er Done and back on the road “ As I believe there are No Studebaker FB President Roadsters in Australia, my only link is via this Forum. When I’m on the road and I get asked “What is it “ I’m hoping I could give them an answer. Thanks again F&J for the interesting automotive USA 🇺🇸 history . frank My Rear End ? (I now know that the area around the Golf Door and the E12” behind the Front seats are not genuine but the Rear End looks genuine).
  7. The other day Aussi John and his wife came around to check on my Studebaker progress . John has a lot of valued experience and he is the first knowledgeable Studebaker person to see the car in its raw state. I am very great full for John’s assistance. Earlier in the post questions relating to the history of the car remained open and I was hoping to obtain some vital additional information after the Body was media blasted. John made some initial comments that has remained. Comment 1: “I wonder where they got the rear end as it looks like an original Studebaker part.” Comment 2 : This is where someone has made the join (behind the front seats) . Note how the Belt-line has been modified.” Comment 3 :”You can clearly see that the inner section of the Rear Mudguards were widened to match the Tourer chassis/ Body.” When I went back over my communication I believe that I may have solved another part of the puzzle. I agree with the summary comments made earlier by StudePrez that the car originally was a 1928 Series 2 Studebaker 131”State Tourer FB engined car that had possibly had sustained damage to the rear Tub at some point, and was subsequently replaced/ converted to a Roadster. I have added some photos hoping that some additional information would be added. I believe that the Yellow Car (possibly Studebaker) has a similar Rear Tub that was transplanted onto my Tourer . One can see that the Belt-Line on the Yellow car is clearly wider at the same point where the join was made. Can anyone please confirm that the Yellow car is in fact a Studebaker? Can anyone see the similarities to the rear Tub? frank Studebaker 131” Roadster -media blasted. Area that shows the Belt- Line narrowing to match the Door width Belt-Line above the Golf Door. Unknown (possible) Studebaker that has a Rear Tub similar to mine
  8. Thanks for the inspiration Wayne, I need it. The restoration of the 1928 Studebaker FA-T2 that is quite rare especially here in Australia has been interesting at least. Not being able to go down to the local parts store and having to source rare parts, services and information from a limited global market has been challenging, and it’s true in some cases somewhat rewarding. I’m hoping that the group of knowledgeable “ageing” enthusiasts would do what they can to keep the cars going for another E90 years. It’s a noble pastime in my opinion. I’m committed in maintaining and correcting the historical features of the original car. Trades that are required to achieve this are sadly becoming scarce. Personally I will be happy when I’m able to put the Body back on the Chassis and make it a car again. Good luck with your project, it great to know I’m not alone. Frank
  9. Additional Photos: Studebaker President Roadster 131” Before Body After Body Before Chassis After Chassis After Chassis Front End
  10. Update: 1928 FA-T2 Studebaker President Tourer/Roadster . I have now received the Chassis and Body back from the media blaster. All appears to be in excellent general condition. The now exposed rear body area clearly confirms the car’s Tourer/Roadster transformation history as previously and widely discussed. The FB Engine/Gearbox rebuild is well underway now with the Camshaft issue resolved. The ancillary parts restorations are being out including the well worn RHD Ross Steering Box rebuild. Currently I’m preparing the Body to have the important corrective work carried out next week to the area behind the front seat area. The Inverell Studebaker Parts Car that I purchased has proved to be invaluable for correcting mechanical and bodywork on my car. At the least, I have used the Gearbox and Clutch Housings as previous weld repairs had been carried out on my car. A setback in regards to the car’s existing Shock Absorbers has been problematic. The car’s existing Monroe Shocks were un repairable and I believe, incorrect I am told. I’m currently trying to obtain information on the correct Shock Absorber parts for the 1928 T2 Studebaker and purchase a “Front Set” of Shocks. Delco Lovejoy have been mentioned though unconfirmed. I am not an expert on pre war cars and I’m great full for the valued technical assistance offered by locally based Aussi John in helping me move this project along. My main focus now is to be in a position to reunite the Body and Chassis as one would expect. I have received some cool before/after photos from Advanced Media Blasting which I will add later. It’s a lot of work for an old bloke. When does the fun start? Photos: Studebaker 131” Chassis - Advanced Media Blasted Studebaker President Tourer/Roadster Body - Advanced Media Blasted Studebaker President 131 Tourer/Roadster Rear End exposes modifications.
  11. WTB - I’m in need of a pair of Front Shock Absorbers for a 1928 Studebaker President. I believe that I currently have the incorrect parts on my car. Located in Australia, Can anyone help.
