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  1. Just wondering if there's an easy solution to repairing the bumper should one decide to remove the plate bracket and holder?
  2. I was lucky enough to find two globes, however, while filing the housing to place them in, I hamfisted one of the globes and broke it. No problem, I referred to this article on using an 1157. I mentioned this to my mechanic, who is deft at things of this nature, he tried without this instruction and said quite simply, it's impossible, since the filament and outside glass are one piece. Your directions make a leap of faith into placing the 1157 back into the housing. Could you slow down and give a step-by-step of how you actually created the new globe out of an 1157 amber bulb? Than
  3. Do you know where this thread is? Thanks
  4. I noticed that the power antenna stays up when the cassette is selected in my '89. It seems to me it should retract, as it does in my 1994 Toyota Camry. It's kind of bugging me, and maybe there is a circuitry issue. Should the antenna retract in cassette-mode, or did Buick overlook this feature?
  5. It's the first time I've notice it, not sure of its function, other than dampening a shutting hood. Certainly an odd shape, the cut out portion is interesting too. I only have this trim on the driver's side, seems to be missing on the passenger's side. Who is familiar with it, and is it attainable? Thanks in advance for your insight.
  6. Any experience rectifying this situation? Thanks and apology for the lame photo
  7. Brake cleaner works wonders on tough stains.
  8. You may not find an exact fit after-market speaker. I refoamed the front woofer speakers on my '89. The tweeters were fine. You may want to go that route, refoaming or reconing.
  9. Correct Dave, problem solved. Very easy to clean those contacts.
  10. Thanks Dave, I should have cleaned those when I had the console opened last fall. The plastic is so brittle!
  11. My passenger-side power side view mirror has an issue. (1989) Up and down toggle works fine, but nothing for left and right. Select the driver's-side mirror and everything works fine, which to me suggests that nothing is wrong with the switch. It seems extremely difficult to get a screwdriver around the mirror to remove to motor assembly to inspect the drive rods. Braking something while removing would be worse than living with the issue, given the lack of available replacement parts. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, directions and solutions.
  12. Mine has pulled up in at the driver's end, as you can see in the photo, this caused a small crack at the end where the part eventually comes flush with the top of the dash (as it should). Does anyone know what secures this part to keep it flush? I've owned the car for six months and I am committed to getting her back in shape. I'm not inclined to start prying things willy-nilly, possibly causing more damage. For any possible solutions offered, I thank you in advance.
  13. Sweet, did you use the existing hexbolts to secure it?
  14. I like this idea, would the double cup holder with strap wrap around an open glovebox, or is it too wide? I would go with it, if it could be setup and removed quickly.
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