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  1. I know its not hard to learn.its more of I haven’t had a chance to. My younger brother and I are probably going to buy 90s Jeep to learn on this summer. Maybe keep it maybe not. I also want to learn on something other than my first pre war car purchase. That sounds like a potentially expensive mistake depending on the car.
  2. I’m suprised that Craigslist didn’t just start running ads. I’m sure Coca-Cola or McDonalds should have been happy to pay Craigslist for another space to advertise their product. I’ve noticed that Craigslist has seemed to be not as great the last few weeks since they did this. Facebook Marketplace works ok for things other than cars. Cars are weird on there. I didn’t it hard to look for exactly what you want. Especially since they seem to only have pre selected makes and models
  3. I like these cars and I’m 25. I’d love to own a 39 Buick, even more so a four door convertible. From the pictures that your broker has on Hemmings and how you’ve described it, along with all the posts that you have commented on I believe it’s worth exactly what you want. Or more. I have a few friends in my age range who are Into classic cars. The guy with the oldest one has a 74 vw bug. Next is a guy with a 78 Datsun. I have a 91 Reatta. I did meet a 19 year old who restored a 25 model T with his dad so there are some people out there. Not many that are young are into pre war cars. I alw
  4. I tend to disagree. Being in that sub 40 generation. ( I’m 25) I would rather tinker and save money working on something myself than pay someone to do it. I know a few more guys my age to feel the same way.
  5. The cruise industry is a very small sector of the maritime industry as a whole. It makes up less than 1% of the industry. The International Maritime Organization(IMO) has implemented that in 2020 all ship must have less than .5% sulfur content in their exhaust. Most companies are already On track by switching to low sulfur fuel oils and installing scrubbers in their ships. The maritime industry has been getting increasingly regulated ever since the grounding of the Torry Canyon in 1967 which caused the IMO to pass MARPOL 1972. The first real maritime pollution act. This mostly dealt with oil.
  6. This section of this site is by far the best car forum site I’ve seen. Anything on Facebook is a bit chaotic at least. And most of the time you get not the greatest advice. I’m in a few other groups for my lesabre and there aren’t people like Barney, Ronnie, and Dave who always chime in and know what they’re talking about. But still it helps there’s a group out there.
  7. I know a kid in high school a few hours north of me who’s fixing up a 90 red/tan to be his daily. His parts car is a Maui blue and grey 91. I told him to swap the car his fixing and save the 91. But that his choice. He tried to part out the 91 on here once or twice.
  8. From what I’ve seen it is the low mile verts, and 91s that tend not to last too long on Craigslist and Facebook. And cars with weird color combos. Red/tan cars do appear to be lowest in value. I made a spreadsheet last year of all the 90s and 91s for sale east of the Mississippi when I was looking for my car just to get a good idea of what to pay for one. That was February to June 2018 and cars did move. Marck’s group is alright. Lots of people trying to sell and asking the normal new to a reatta questions. Me and a few others direct people to search here. The guy with the 88 gauge prob
  9. I think the dealer special ordered it. The original owner had it titled in August 30th 91. And he did say it was the last one on the lot. Which I find odd since it’s such an early 91. Mines maroon/grey CD player and pinstripe deleate.
  10. I saw the same ad on Facebook. I’ve bought bulk lots for model trains and coins and done okay. From the looks of it, this stuff has been in that garage for a long time.
  11. I bought my 91 as one last year as a collector car. Also helps that it’s a 1of 1 color combo wise. I agree that CL charging for ads is going to hurt. There was usually about a dozen for sale in the NYC area. Now there’s three. FB is not nearly as organized for car sales. The ads don’t say exactly when it was posted. First week it will then only say “posted over a week ago” which isn’t helpful. When I get off my ship I’m working on In late July I’m going to bring my car to as many shows as I can to help spread awareness. I think if more people knew what this car was more people would be in
  12. I hope you have some success with your search. I contacted my cars original owner and was lucky. He gave me a whole bag of cool stuff like the window sticker and some promotional things. And some more history on the car. I searched his name from the title the dealership I bought it from and called him. Worked out
  13. Pics price and location are recommended
  14. As long as you know where everything is it doesn’t matter how much of a mess it appears to be.
  15. That would make sense why there’s been so few cars for sale by me recently. Honestly I’d rather have ads. There’s some frugal people out there who wouldn’t pay for an ad when Craigslist was free.
  16. I agree with that Ronnie. Guy totally shot himself in the foot. If it is the first driftwood Vert that’s a pretty significant Reatta. Hopefully someone sees the great potential for that car.
  17. Marck has them at east coast reatta parts. Like 125 for a refurbished one with a two year warranty. Put one in my 91 two weeks ago and works great
  18. I’ve bought two cars from CT. If they’re over 20 years old they don’t need a title. Some people still have them. If your in CT it shouldn’t be a problem. NY I know gets confused about it. Maybe he can find it but definitely get as much paperwork as you can for your trip to the DMV
  19. The normal rough idle things are probably your best bet to check. Series 1 doesn’t have the egr valve that sometimes causes problems. So no need to worry about that. I’d throw some gumout in when you fill up and do a tune up when you buy it. Run it with premium like it should be and you should be fine. With only three pics on Craigslist I always figure you can go lower than their asking price. But that price is fair.
  20. That was a reason why I didn’t get one back in 2014. Gas was a little high for that lol. So I got a lesabre. Car looks nice so hopefully you can get it for a good price and it will last you a while.
  21. The white and blue one in CT? The supercharged 3800 takes premium. It should say it in the owners manual. That maybe the only problem but wouldn’t hurt to change the fluids and plugs. The 3800 doesn’t like to sit. And if it’s that low miles I’m safely assuming it’s a church and supermarket only type of car.
  22. http://www.reattaowner.com/roj/component/content/article/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=86:body-interior&id=142:dash-pad-removal-instructions here’s the link in case you couldn’t find it
  23. It may be that the button on the ECC is stuck. I had an issue with that in my 91 when I first got it. I could raise the temperature But not lower it. There’s a tutorial on Ronnie’s site on how to take the ECC apart. But before you do that try some canned air or electric contact cleaner. That worked for me.
  24. The 3800 is an extremely common engine in all its forms. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone who’d do it assuming your not doing it yourself. There’s plenty of info on this site and others on how to do that. Until jay Leno buys a reatta they’re only valuable to the people who like them. My cars a one of one 91 and my most asked question is what’s that. Buy it if you like it. You’ll be keeping another one of these cars on the road. And that’s worth it.
  25. Yeh NY didn’t issue titles until 1972. CT doesn’t for cars over 20 Years old. Mass wasn’t until 1980. So that’s probably why there’s a missing title. It never existed
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