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  1. Sweet, did you use the existing hexbolts to secure it?
  2. I like this idea, would the double cup holder with strap wrap around an open glovebox, or is it too wide? I would go with it, if it could be setup and removed quickly.
  3. jgiotto

    drink holder

    Your ride looks really clean!
  4. jgiotto

    drink holder

    Dave, could you post a photo?
  5. Ronnie has the directions link, just make sure you get a good ground to the RKE receiver module.
  6. I'm not referring to the weak excuse for cup holders, rather the slot at the top of the glove box, which seems to be a spot to store the owner's manual. However, with my manual in the original plastic portfolio, try as I may, I can not shut the glove box door. The manual is exactly too wide for the depth of the glove box, considering the locking mechanism is at the top, where the slot is located. I certainly don't want to force it closed, so I lay the manual landscape in the glove box, which takes up most of the room available. Can't think of any other reason for this slot. I would appreciate any observations or revelations regarding this topic. Thanks in advance.
  7. Tried to sneak JB Weld under the broken pin, but no luck, would be easier if the whole handle broke off. Thought about drilling out from underneath and setting a screw. I would appreciate any suggestions or known fixes. Thanks in advance, and happy New Year!
  8. I believe the Rivera debuted the keyfob before the Reatta, just a money saver on Buick's part?
  9. Wow, just be happy your icons on the buttons are in such great shape!
  10. jgiotto

    drink holder

    Additionally, it appears to cover the cigarette lighter and ash tray, which is your lifeline for charging phones, etc.
  11. jgiotto

    drink holder

    Looks great, but similar to the oak ones that are hand-made -- and very well indeed -- as soon as you place a tall drink in one of those, your ability to shift is encumbered.
  12. Yes, of course, what was I thinking! Sure looked like a break, though.