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  1. Swapped out the modules and now everything works, But the antenna
  2. stock radio. Aftermarket antenna. I’m going to swap out the modules and see what happens
  3. Let me add some more details. It goes away if I turn the volume almost all the way up. And while it’s happening the clock area is flickering. Also isonly coming from the front speakers
  4. Today was a very radio heavy day for me. Installed a refurbished radio and a new antenna. The antenna doesn’t go up at all now. Before I took out the old one out I pushed the antenna down about half way. It would move about a quarter inch either way when powering on and off. New one doesn’t do anything. I also have a very constant thumping sound while the radio is on. And it’s all three modes. Radio CD and cassette. It’s better in some spots than others driving around could this due to the antenna being down?
  5. Blazing saddles is one of my favorite movies. I doubt any Mel Brooks movies would be able to be made today. But back to the van that totally would be a cool thing to make and have.
  6. Barney I believe you are right about it being bad. I was able to pull it up a hair and also push it down about 1/2 inch. No dice. I’m just going to buy a new one and hope that works. Is the installation and removal of the antenna an easy job? Doesn’t look that bad to me but I never really know with cars
  7. I was wondering what that bag was for. I put the window sticker and other paperwork in there
  8. I did order a new one from Marck last week so maybe that will fix my problem. I do here a clicking noise from the antenna area when I hit the power on the radio. But nothing else. I’ll see what happens when I play with it more
  9. Tried working in this today. Definitely have power to the orange wire. I can’t determine if the pink does or not. Would the radio itself not working properly affect the antenna in any way?
  10. A friend of my dad got in an accident and they totalled his car for the airbag going off. This was last year and it was an 06 Honda CR-V. My guess is if a ten year old car they made a lot of gets totaled for an airbag. A 30 year old car no ones heard of definitely will. Could be as simple as that.
  11. The ad says undercarriage damage so maybe. My question is how hard does this car need to be hit to have the airbag deployed? From the pictures it doesn’t look too bad. I’d go for tot if I knew I could fix what’s wrong and had the space for another car.
  12. Yeh just rechecked the database. It’s definitely the last convertible made.
  13. Looks like they updated the pictures. Does it a lot more justice also vin ends in 900622. So is this the last vert built?
  14. I think it depends on what your talking about when asking what’s rare. My 91 Reatta is one of one in its color combo and options. if you know what it is you’ll appreciate it but if not you’ll walk on by. I also collect coins and that’s a lot worse in what’s rare and valuable. There’s the mint bad a few hundred thousand rare then there’s they made six coins rare. Both are rare but in a very different sense.
  15. The closest pick a pull by me is an hour away and that has five reattas. Unfortunately for me they realized what they had before I could get to it. The one of two 91 they had is pretty much completely gone. And the teves system is gone from the other four cars. Body is okay for most. Matt’s used auto parts in Hyde park NY
  16. Marck Barker also posted this car in His Facebook group he is admin of, that’s where I saw it. But I agree that the photos are lacking for hemmings. I am close enough to look at the car for anyone that would like too. I would consider it myself if the price was half of what they want but I hope they get it. I think for that low miles of a 91 it is worth it.
  17. Drunk me last weekend contacted them last week Since I’m about a half hour away. Haven’t heard back but I’d like to at least look at it.
  18. In NY when you register your car historically you get plates with an HX prefix. I paid the four dollars more for YOM plates. Mine are right for the year but I think they aren’t from that year. But I like the period correct look better.
  19. I think has the potential to be a collectable car but probably the same way a Reatta and Allanté is. Only to those who know what they are.
  20. Is it possible to bypass the VATS on the Allanté? I did it in my 97 Lesabre with a resistor from radio shack
  21. I used a sharpie on my security light in my 97 Lesabre. Worked pretty well
  22. I don’t have a picture of a vert with at a black top. I know I saw one somewhere once, but here’s a concept coupe with the roof painted black.
  23. I do believe tastes change. I’m 24 now and I own a 91 Reatta, but I’m also a big fan of late 30s-50s cars. I’m a bit all over the place for that era but I’m interested. There’s some other later dates mixed in it too. When I was in high school I really loved 65 mustangs. And was hell bent on getting one. Now I don’t really look at them when I see them. I like rarer things now. Every cruise in night you see tons of 55-57 bel airs, corvettes and mustangs. But how many times do you see a reatta or something Prewar. I know of three other guys around my age that have classic cars. One has a 1990 Nissan 300z, one has three 70s Datsuns, and I met a guy who has a 1914 model t. So there’s totally no categories for age and cars you like. Said before in their thread but if it interests you and you can afford it go for it.
  24. Rob are you getting something like this on the inside of your light? I had some success with opening the trunk and removing some bulbs back in August.
  25. Started my car for the first time in a few months reconnected the battery and started right up. All I needed was some air in the tires. Some funny noises at first in the shock area. I’m assuming from sitting for about three months.