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  1. I agree with that Ronnie. Guy totally shot himself in the foot. If it is the first driftwood Vert that’s a pretty significant Reatta. Hopefully someone sees the great potential for that car.
  2. Marck has them at east coast reatta parts. Like 125 for a refurbished one with a two year warranty. Put one in my 91 two weeks ago and works great
  3. I’ve bought two cars from CT. If they’re over 20 years old they don’t need a title. Some people still have them. If your in CT it shouldn’t be a problem. NY I know gets confused about it. Maybe he can find it but definitely get as much paperwork as you can for your trip to the DMV
  4. The normal rough idle things are probably your best bet to check. Series 1 doesn’t have the egr valve that sometimes causes problems. So no need to worry about that. I’d throw some gumout in when you fill up and do a tune up when you buy it. Run it with premium like it should be and you should be fine. With only three pics on Craigslist I always figure you can go lower than their asking price. But that price is fair.
  5. That was a reason why I didn’t get one back in 2014. Gas was a little high for that lol. So I got a lesabre. Car looks nice so hopefully you can get it for a good price and it will last you a while.
  6. The white and blue one in CT? The supercharged 3800 takes premium. It should say it in the owners manual. That maybe the only problem but wouldn’t hurt to change the fluids and plugs. The 3800 doesn’t like to sit. And if it’s that low miles I’m safely assuming it’s a church and supermarket only type of car.
  7. here’s the link in case you couldn’t find it
  8. It may be that the button on the ECC is stuck. I had an issue with that in my 91 when I first got it. I could raise the temperature But not lower it. There’s a tutorial on Ronnie’s site on how to take the ECC apart. But before you do that try some canned air or electric contact cleaner. That worked for me.
  9. The 3800 is an extremely common engine in all its forms. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone who’d do it assuming your not doing it yourself. There’s plenty of info on this site and others on how to do that. Until jay Leno buys a reatta they’re only valuable to the people who like them. My cars a one of one 91 and my most asked question is what’s that. Buy it if you like it. You’ll be keeping another one of these cars on the road. And that’s worth it.
  10. Yeh NY didn’t issue titles until 1972. CT doesn’t for cars over 20 Years old. Mass wasn’t until 1980. So that’s probably why there’s a missing title. It never existed
  11. Ronnie you’ve been extremely helpful and quick in response for many of my posts. I wish I found this site earlier in my reatta search since the information is great. Between this and your site I’ve learned a huge amount about the Reatta. Even in my year or so on here I’ve seen people who used to post all the time only chime in here or there. I doubt it was your fault they left. The Facebook group im also in is similar to this in it’s mostly people asking for help and selling cars. I consider this good since at least people are interested in preserving these cars. But overall good job as moderator.
  12. Price seems fair if there’s nothing wrong with it. But three pics is hard to tell. Sellers contact # 508-868-0766 name is Christina.
  13. Swapped out the modules and now everything works, But the antenna
  14. stock radio. Aftermarket antenna. I’m going to swap out the modules and see what happens
  15. Let me add some more details. It goes away if I turn the volume almost all the way up. And while it’s happening the clock area is flickering. Also isonly coming from the front speakers
  16. Today was a very radio heavy day for me. Installed a refurbished radio and a new antenna. The antenna doesn’t go up at all now. Before I took out the old one out I pushed the antenna down about half way. It would move about a quarter inch either way when powering on and off. New one doesn’t do anything. I also have a very constant thumping sound while the radio is on. And it’s all three modes. Radio CD and cassette. It’s better in some spots than others driving around could this due to the antenna being down?
  17. Blazing saddles is one of my favorite movies. I doubt any Mel Brooks movies would be able to be made today. But back to the van that totally would be a cool thing to make and have.
  18. Barney I believe you are right about it being bad. I was able to pull it up a hair and also push it down about 1/2 inch. No dice. I’m just going to buy a new one and hope that works. Is the installation and removal of the antenna an easy job? Doesn’t look that bad to me but I never really know with cars
  19. I was wondering what that bag was for. I put the window sticker and other paperwork in there
  20. I did order a new one from Marck last week so maybe that will fix my problem. I do here a clicking noise from the antenna area when I hit the power on the radio. But nothing else. I’ll see what happens when I play with it more
  21. Tried working in this today. Definitely have power to the orange wire. I can’t determine if the pink does or not. Would the radio itself not working properly affect the antenna in any way?
  22. A friend of my dad got in an accident and they totalled his car for the airbag going off. This was last year and it was an 06 Honda CR-V. My guess is if a ten year old car they made a lot of gets totaled for an airbag. A 30 year old car no ones heard of definitely will. Could be as simple as that.
  23. The ad says undercarriage damage so maybe. My question is how hard does this car need to be hit to have the airbag deployed? From the pictures it doesn’t look too bad. I’d go for tot if I knew I could fix what’s wrong and had the space for another car.
  24. Yeh just rechecked the database. It’s definitely the last convertible made.
  25. Looks like they updated the pictures. Does it a lot more justice also vin ends in 900622. So is this the last vert built?