  12. After posting a thread on this AACA forum it became obvious that I had purchased a car that had a history. During the detailed forensic evaluation a conclusion was given. Three possible restoration options were provided by StudiePrez and as a result I decided to begin the job to restore the car back to its Roadster roots with attention to making the care as period correct as possible. I immediately began the task of sourcing the parts that I would require me to complete the project and start the restoration. I learned that this was not as straight forward as I expected. I also learned that I was communicating with a small select group of passionate people and that obtaining parts was not as simple as grabbing them from the corner parts store. Clearly out of my comfort level, I was taken back by some truly remarkable people who were prepared to assist me with my challenge and passing on their valuable knowledge. I am told that my nature has a determination streak which I have relied and drawn upon many times. My journey reached a point when it became obvious that it was becoming too difficult for me to proceed on my own without actually seeing a Studebaker President in real life. With USA travel restrictions in force, obtaining the much needed rare parts and having personal interactions from knowledgeable car enthusiasts. I hit a wall. With the Chassis and Body now being separated from the my attention was clearly focussed on the discussed area’s of concern when the 131” Tourer Body became a 131” Roadster, I began to re assess my direction. With my focus on keeping the car “True” I decided to begin a search of the web in an attempt to locate Australian local Studebaker President owners. I am pleased to report that Australia appears to have a great group of knowledgeable pre war automobile enthusiasts and collectors. The Studebaker President Roadster project continues at a pace that could never make me satisfied. I want it done yesterday. The people that I have met during this journey have become as important to me as the project itself. Special Thanks to the President’s men - Joe - Shawn - Paul - John - Brian Update: The original FB Straight Eight Cylinder FB Engine is currently in the State of Victoria Australia being professionally reconditioned . Areas of concern. - Camshaft / Camshaft Gear - Oil Pump Housing - Water Cover Plates The Chassis is currently being stripped and painted. The Body is currently being stripped and prepared for detailed corrective restoration. I’m in communication with a couple of specialty body shops in an attempt to correct the Roadster transformation accurately. Ancillary items like the Radiator and Radiator Shell , Monroe Shock Absorbers etc are being prepared for the eventual installation back on the Chassis when it comes back from the media blasters. I’m still trying to source parts including Hubcaps 4 1/4 “ diameter. On another note, Today I received a copy of a photo of my car that was taken E20 years ago. I was surprised to see that the incorrect Radiator Cap was still on the car !!! Wow , It was missing when I bought the car. Could anyone shine some light on what it is ? I’m not intending on returning it back on the car (even if I had it) as I’m planning on putting the correct Winged Cap on the car. I am just interested from a historical perspective as to why someone would just help themselves to an important part of a car. Photo 1 Taken E20 years ago in Australia E3 years after the documented Barrett Jackson auction in the USA . Photo 2 Chassis in transit for preparation. Photo 3 Body in transit for preparation. Photo 4 Engine being delivered for restoration.
  13. Hi Andy , could you please give me a call when you have time To discuss the items . I am currently restoring the Studebaker President Roadster 131wb. I’m based in Sydney. frank mob 0422991187
  14. UPDATE The restoration of the Studebaker 131” Roadster is progressing. The car is being prepared from front to back . After removing the paint back to bare metal we noticed that the body is in remarkably good condition with little damage and no rust. According to Joe, the car did have an “unnecessary” amount of body filler that has now been removed. As previously noted, the original body filler had cracked in some areas making it difficult to establish the history. I’m planning on heading down in a day or two to drop off the Running Boards after having them blasted. I will post the latest photos. We are mindful during the restoration of trying to establish the Tourer/ Roadster theory, or modifications as previously discussed. To date I haven’t been able to identify any separation of bodywork as it all looks uniform and original. I’ve been actively trying to source the correct parts with some success. I’ve managed to purchase a factory Australian delivered Studebaker donor car that has all the correct RHD Linkages and Rod Parts that operates the Clutch, Brake and Accelerator. The donor car is quite basic however it does also have the correct Export Radiator Emblem and a RHD Ross Steering Box which the same as mine. The RHD Linkage Mechanisms are a great find in my opinion as they are quite specific and detailed. I’m also contemplating on having cast bronze copies made as I did with the Winged Radiator Cap and “8” Headlight Bar Emblem as I noticed one Linkage had a crack. I’ve decided to have the car repainted the same “ish” colours with special attention given to maintaining the car’s authenticity with the use of correct Studebaker President parts. One other note, there has been a considerable amount of discussion in relation to the Firewall identification Tag on the last remaining Studebaker President Tourers. Both cars have original factory Wooden Wheels. According to StudePrez there are only two other known Studebaker President Tourers in existence. One, a RHD car, that is somewhere in Australia which was previously used as a wedding hire car. NOTE: I would be great full if anyone knows the whereabouts of this car. This car is # 202 . The other Tourer is in The Autoworld Museum, Belgium . Until now despite several attempts to get that car’s ID # number I have great fully managed to obtain the car’s information off the Museum’s Curator Mr Hoorick. The car’s number is # 249. Having the numbers off the only two known examples in existence It will now go a long way to allow me to finally place a correct Firewall Tag on my orphaned car. Regards, Frank PHOTO : 1 Donor original factory RHD car. PHOTO : 2 Car #202 Studebaker President 8 Tourer RHD . PHOTO :3 Car # 249 Studebaker President 8 Tourer. Autoworld Museum, Belgium
  15. Thanks TAkerry for your interesting observation and contributions. Following the forensics on the possible history of the 131” Studebaker I too fear that “we may never know” . I still remain optimistic though and have an unpublished amateur’s theory, TBA. Regrettably history can be lost all too soon. As previously noted in this thread, questions about the possible transformation from a 131” Tourer/ Roadster may be answered during the restoration of the rear section. I have not seen anything to date that has convinced me/Joe that the car was wrecked or damaged. The Width of Doors and originality remains in play until I can get a tape measurement of one of the tourers of which we know one is in Australia 🇦🇺.... somewhere? I am currently following the contributions from StudiePrez in attempting to maintain the authenticity of what the car is “Now” with a focus on maintaining a period correct restoration. Thanks also to StudiePrez’s assistance , I have now managed to have the “8” Headlight Bar Emblem re cast in bronze along with the much anticipated correct (huge) Winged Radiator Cap and they are now in a raw state awaiting finishing. “The President“ Dash Emblem still alludes me though, so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. 🙏 (a desperate man’s plug) Photo: Studebaker President Headlight Bar “8” Emblem. 1929 Studebaker Winged Radiator Cap . The President Dash Emblem 🙏
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