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  1. Hello My steering wheel (tan) is sun-baked to the point of appearing to be black on the top. Does anyone know a place that will restore these? Also, any idea of cost? Thanks!
  2. bgl

    climate control unit

    Thanks for all your help!! That is great!
  3. Hello-- I have my Reatta out now. Each year this seems to happen, but is now a lot worse--the climate control buttons do not operate. They can be pushed, but nothing changes. Is the unit shot? Or can it be repaired? Thank you!
  4. bgl

    engine stall problem

    ICM for my car also.
  5. Thanks for posting that, Barney!
  6. Hello Has anyone compiled a list of what a complete owner's manual would consist of? Of interest, I found a letter from Buick to the first owner (letter dated Dec 1990) in the owner's manual package. Also found a postcard to mail in for an engraved portfolio name tag. Wonder if I can still get one...haha. There is quite a bit of literature in there. Thanks!
  7. I sent an e-mail to the school in MN. Will let you know if anything comes of it. It would be interesting to know.
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I wasn't so much concerned about points or anything like winning a show. Just wondered if the car could be had with the cloth top. Whoever is making the cloth top is doing a good job.
  9. My '90 top was vinyl, but replaced it with cloth. I wonder if a cloth top was an option for this car? I think the cloth top looks better, as the tan is more subtle. Thanks!
  10. bgl

    drink holder

    Not really a link, as the website listed in the ad is not a hot button. If you go to the Chicago area Craigslist and enter Cadillac Allante, it will show up in one of the ads.
  11. bgl

    drink holder

    Hi Ronnie It would not be a permanent mount. It could be slid forward if so desired.
  12. bgl

    drink holder

    Hello Reatta friends I stumbled upon this. It is custom-made for Allantes, but could possibly work for Reattas--about an inch too wide. Comes in 4 colors. Price is $59. I sent a message to them about making a Reatta drink holder, but it did not sound like it was in their plans. So, maybe this could be made to fit decently. Looks great in the Allante.
  13. bgl

    headlight aiming

    Wow, thanks for all that information. I bought 2 pair of adjusting parts off ebay. Will wait for those to arrive. I appreciate all the time and effort that you have put forth to help me!!
  14. bgl

    headlight aiming

    Metal nut, I meant to say, not bolt.
  15. bgl

    headlight aiming

    Hi Barney Afterwards, I went to a body shop. We looked at the housing. They called a parts source, and the source indicated we needed the entire unit, housing and all. But, it sounds a whole lot more simple than that. Can't really see too well. We thought that maybe the housing had a metal bolt, and so would need the entire part. Will take off the black housing and have a look. Thanks very much for your assistance, Barney!